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  1. Hakugami

    Fortuna Fish location and drops.

    Thanks for the info!
  2. Hakugami

    Fortuna Fish location and drops.

    FISH BASIC ADORNED MAGNIFICENT Brickie 35 45 70 Charmote 200 300 500 Echowinder 35 45 70 Eye-eye 45 60 100 Kriller 45 60 100 Longwinder 200 300 500 Mirewinder 45 60 100 Recaster 45 60 100 Scrubber 35 45 70 Synathid 600 800 1000 Tink 35 45 70 Tromyzon 200 300 500
  3. Hakugami

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #224!

    Didn't catch the stream but a region chat friend mentioned my work popped up on stream! 😄 Thank you! I enjoyed making that one.
  4. Heya! This is my art poster entry. Nothing scarier after a long endless grind...
  5. Hakugami

    Solaris United ARG

    Current active Discord invite: https://discord.gg/B4pQu
  6. Hakugami

    Solaris United ARG

    Anyone tried calling it? A would be 1. This guy uploaded a cleaned up version of the sound file.
  7. Hakugami

    Whats the best looking Frame to look "Evil"

    I have this semi-demoness look for Ember with the Magesty skin. Now all I need is the perfect Syandana. I have had 2 of the tennogen in mind but still thinking about it.
  8. Hakugami

    265 Bugs (22 fixed)(8 may be fixed)

    On Ceres, there is a mission starting point that has a fence and has a pool of liquid surrounding your platform. That pool spawns 3 Dusklight Sarracenia. I don't recall when this started but for some reason, you scanner can see the plants but cannot scan all 3 of them. This tile is also the starting point of the platform puzzle on the old Law of Retribution. I recall being able to scan them from that before. Another is the drones of Itzal staying in on spot. I only notice this on Salacia. It seems to function normally on AW interception.
  9. Hakugami

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.2.1

    Maybe derelict nodes? I remember my last 2 were MD and 1 more from the derelict.
  10. Hakugami

    Cephalon Simaris Standing Bug

    I encountered a different Simaris standing problem I wanted to add. After I went and scanned enemies, the end result page said I got 66,800. My cap is 26,000. I get back to orbiter and realized I only got around 15,000. All stealth scanned by the way. I have a feeling the stealth scan multiplier wasn't applied on the points I got.
  11. Hakugami

    The Great TennoCon 2018 Ash Prime Drop Fix!

    Similar things happened with PoE launch. I wonder if giving the promo codes instead of auto sending would make it easier.
  12. Hakugami

    The Great TennoCon 2018 Ash Prime Drop Fix!

    May I ask this post to also appear on the news feed on the orbiter? Would be easier to point player to it. :) Still a bit of a confusion.
  13. Hakugami

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.4

    Interesting. Kulam is the lotus looking glyph? Kulam means "hex" or "curse" where I am from.
  14. Hakugami

    The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    I personally love doing the trials. The people I've met and played with in the trials definitely got me to stay longer than I thought I would. I wish you'd reconsider this DE. I recall more fun in trials that I do running normal missions or the plains. (The plains burned me out.. I thought it would go away after the fixes or the patches but it did not.)
  15. Hakugami

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.8.1

    This happened to me as well. A relog fixed it at least.