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  1. Couple issues I had right off the bat: If I have a primary and melee equipped and I’m carrying something (mobile defense hack tool) i can’t aim glide! If I do, my primary is pulled out and I drop the pickup. That happened several times during the sortie before I figured out what was happening! It actually dropped down a trench and it took a few minutes to try and retrieve it because it kept fading to black and spawning us back at the top. Second issue is, the quick melee is gone! Most of the melee weapons I enjoy using are specifically BECAUSE of the quick melee. They keep your forward movement without stopping you to complete the combo. But now, I’m defaulted to just start the whole combo (very problematic for Sigma & Octantis for instance, since I just fly around with the whole combo and more than half the time miss my intended target).
  2. Does this fix include the battacor not registering any accuracy at the end of a mission?
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