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  1. I really like this! Since they haven't done the full rework yet, I hope they consider approaching it as more of a 'special' than 'heavy' attack like you said. I think the big reason DE was going to do 'heavy attacks' was because they wouldn't need any new animations, they would just use the charge-attack animations already in place. So they might still go for those if they don't want to spend a great deal of extra time on it. Still, this sounds like a thing they could realistically consider, even if it comes much later.
  2. Evakylir

    Bounty Auto-fail [Fixed]

    Same, I've had this issue since 22.16.0 even though it's 22.16.1 now - tested again and still happening. I haven't seen it crash, but I've also not stayed around in the plains for more than a few minutes after the bounty failure. I've only tried it solo, if that matters at all.
  3. Evakylir

    Coming Soon: Devstream #100!

    Hooray Devstream 100!! I'm wondering: are Convergence orbs going to be revamped anytime? I've never liked them, and it's worse now that they're even more necessary for getting a decent amount of focus. Also, I kind of miss the "charged-up moment of power" focus abilities, although I still like the new way focus works and don't want it to go away. Are you guys ever planning to bring that old style of focus power back? Could it perhaps be a new way to trigger a focus gain boost as well, to replace Convergence orbs?
  4. Evakylir

    Thank you, Tenno!

    Playing the Plains just after release became a lot less stressful when I realized I was pretty much a beta tester. Happy to help in some way with my one little feedback thread, if it ever gets looked at I feel loved by Space Mom, thanks for the lovely gifts! Looking at the Feedback section too long had a weird effect on me for a while there, but I'm feeling the old Warframe love coming back.
  5. Evakylir

    Captura Combat Contest is Live!

    ThusaDragon as Valkyr vs. me (Evakylir) as Excalibur!
  6. Evakylir

    New Contest: Captura the Moment!

    Using this as my desktop at the moment!
  7. This is so cool!! Can't wait to see the promo! Let's give Limbo some love: Operator: Keep being awesome, DE!