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  1. Next time just go out of bounds. Like jumping into a lake. That will force abilities to stop. My wild guess is that it only happens with certain abilities. Hall of mirrors has to add clones, which sometimes have a delay with loading cause of the host. I also remembering it happening a few times with titania. Once I couldn't even shoot with dex pixia, which makes me think the weapons also have to load from the host or something. I don't recall Normal abilities, that doesn't have to load anything, breaking. For example I tried loki with less than 2 second invisibility. But this seemed to always be instant no matter the host. And never broke for me. (Although I haven't used it as much as I played mirage)
  2. Edit: Update 23.9.0 seems to have fixed it. Got in a similar situation, but this time the timer still went through, even after the delay with host. Bug: "Ability in Use" keeps showing in the bottom right, and it becomes impossible to cast abilities, switch into operator, revive other players, hold x to revive yourself when downed, use quick melee etc. How to reproduce: Low duration on mirage, so "Hall of Mirrors" has a 3 second duration. Find an unstable host (ping fluctates a lot, and usually there are other signs of lag like teleporting enemies and when switching into operator) Abilities work fine normally, but once it breaks on a certain host, almost all the 'hall of mirrors" I cast will break. Video: 0:02: first Hall of mirrors that breaks. (+200 ping) 0:15 jump in lake, to disable the ability. 0:20 other abilities work fine 0:29 second hall of mirrors works fine (~130 ping) 0:33 third hall of mirrors breaks again. (~140 ping) Even though the second ability worked, I doubt it's coincidence. It's really obvious that it breaks multiple times in the same squad, and is then fine in the other 10 missions. I started recording, cause it just happened in the first place. The heads of the clones only load in later, which indicates the delay with the host I think.
  3. When I join an interception mission that already started, important UI elements are missing. The Progression of you and your enemy stays both at 0%. Even if you complete a round, the next rounds your UI is still bugged. It doesn't show each of the 4 nodes under the minimap like usual. Which makes it hard to tell when a point is getting captured. The percentage when capturing a point isn't shown either. Only indication is the ticking sound, and the growing circle. (In the screenshot you can see I 'Neutralize' point D, but no Percentage is shown in the middle of the screen).
  4. Bug: The foundry segments that you plug in on the front part of the foundry disappear whenever I start building something. It's only a small visual glitch that doesn't seem to have a real impact. Restarting the game solves it, but as far as I can tell leaving your orbiter and coming back doesn't fixes it. Screenshots: BEFORE (how it's supposed to look): AFTER: It disappears right after I start building a forma
  5. MaiNeym

    Warframe Drop Rates Data

    Spoiled strike is listed twice under the derelict vault. So does each mod actually have a 1/24 chance? (and spoiled strike 2/24). Cause there are only 23 corrupted mods.
  6. MaiNeym

    Recurring Nightmares: Hotfix 1+1.1

    what about applying focus passives after host migration too then?
  7. MaiNeym

    PC Double Credit Bonus Weekend is Live!

    then why doesn't it work for index itself?
  8. Warframe (Saryn): Operator Loadout (FashionFrame)
  9. MaiNeym

    Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 9

    "9 hotfixes, and itzal still costs 9000 oxium" ~ CommunismforDummies
  10. MaiNeym

    Blending Right In - Screenshot Contest!

    Queen of the infested, ruler of Salad V (I increased the ingame saturation, picture is not edited)
  11. MaiNeym

    Blending Right In - Screenshot Contest!

    This should be allowed. As long as you crop it to the full size of the warframe window. There's no reason that others have to see which other programs you are running.
  12. MaiNeym

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #112!

    7:04 ... look at rebecca's kubrow!!? nvm. Looks like it's a new 'feature' ;p
  13. MaiNeym

    Hotfix 18.7.1

    "oberon's feet on alads v's body with atlas head"
  14. MaiNeym

    Hotfix 18.5.6