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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: After the update I can't see other players in Maroo Bazaar or my clan dojo. Fortuna works, featured dojos work. This basically makes it impossible to trade. REPRODUCTION: Joined Maroo Bazaar Busy, invited others in my clan dojo EXPECTED RESULT: see other players and can trade with them OBSERVED RESULT: can't see other players, trade post player list is empty REPRODUCTION RATE: always after Deimos update
  2. Helminth can't make any powercreep because a meta team already overkills a whole map while afking
  3. Your fault for buying/rolling 10 rivens OP. Rivens were clearly introduced as the most ephemeral upgrades in the game, changing in value every few months. Also your fault for exploiting a bug that quadruples damage and expecting it to remain unfixed forever.
  4. Agree, and people also completely ignore the stats balancing for already established builds, especially the "oh noes Roar on everyone" crowd. Roar requires max strength, duration and optionally range, forgoing efficiency. Nuke frames generally need efficiency and if they don't already have a damage increasing ability they usually sacrifice duration: either they can't equip Roar or it lasts 5 seconds (some have endless scaling abilities and don't even need it). All that remains is support builds that don't already provide +damage, but if you need team damage buff chroma is simply better an
  5. Brozimes's opinion is extremely wrong on everything regarding builds, BiS and tier lists. Ignore this and wait for Sakai dev workshop after actual testing
  6. They finally fixed it. It was dealing x2 damage with x2 crit chance, for a total of x4 damage than stated
  7. This is the gimmick of this weapon and it has a cooldown. It's balanced just like every other popular weapon. If you want to play conclave just get good and counter instead of trying to waste the dev's time to compensate for your skill. With this mentality devs should remove everything except Excalibur with Mk1-braton in conclave
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