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  1. Right now the only auras with 18 capacity are Power Donation and Steel Charge, this renders full Umbral builds very short in variation. With the addition of aura formas I think it would be nice to give us different aura options to our umbral builds. This also would make aura formas more useful.
  2. Can you please fix that? thanks!
  3. I am dazzled how you guys make things easier for this spoiled community! O M G !!!!!!!!
  4. Apparently it seems having Unity Sigil equiped is causing this visual bug as I switched to a different sigil and the problem was solved!
  5. I was playing survival arbitration...40 minutes in when suddenly I got host migration screen...some one says: "maybe he dc'd", meaning we all got host migrated (I was not the host)... Guess what? after like 30+ seconds of waiting I got kicked out of the mission and didn't get any reward!
  6. As you can see, casting molt while in the air doesn't imitate your current pose. I didn't test it with other TennoGens skins because I don't own them.
  7. new primed mods could also be added as a reward for nightwave high ranks and then later added to Baro's shop
  8. Any plans for revenant augment mods?
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