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  1. The Pandero sometimes gets jammed.

    I've experienced the same thing, where it won't shoot if I'm not perfectly facing "forward" (toward my camera). Although, I seem to be able to fix it by aiming most of the time. I really want to like the Pandero but am reluctant to use it just because of this bug :(
  2. My Void Beam Is Bugged

    I saw another thread where someone experienced the same "channeling" effect when they were using Loki's Radial Disarm with a certain amount of latency. I think it's what happens when the operator is "disarmed" - unfortunately it sounds like one can disarm their own operator when playing in multiplayer, due to server lag. (Solo has no server latency so it doesn't happen there, from what I read) If one of you folks had been playing as Loki and using Radial Disarm, maybe that could explain it?
  3. Can DE fix Transference?

    It's entirely possible that it's bugged, but the problem I ran into a year ago is that you might have to hit 1 instead of 5 to use Transference. It's never explained and has no reason for it, and I'm not sure it's been changed since the first time I did it. I hope this helps you progress (and that it's not just bugged instead)!
  4. Operator Suit bug (this is Manduka)

    I've been getting this too! The Manduka torso isn't animating with my operator, just floating in static pose while the rest moves. Somehow I've already gotten to the point where I don't notice it if I'm in the middle of any fighting... but hopefully they fix it up soon.
  5. Coming Soon: Devstream #100!

    Hooray Devstream 100!! I'm wondering: are Convergence orbs going to be revamped anytime? I've never liked them, and it's worse now that they're even more necessary for getting a decent amount of focus. Also, I kind of miss the "charged-up moment of power" focus abilities, although I still like the new way focus works and don't want it to go away. Are you guys ever planning to bring that old style of focus power back? Could it perhaps be a new way to trigger a focus gain boost as well, to replace Convergence orbs?
  6. Unarmed fighting (No Melee)

    It's too bad that it's so weak as is, but I've always thought I should be able to do more than nothing when I don't take a melee weapon. I feel like granting the "Unarmed" weapon when no melee is taken would be cool (to the extent that going from 0 to piddly damage is cool at least :P). Which might manifest as replacing the "None" option in the Arsenal with Unarmed, I guess.
  7. Thank you, Tenno!

    Playing the Plains just after release became a lot less stressful when I realized I was pretty much a beta tester. Happy to help in some way with my one little feedback thread, if it ever gets looked at I feel loved by Space Mom, thanks for the lovely gifts! Looking at the Feedback section too long had a weird effect on me for a while there, but I'm feeling the old Warframe love coming back.
  8. Remove "abandoning mission" completely.

    I was just thinking the same thing - the "abandoning" conditions would be reasonable only if there weren't additional fail conditions on every mission type. Going off to do something else will eventually lead to failure anyway, just by how they're designed, so making objectives also fail outside arbitrary areas only seems to serve a purpose when you're looking for the datamass to start vault missions. That's the only part of any objective I can remember being "unlimited" in how long you can wait without failing. I think the original intent was so that the objective doesn't keep taking time to fail if someone accidentally triggers it, or something? Even that sounds flimsy, I really can't guess the reasoning. So my suggestion to DE is, why not simply have a new option in the escape menu to vote to abandon the objective? It would serve that same purpose without causing grief, which, as you (OP) said, seems to be the only result of the limited objective radius. Or, if DE is set on not changing it too much, I think making it take at least a whole 30 seconds to count as "abandoned" would let players re-enter without much worry.
  9. Oh wow, I didn't expect so much of a response! Thanks everyone for your comments. I actually didn't know that they would require shards (let alone that many!!) just for rank-ups... that's really discouraging. Even more tempted now to just leave the Quills alone and accept Mote Amp 4 lyfe. :/ I love the training idea very much! Especially as part of "Teshin Mountain" (as I call it :P) or the Cetus tower. DE said something in a long-ago Devstream about Operator-only missions being an idea they were tossing around, so making them big sources of focus (and maybe Quills standing/materials?) would be a great implementation of that. I do feel like a mastery rank for the Operator would be yet another thing to have to grind up... maybe something cool could come out of the sum of all focus points in all schools though? Other than unbinding the passives after many months of focus gaining.
  10. This may have been covered in one form or another elsewhere, but here's a thought that I've been having since the Plains came out and finally put into words. Overall I do love the Plains update and DE. I know you guys eventually get things right with this wonderful game, even if you break other things along the way until everything settles down (sorry to say that, it's just really noticeable this time). I also trust that feedback has a chance of changing something, unlike with all the other devs I've experienced. So here goes... Cetus really works as its own ecosystem. To make and buy new things from the Plains, you gather things in the Plains and do bounties in the Plains. All pretty much self-contained, with Zaws being a cool new weapon option you can bring to the rest of the game but not really being "required." And this is good because it means I can take the Plains at my own pace, doing it when I want to and taking breaks when I don't want Cetus-specific rewards. That's the freedom the Plains should offer. Except... then there's the Quills. First, the Quills have to be visited to unlock the majority of the new Focus. That's not really a bad thing - a single visit isn't much trouble, it was just not very well communicated what you had to do to get Focus back. And of course Focus points are still earned the way it's always been, in any mission, from any affinity source. Though the new lenses do require sinking a ton of Plains time, from what I can tell. As cool as it is to have energy for the beam and other powers separate, though, the starter Amp has too little capacity to feel like much of an improvement. That means wanting better Amps, which means progressing with the Quills... and here's where the Plains start to feel restrictive instead of feeling freeing like they should. Everything the Quills offer is so immensely gated behind both countless Eidolon hunts and basically "finishing" Ostron standing that suddenly I feel like I have to do the Plains, day after day, to progress as an Operator beyond getting some better numbers in my Focus tree(s). Operator gear requires, in large part, the rarest and most difficult-to-find fish (my magic-energy-beam-arm-cannon can only be made from fish brains?), gems that also require very late Cetus standing, and oodles of separate Quills standing that can only be gotten by doing the same fight over and over again. Not to mention so many Cetus Wisps that something that could be a fun part of exploration turns into another thing to find a farming method for. There's no other place to get any of this except the one Plains node out of the whole solar system, making the rest of the game feel a little pushed aside in terms of getting Operator advancements we couldn't before. The requirements are just so high that what would be fun in smaller doses becomes just another grind in order to get enough materials. And as I say that, I do realize that most of the game has been like that all along. I think it's because of the promise of free exploration and a new direction for Warframe that I feel like it's really diminishing the experience this time. As soon as the Plains became tied to my Operator as the one and only way to get approximately half of all Operator advancement (the other half being Focus), it felt like I couldn't afford to go anywhere else if I wanted to gain anything new. Yes, that's also true of gaining Ostron items as "something new," but my Operator is (potentially) part of every mission whereas fishing spears are not. In fact, I'm finding the Operator much more useful everywhere except the Plains since I can be stealthy and be in range with my powers much more often. Now, you guys at DE have done a ton of rebalancing to make the economy and progression much fairer in Cetus. I frankly couldn't believe the standing gains were so low at first but am pretty much satisfied with the numbers now, at least for the Ostrons. Ideally, I'd love it if most of the Quills progress (materials, standing, etc.) could be gained anywhere in the solar system like with other Syndicates, with the Plains being incentivized by the Eidolon's presence rather than 100% required. It's honestly pretty silly that, in order to become a true Eidolon hunter and outfit yourself with gear to take them on... you have to have already taken them on dozens of times without that gear. But I understand that completely changing how Quills items are built would probably be too much to ask. So, I have some suggestions for easing the grind and making the Plains at least less of a required chore for Quills and Operator advancement without overhauling it all. And perhaps this will let you guys know one impression the interlocking systems made so you can think about it for the next landscape. Another forum post suggested making Lua Sentients drop cores that the Quills would accept for standing. I think this is a fantastic idea that would bring Hunhow's minions slightly back into the spotlight - they feel a bit forgotten about despite the Quills' emphasis on Sentient hunting (does it only include the one on Earth?). It'd also be a way to take a break from the Plains while still advancing in the new standing. Maybe they could even drop Amp piece blueprints, seeing how similar they are visually? Others have suggested a sigil for the Quills. I certainly wouldn't mind one, but I also understand if it'd make more lore sense to reward Tenno only for Sentient-slaying deeds. That said, gaining direct standing from Vomvalyst or other Sentient kill affinity would be super great. (Getting Ostron standing for Tusk Grineer kill affinity would be great too, just saying.) I think the raw numbers required for the Quills items are also part of the obstacle. I'll admit I haven't gotten enough Ostron standing to even consider catching the highest fish, so I can't say whether those are balanced or not. As a solo player, I also haven't attempted the last bounty enough times to see if Breath of the Eidolon is common enough, but I've yet to get any and from other forum posts it seems a bit hard to get the required quantities. It also seems it doesn't actually drop from the Eidolon itself - why? I like a suggestion from another post's comment that it could be something gathered from the environment at night (in addition to a bounty reward; more sources = good, in my opinion). I'm mostly thinking about Cetus Wisps and the fact that requiring a whole 10 or more (each item!!) just encourages more of the same farming techniques that people already feel like they have to devise for everything. Maybe the requirements were made with that in mind, but then it means anyone who doesn't enjoy turning everything into a farm, like myself, is out of luck. The Wisp costs could be divided by a whole 5 in my opinion, or if that seems too low a cost, any reduction would be super welcome. Anyway, those are my thoughts. Thank you DE for being devs that actually make changes to the game, and thank you to everyone who humored me through this whole post!
  11. Quil standing problem

    Fortunately they released 22.0.4 soon after to fix that issue. Yesterday I also had an uneven multiple, but was able to turn in an intact core (at a slight loss of standing because of the cap) to get to 5000 and rank up.
  12. Absolutely agreed, I've just been repeatedly blasting enemies and hoping they're confused. Even with the chance maxed out at 50%, sometimes it's very hard to tell whether it worked before they get up.
  13. Captura Combat Contest is Live!

    ThusaDragon as Valkyr vs. me (Evakylir) as Excalibur!
  14. New Contest: Captura the Moment!

    Using this as my desktop at the moment!
  15. This is so cool!! Can't wait to see the promo! Let's give Limbo some love: Operator: Keep being awesome, DE!