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  1. Major issue, blazing pillage is completely nonfunctional as it requires haven to have any effect. Please fix this, I want to set S#&$ on fire!
  2. wait why didn't we get the necramech scintillant drops that were included in the PC version of this hotfix???
  3. Scintillant drop rates are bugged or something, Xaku is basically uncraftable rn bc no one is getting ANY from the mission's "common" drop. I saw a single one in over 4 hours of grinding the same mission.
  4. please make scintillant drop higher and in larger quantities I saw a single drop in 4 hours of farming when I need FIVE to craft Xaku...I have every Xaku part ready to craft if not for that and I'm annoyed I have to wait for a minescule drop chance of what should be a common resource
  5. Could we get a toggle for the jump hover? On PS4 controller holding down X makes it practically impossible to hover and aim at the same time, completely defeating the purpose of the function.
  6. Is the hotfix out yet? sure love being essentially soft locked
  7. Weapons like the Stahlta and Tenora really highlight the issues with having alt fire precision firing on weapons for aiming on controller, especially when they are charged. Pressing down the right stick heavily impacts your capacity for precision aiming, and it's frustrating missing shots because of this. Because of Warframe's very high amount of inputs, it is not really possible to shift this command to a different button without impacting another area of the game. A perfect solution to this would be giving us the option to make such firing modes be reached through toggle R3, like it works fo
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