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  1. This thread shows no signs of hitting critical mass or slowing. The big questions are: Where are the devs currently at with 3.0, ? Does a cut-off exist for this potentially never-ending project? Do the devs and WF community have a substantial understanding of "who" 3.0 is for?
  2. I concur... Fortuna looks amazing! Let me repeat, AMAZING! But personally, reworks (like Nezha's recent re-tool), the mainline update (big QoL stuff), and cosmetics (facelifts), are more meaningful to me personally. That's why I'm more excited for Melee 3.0 as well...
  3. ^ Great point—that's certainly what I tell myself 🙂
  4. I always get so excited and begin to board the hype train when I see posts like this... ...then I remember I'm on console 😞
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