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  1. Aw man, Sol Gate is like my favourite Wisp ability. I hope it at least gets a little bit of a buff in response to a hella nerf like this. For the rest of it, it all looks good to me. Great job, guys!
  2. Huh, good to see this has inspired so much discussion! 😄 This has been a lot of fun to read through, it's cool to see so many peoples' different thoughts and opinions on this subject. Funnily enough, between posting that and now, I actually got Wisp without buying her, (although I did rush just a little). That said though, I am extremely close to caving and buying Baruuk with my last bit of plat, because oh my god getting Atmos systems is a headache. And toroids, even when I use my farming Hydroid.
  3. Thanks for the insight. This is a really good point. I'll admit, I am really interested in Wisp, and seeing all of the people playing her in Hydron just makes me thirst for her kit even harder, but at the same time, the only thing keeping me from getting her immediately is one nitain. Whiiiich is coming soon. I'll be patient. Thanks for the thoughts, you've worded it fantastically.
  4. These are all really interesting! I'd quote them all and give my proper responses to each of you but I'd rather not have a mile long response ^^; Plus you're all saying pretty similar things. This is really enlightening. Thank you all!
  5. Fair point. There are definitely some frames that are just too exhausting to even try with, I feel that. Oh, with primes/prime access, I definitely understand that. I'll be honest, I buy Prime Access every time it comes around, which only makes it harder to resist the urge to buy every new frame with a big lump of plat to spend.
  6. Interesting. I definitely know how you feel for the former. For the latter, I think that's a fair reason 😀
  7. I'm genuinely curious- To people who buy frames with plat, why do you do it? I'm not judging, or angry, or irritated- And if you don't buy frames and just want to be hostile, this isn't the thread for you. I'm just curious- My general thought process is that buying the frames kinda cheats you out of the fun of acquiring the frame, but then I see stuff like Atlas or Equinox and I shudder. (Cue the 'I got Equinox in an hour' people) I'm mostly just wondering because I'm genuinely wondering if I should just buy Wisp (Because all I need is one nitain) or Baruuk (Because I'm having trouble getting the systems to rank up) at this point.
  8. Nope, because the general consensus I've been seeing is "today", if you check Steve's twitter.
  9. I think one of the best things to do right now is get a nice, warm drink/cold soft drink, sit somewhere comfortable, and watch the Tennocon Fortuna preview on loop until the update goes live! 😄
  10. Take all the time you need, guys. Seriously. I don't care about when the update drops, as long as you guys have your sanity and health intact.
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