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  1. But at least knockdowns and ragdolls temporarily remove slightly more threatening enemy units or small groups from combat so they can get hit by a teammate, your abilities, or some other follow damage without causing this odd pause in combat for just the Tenno + one enemy.
  2. Agreed. I've been forcibly trying to get some benefit out of the change to IMPACT, but I just don't see it. If it does work it slows combat down and, at higher levels, leaves you open at the start and end of the finisher (lag/netcode inconsistency). IMHO, i don't care if status works on Liches or other bosses. I doubt we'll be able to do a finisher on an Eidolon, so why not just make it stagger and ragdoll all the Mobs we have to deal with the bulk of the time? A heavy gunner can knock me down to their heart's content, and ancients and scorpions can grab me with a rip cord out of almost anything unless it's dead center on my melee guard angle. The game is built around these odd physics and constant displacement of player and enemy footing, why change?
  3. IMHO, the Zenistar should be chargeable — the pro is dealing more damage for more time (like it used to be) but the con is you're vulnerable to attack — AND a melee weapons should be charge attacks that better reflect the weapon type. ALSO, I think some weapons should get unique charge attacks (like Sancti Magistar and Caustacyst). Sibear comes to mind, maybe Lacera, Mire. These don't have to be gamebreaking, but charge attacks that do something unique to make moment-to-moment melee gameplay more interesting.
  4. It just feels like a disconnect when IMPACT no longer goes beyond a stagger and then draws out combat by prompting a finisher vs. ragdolling for Tenno, but a Heavy Gunner can drop us with one move.
  5. So looking at status and elevated status types for IMPACT and PUNCTURE, and the RESIST DAMAGE TYPE ARCANES' role in the game, how do I communicate my thoughts on the changes if the threads are closed?
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