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  1. Bug: The foundry segments that you plug in on the front part of the foundry disappear whenever I start building something. It's only a small visual glitch that doesn't seem to have a real impact. Restarting the game solves it, but as far as I can tell leaving your orbiter and coming back doesn't fixes it. Screenshots: BEFORE (how it's supposed to look): AFTER: It disappears right after I start building a forma
  2. There are 2 remaining bugs I have with Host migration in ESO that seem to have a specific trigger. 1. When there is a host migration, right at the moment you go through the portal. The filter stays until you finished the conduit and go to the next. 2. When I'm the last player after the host leaves. I sometimes get placed in a new squad. The new squad isn't always on the same conduit. I once skipped from 6 to 9, and another time from 3 to 8. All previous rewards are removed. The game will NOT spawn a new portal, and neither give a reward when you complete the current conduit. We waited ~10 minutes, and could only progress when the host left, moving us to the next conduit without reward.
  3. Options > Controls > Auto Swap On Empty Even if you turn this toggle OFF. You will still swap to another weapon when you're out of ammo while doing Sanctuary Onslaught. In other missions the toggle does work.
  4. In the droptables: Spoiled strike is listed twice as a reward from Derelict Vault. There are 22 corrupted mods. But cause of the double spoiled strike the droptable says each corrupted mod has a 1/23 chance (4.17%)
  5. Hydroid's Augment mod. Problem: Enemies are flung in the air when you cast Tentacle swarm. In open spaces, or places with rocky roofs etc, enemies usually don't land in the same spot. So it happens frequently that enemies won't touch the tentacles anymore. Even when it touches, it doesn't seem to always trigger. (Hard to test, but happens rather frequently for me. Check video below) Suggestion: Change the augment so that enemies that where touched in the last ~3 seconds when dying, will drop additional loot. Video proof: If Pilfering swarm triggers, it should have dropped 2 'Kuva Catalyst' immediately. It's not rift exclusive. (although seems to happen more frequently) This just seemed like a good opportunity to record a clear video. The second delayed catalyst is from Nekros desecrating. This is just to show that it wasn't some limited amount of containers or whatever. You can get 3 when pilfering swarm works.
  6. Bug: You can kill any teammates, but also defense pods, excavators etc. How to replicate: 1. Use Mirage's hall of mirrors. 2. Wait until the ability almost wears off. 3. Shoot with Lenz right before the clones disappear. 4. Cause the clones are gone when the explosion happens, the source isn't considered from an ally anymore. And will damage anything. ps: I only recorded this to show the severity. And didn't want to repeat for clear footage, so it is a little clunky.
  7. MaiNeym

    Sacrifice Mods on Archwing Weapons

    Seems like a bug, cause it doesn't really work correctly. That you can equip both Sacrificial Pressure with Cutting Edge already shows it isn't intended. But the set bonus doesn't work either. As a side note. If you equip one on archwing and on on normal melee. The mod on melee will show it has the set bonus. But the actual stats of the weapon won't increase.
  8. Bug: Mirage her clones can do self damage. How to replicate: 1. Cast hall of mirrors. 2. Wait until the ability almost wears off. 3. Shoot before the ability expires. But late enough that the explosions happens after the clones are gone.
  9. MaiNeym

    Lenz explosion bug on Hydron map

    Got another bug, that might be similar. So adding here, instead of making another post. Also on Hydron. In this specific corner, when aiming in the specific direction, I shoot at the wall to the right. Could replicate it multiple times.
  10. MaiNeym

    Lenz explosion bug on Hydron map

    Bug: Extra lenz explosions no matter where you are/shoot It will always be at the place of the defense pod when the elevator is down. Even if the elevator is up (with the pod), then the explosion will still happen below. The extra explosion will not hurt you initially (no cold proc). But the second blast does damage/kill you. How to reproduce: Equip Lenz Play on the Hydron Tileset (also happened when a fissure uses this tileset) Shoot an enemy directly
  11. MaiNeym

    Warframe Drop Rates Data

    Spoiled strike is listed twice under the derelict vault. So does each mod actually have a 1/24 chance? (and spoiled strike 2/24). Cause there are only 23 corrupted mods.
  12. MaiNeym

    Recurring Nightmares: Hotfix 1+1.1

    what about applying focus passives after host migration too then?
  13. MaiNeym

    PC Double Credit Bonus Weekend is Live!

    then why doesn't it work for index itself?
  14. Warframe (Saryn): Operator Loadout (FashionFrame)
  15. MaiNeym

    Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 9

    "9 hotfixes, and itzal still costs 9000 oxium" ~ CommunismforDummies