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  1. Encountered an odd problem with conservation. Used Ivara's Sleep Arrow on Bolarola but I was still detected the moment I got close even with Prowl on (STILL DOWN WIND). Was this intended? Seems to not happen to virmink, kubrodons and pobbers.
  2. Didn't catch the stream but a region chat friend mentioned my work popped up on stream! 😄 Thank you! I enjoyed making that one.
  3. Heya! This is my art poster entry. Nothing scarier after a long endless grind...
  4. Maybe derelict nodes? I remember my last 2 were MD and 1 more from the derelict.
  5. Similar things happened with PoE launch. I wonder if giving the promo codes instead of auto sending would make it easier.
  6. May I ask this post to also appear on the news feed on the orbiter? Would be easier to point player to it. :) Still a bit of a confusion.
  7. Interesting. Kulam is the lotus looking glyph? Kulam means "hex" or "curse" where I am from.
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