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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Trying to cut multiple fish at Daughter will result in incorrect amounts of resources. Second picture is before I turn it in, third picture is after I turned them in. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Turn in fish in bulk instead of turning in individually. EXPECTED RESULT: I should have 2 more (total of 4) Spinal Core Sections after turning in x2 Vitreospina. OBSERVED RESULT: I only have 2. REPRODUCTION RATE: It happens every time. I tried selecting my fish multiple times and it gave weird numbers for turning them in.
  2. This is such a weirdly specific bug, where if I try to select a syndicate pickup (such as a Seed/Mark) in the "Turn in" section at the relay, I am unable to actually turn it in to them. It will blare the "error" noise as if I wasn't actually able to select it (unlike selecting it with 0 in your inventory, as it only makes the soft "click" noise). The 500 and 5000 ones work perfectly fine (as I was able to turn in 14 Marks and 2 Exalted Marks), but was unable to turn in neither a Honored Mark or Bountiful Seed. Here is a video of it actually happening: https://streamable.com/yegnxd
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