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  1. So Ambulas but without Frohd being dumb? Sure, I guess, they did say they'll add a corpus version of liches at some point.
  2. 1) Plenty of melee weapons can just rush into hoards of enemies and blend them, just use the block forward combos. 2) Jump, double jump, then heavy attack towards where you want to go. 3) Or just use a CC frame, or keep spamming melee. 4) GAUSS CAN'T DO SLOW, GAUSS RUSH! 5) Again, just use a CC frame, like Gauss to lockdown an area, easy revive and all that. 6) No, they'll just take longer. Then again, I do enjoy taking it slow sometimes to look around, maybe find an ayatan I would've missed or something. Think I've seen the idea somewhere, that SP enemies should be able to inflict the 'Impair' status from conclave which disables anything that's not walking.
  3. I could say doing it EDF style (throw hordes at the player with both melee and ranged attacks, if they can't melee, they use the ranged attack and have some enemies actually be a threat) but then I remember that this is Warframe and I can press a button on a CC frame and lock down the whole map. The whole discussion about difficulty can't happen unless DE sits down and rebalances EVERYTHING from the ground up. Want enemies with more mobility/speed? Hold on let me press 4 as Nova. Done, that enemy is now less than a trash mob. This happens to any sort of enemy DE adds, unless it has a gimmick that nullifies abilities.
  4. Or, instead of removing the WHOLE combo counter, make the affected abilities act as heavy attacks, so we can mitigate it with combo efficiency.
  5. Don't know if anyone mentioned this but, change Conclave syndicate name to Teshin and have it gain standing from both conclave and steel path missions(set amount at end of mission). It'd make quite a few people happy.
  6. Nova should be enough for me through SP. CC is definitely gonna be more common now, what with enemies having 2x health/shield/armor. Tanky frames would only include those with scaling abilities like Rhino and Frost since apparently the damage is gonna be bonkers too.
  7. Wait till we get the 'Kill or convert a lich' weekly. Then you can be mad.
  8. No. Just no. Remember the Tenebrous Ephemera? I don't want something like that ever again.
  9. I want one instance of the used token's orbiter decoration so I don't have to do granum void for them.
  10. The lich one, ask a friend with an active lich, or ask in recruiting. The Hydrolyst one, look for a group in recruiting chat, a 1x3 run, you'll find someone doing it.
  11. They just have to make 1 normal frame every 3 months to keep up the pace. That said, if they did run out of frames to prime, they'd just Umbra them all. With the future holding more sentient battles, I'm sure they could give an explanation for it too.
  12. It's 100p on the market if you want it that bad. Was even cheaper before.
  13. Don't worry, they'll get a second, better skin, just like Nova did. It's just gonna take 4 years, maybe less for Ash, but at least he has another deluxe.
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