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  1. This thread shows no signs of hitting critical mass or slowing. The big questions are: Where are the devs currently at with 3.0, ? Does a cut-off exist for this potentially never-ending project? Do the devs and WF community have a substantial understanding of "who" 3.0 is for?
  2. I concur... Fortuna looks amazing! Let me repeat, AMAZING! But personally, reworks (like Nezha's recent re-tool), the mainline update (big QoL stuff), and cosmetics (facelifts), are more meaningful to me personally. That's why I'm more excited for Melee 3.0 as well...
  3. ^ Great point—that's certainly what I tell myself 🙂
  4. I always get so excited and begin to board the hype train when I see posts like this... ...then I remember I'm on console 😞
  5. Does anyone know the USD cost for each of the (2) packs? And, to DE, is there a chance of getting a 3rd pack that bundles the accessories + the Primed stuff? I *believe things used to be bundled but were broken out due to community request, but that makes for 2 potentially expensive purchases for someone like me who transitioned from playing all the time to having only a few hours to play a week BUT still want to experience new content (so to speak)...
  6. Nice post Rebb 🙂 Thanks for the quick walk down memory lane, and for sharing your own fond thoughts of the closed alpha that started a great franchise.
  7. THIS is why other studio's streams fall short if they aren't just total train wrecks. I have posted numerous times in Trion's/Trove forums that they NEED to study DE's streams. But, after having watched this last stream, and posting questions (repeatedly) every 2 weeks in the Devstream thread, I really shudder at how DE missed the benchmark that they themselves have set! When you have such a strong panel of amazing people every 2 weeks, and then they circumvent their own *standards AND avoid the great questions I KNOW were in that thread really make me home this isn't a "new direction" for streams... I mean DE restored my faith in transparency for Pete's sake. Don't do me wrong now. P-L-E-A-S-E!
  8. @DE.Rebecca, First, thanks for the opportunity to ask questions—it's much appreciated 🙂 I've been reading the forums, studying the DE/Leyou 2017 annual report, and scanning in-game chat for months with this question in mind: Knowing the dev team has discussed dedicated testing servers on past streams, but also knowing there's an upcoming Switch Warframe launch, bringing the total number of platforms to 4, I am really curious if there's any movement toward a "tighter" cross platform content/update testing & release process? Although there'll be some overlap, you (DE) will have 4 platforms with 4 communities and (theoretically) 4 different versions of the game on each with varying content. I understand the respective CERT processes as well as anyone not directly involved in game development, and I read a lot of frustrated-but-passionate posts from my fellow Tenno about content released on PC—where the content is essentially "tested" via the community there—that want more polished releases. So knowing... The information in your annual report.... The expectations of your parent company, Leyou... The divided feelings in the community RE: content releases and updates... The capabilities of the DE team... The certification processes for PC, Xbox, PS4, and Nintendo... I need to keep the future of the IP in mind... What are the chances of tightening-up platform content releases to more closely align (what will be) 4 platforms/audiences? Is there a clear cost-benefit analysis that's kept things the way they are? Will the team that's already done what many in the industry and games press considered "impossible" (i.e. making Warframe a huge success) cross dedicated testing servers/procedures & shorter content launch windows forever off the list of "possible"? IF it isn't possible now, would it be possible in the future? AND is there a monetary benefit to doing so (i.e. is DE losing $$$ in plat sales w/content gaps—can this even be proven)? I know there can be an apprehension to avoid fixing what isn't broken, but Fortuna/Railjack/PoE, and DE culture itself seems to be built on optimization and pushing the needle on what's possible... Every 2 weeks I see an amazing team talk about making things better just because they CAN make it better—delivering an increasingly better version of the game they made a handful of years ago... Love the game. I may talk tough, but I'll play forever. Thanks for Revenant yesterday. Looking forward to Nezha Deluxe update w/Rev updates.
  9. That's always the bummer with consoles is the lag post PC patch/fix and platform update. I ❤️ DE, and I really appreciate the incredible time, effort, and attention they pour into Warframe—it's without parallel within this industry. But man...if they're not talking about dedicated test servers and tighter release windows for a growing, engaged community of Tenno on (almost) 4 platforms, they seriously should. I get the time & $$$ apprehension, especially since they have to account for their PnLs to their parent company, but if anyone could streamline the whole update/content mess, it's DE.
  10. I'll be honest... I've researched CERT a lot, and regardless of whether it's Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft, the process is intentionally obfuscated, and IMHO is meant to be that way partially so game development/publishing companies can use that as an "out" with their communities. Regardless, with the Switch version of WF on the horizon, DE is going to have 4 platforms to work on, 4 platforms to patch, and 4 communities (with some overlap) that need and WANT attention. I know this could upset some PC players, but DE needs to consider streamlining and tightening the content update/release process for parity on all platforms. Discordant schedules will only breed trouble, and the lack of a dedicated test server (or external QA process) may save $$$, but it exacerbates the entire process.
  11. The great thing about Warframe is you can design, or request another community member to design, a different Nezha skin through Tennogen. It'll take some time, but that's a personal goal for me: to design at least 1 Warframe skin and submit it through the process.
  12. I think you're correct... BUT, I personally am not a fan of (what seems to be) the DE practice of using ability augments as quasi-patches for frame abilities.
  13. I *was excited for Rev, but this Nezha rework + deluxe skin really has me intrigued...
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