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  1. Please do the loadout fixes in conclave. The Eros Ephemera dont show up in linked look.
  2. I have currently 11 loadouts. Recently made the atlas one. https://ibb.co/Vj9KSjc https://ibb.co/VpXfrFK But after first 10 it doesn't show the 11th one which is the atlast loadout. Not in match even not before entering the match. https://ibb.co/rtP10PC Even if I select the Atlas loudout from the arsenal, I spawn in the match with default loadout! Which is annoying. So basically the game is forcing me not to use more slot than 10!
  3. No fix for kitgun showing unmastered in profile?
  4. https://ibb.co/ZLjDPjT https://ibb.co/NrCLHS7 those kitguns are mastered its ui bug but i cant get to mr 30 without new items.
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