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  1. I captured like in the last second the hydrolyst and it didn't count for the weekly thank u warframe. Why do I write it you ask? Help me over the depression yikes.
  2. So it's working on some and on some it's missing something it could be the Deluxe skin, nvm it's the whole frame so some frames broken and some are working for me rn. Even on the normal skin it's broken so yeah maybe need to relog or something.
  3. Yeah and I see it's broken on Limbo too
  4. Yes it works on nekros and Nidus
  5. But I notice it's on every frame a part of it rn. edit: I got a feeling it's only on nyx and Rhino everyone else is good.
  6. It's the same when I walk around. If I'm not mistaken it was working yesterday so maybe just buggy.
  7. So I got an problem rn the Ephemera looks kinda weird on Rhino.
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