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  1. Issuses ive had, -operator not able to move if i try to enter void to dash, just runs on the spot -controller issue to do certain rail jack stuff like blink/dash or even to set tactical menu to work from controller, sometimes setting over the buttons fixes it -can't enter tactical menu on controller if im using a turret or piloting ship, i can get the menu from the keyboard though, or if i exit turret then try it from controller -sometimes stuck in operator after auto transfer from sentient ship, sometimes during ESO portal transfer
  2. Same here all i get is mixer rewards from dev streams, might have to look into using a vpn to change your location
  3. Operator gets stuck directly after void mode and unable to move, then switching back to frame, you have to jump in order to regain movement. please fix it, I cant be the only one experiencing this.
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