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  1. I enjoyed self-damage as a mechanic, so I'd certainly like to see it returned. It made it feel more rewarding to really master the Lenz or Secura Penta. Also amp self-stagger is super annoying.
  2. The Fortuna relay still seems pretty lively to me, and I rarely have trouble finding pubs for Profit Taker runs, so it sure doesn't seem dead to me, unless you mean that it isn't an area the devs are focusing on developing new content for.
  3. When you finish a mining mini-game, the mineral reward pops up in the middle of your screen, briefly preventing the display of target dots on other ore veins. This is fine when ore veins are far away from each other, but they force you to wait a few seconds after each successful ore extraction when farming clusters of close-together ore veins, which annoyingly slows down what should otherwise be efficient mining. Displaying mining rewards as corner pop-ups, like those used for Argon Crystals, and removing the brief delay in target dot display would make mining in ore-rich caves and other hot s
  4. That'd be wonderful, especially if it came along with binding make-up, hairstyles, and amp colors to appearance loadouts rather than keeping them as universal traits.
  5. Mag's Pull ability can pull non-Jugulus Infested into the circle, and her Magnetize can be used (if you're stubborn enough) to pull even Juguli in. Vauban can probably pull enemies in with his Vortex as well, though I haven't tried it myself. Otherwise, yeah, this bounty stage is super annoying for the exact reasons you have provided.
  6. Giving signature weapons actual benefits when used with their frame of choice is a new thing DE started doing well after Banshee Prime and the Euphona Prime were added to the game.
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