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  1. still only the panoramic display wheres the other one we were supposed to get two displays
  2. hello i just got on too check and i only got a panoramic display ,no poster 😦
  3. I haven't played the game consistently in a minute so this could have been changed but in any case, I didn't see any changes too thew revenants thralls being vaporized by allies weapons abilities, making them pointless to use or affect enemies, something that's been discussed since he was released.
  4. what rewards do you get for doing the pyrus project? is there a list somewhere ? and how long does the event last?
  5. i only see one change for the revenant? and only for the mesmer ability so the smoke is not annoying? have you guys not read the feedback thread at all?
  6. where is the feedback section i dont see it ,im blind nevermind i found it its at the freakin bottom lol why i dont know but ok
  7. yeah they said its now the same as nekros shadows . but it shud have beenat least 10 , its too muchand not too little. i doubt they will change him much after hes already out so i mean 😕 i guess were stuck with him how he is now
  8. he doesnt need a buff he needs his innards ripped out and changed ,the feedback thread for him says it all smh sad not worth the pricetag ,or the annoying mission that goes with it 😕 only good for mastery fodder srry to say, very dissapointed
  9. why are there only 7 thralls, wasn't it supposed to be like 20? and wtf 20 energy per second you guys must be high, that's ridiculous
  10. Q: If I received the items from the first run, can I receive them again? A: Nope! If you already earned the items you will not earn them again in this re-run.
  11. if u have all the stuff from before do you get them again or no? i ask because i been watching since yesterday and i logged on and nothing there but then i realized its the same drops from the last time
  12. awesome thread, I got a bunch from this, is this the main thread for glyphs or is there a main, I don't see much on glyphs info on the forums for some reason
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