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  1. Thanks, missed that option, it's exactly what I was looking for.
  2. When browsing the latest patchnotes, there's always a loud notifaction sound whenever someone posts a new comment etc. Can you mute this sound? I'm using google chrome. Already tried to mute this way but it doesn't help:
  3. The Leaping thrasher, saxum and mitosid eximus seem rather consisten. I was flying around the south of the map below Infested Seraglio and Cerebrem Magna. And constantly got a heavy unit. It didn't took long till I got the last diploid scans I needed. But I haven't had any luck with the method for jugulus eximus. 4 runs of +30 minutes. Even though normal eximus keep spawning (I estimate I've killed at least 150 in those 4 runs) Noticed a general lack of eximus enemies as well.
  4. ah, woops. Ye, the ORM BASILISK / HARPI / WEAVER don't spawn. I have them on the bug list as well. Instead you'll find ELITE TARO BASILISK / HARPI and TARO WEAVER in the veil that you can scan, but veil isn't supposed to have TARO
  5. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Railjack customization: Interior - Detail lightning lights up the whole cargo hold after playing some missions VISUAL: If you go back to the customization settings, it's fixed temporarily when you try to select a color again. REPRODUCTION: Select a bright color that makes it noticable, and play some missions. After a while the cargo hold will be lit completely. Only fixable by applying the customization settings again. EXPECTED RESULT: Lighting to stay the same, and not look weirdly bugged. OBSERVED RESULT: Detailed lighting
  6. Elite spawns depend on the level. So try the lowest level mission in the proxima you want to do. edit: for Veil proxima, try NSU GRID Thanks for the screenshot of the Turret.
  7. Thanks, added both. Still not sure what the best approach is for listing all these missing codex entrees, cause it might be intended to reduce clutter in the Codex. Really helpful, thanks for tagging.
  8. @Kacc Can you take a screenshot of the 3 engineers in your codex? Then I'll remove it from the list. (You can upload images easily on websites like https://imgur.com/ , and then post the link) Not sure which turret in wall you mean. And I've found some containers that where scannable, but they looked like regular corpus containers.
  9. Removed unknown entree cause it's not a bug. I didn't realise that it's a Comet shard: The icedrivers (random sideobjective) spawn them every minute or so, if your railjack is close enough (sub 2500m I think) Amesha to slow them down makes it easy to scan. edit: I found the icedriver by restarting pluto - Seven sirens (exterminate) a couple times.
  10. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Wrong enemy variants per proxima. AXIO ENGINEER ORM ENGINEER VORAC ENGINEER Only TARO ENGINEER spawns, no matter which proxima you goto. ORM BASILISK ORM HARPI ORM WEAVER Don't spawn. Instead in veil proxima you get duplicate variants of ELITE TARO BASILISK, ELITE TARO HARPI And there are 3 TARO WEAVER in the codex. The normal, a second which is supposed to be ELITE TARO WEAVER, and the last one that is supposed to be ELITE ORM WEAVER Full list of codex bugs: VISUAL: Screenshot of taro weaver in Veil proxi
  11. Updated. Added some new scans from the recent update: And removed 2 entrees, cause they seem to be solved:
  12. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Only Taro engineer spawns in every proxima. No axio/Vorac/Orm. But the codex has an entree for each variant: VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Play a volatile railjack missions on Neptune/Pluto/Veil proxima EXPECTED RESULT: Axio/Vorac/Orm Engineer instead OBSERVED RESULT: Taro engineer spawned REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  13. Bug: Can't use Energy Vampire after Well of life is active on the same target Steps to reproduce: Join a squad as client. Cast Well of Life on an enemy Try to use Energy Vampire on the same enemy Works fine as Host. And a clanmate confirmed he had the same problem as client. I tried different builds with different duration/range etc, but same problem. Screenshot: As host Well of Life + Energy Vampire works fine:
  14. Last updated 20 March 2021 (Hotfix 29.10.2) A list of Codex bugs and other problems. If I'm mistaken somewhere, feel free to correct me. Bugged: Main codex issues: Unreleased enemies, bugged scans etc. Old entries visible for new players: Entries that can prevent the satisfaction for 100% completion Old entries that are uncompletable if partially scanned: More entries that can prevent the satisfaction for 100% completion Missing Codex Entry (Incomplete list): Compilation of other users comments/post to make this post more complete about all cod
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