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  1. how about bringing back melee while archgun is in use
  2. Where is my melee while archgun is out
  3. Im posting again, bring back melee while using archgun
  4. How about bringing back melee while holding archgun
  5. just bring back melee while using archwingun in atmosphere mode and everything thing will perfect.
  6. How about giving us back the ability to melee while arch gun is equipped
  7. AS of this post I can stop complaining about the controller crouch issue, Thank you from the top of my heart, cause its dirty at the bottom
  8. Still no spammable crouch for controller, gonna post till its fixed
  9. Still waiting on that crouch roll fix for controller use
  10. Since this update i can no longer spam crouch wirth my ps4 controller sometimes i cant even bullet jump, it just rolls instead even when standing still, if i tap L1 which is saved as Crouch, Slide, Roll It just rolls. I hope someone reads and fixes this otherwise ill repeat it at each hotfix.
  11. Dont know if this happened to anyone else but all my fishing (Cetus) spears have totally vanished and now i have to buy new ones from FIsher Hai Luk. I cant feed the whole family. Fix please.
  12. Finally the DE gods have heard my cry about operator auto hack ciphers, Thank you from the top of my heart or Garudas Heart ball lol. Quality upgrades on this one
  13. As i mentioned in past 4 hotfixes, bring back operator use of auto hack ciphers Thank you
  14. What about giving back our operators acess to auto hack ciphers, that has been there for all the years before past 4 updates
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