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  1. Thanks, linked your comment as well. I'm hesitant to make a complete list cause idk what the best approuch is. Some things obviously have no reason to be in the codex, but perhaps making them unscannable would break things. E.g. All the different syndicate operatives have different scans, so they would clutter the codex. But making them unscannable so some npcs don't show up on your scanner would be worse imo. PS: about the fallen necramech, I thought the broken and roaming necramechs share the same codex entry. But will have to double check that another time. Ye, that's wh
  2. Okay, I didn't really bother with those cause I knew there where quite a lot of those missing. But added it to the list now, and searched a bit for more scannable enemies that would make sense to be actually added to the codex. Most info I gathered was from these 2 threads: Edit: Maybe I'll try to dig deeper into this another time. But the main point of this bugreport is so all players can have the satisfaction of 100% completing the codex.
  3. Do you mean the enemy is no longer scannable or something, or that the codex entree is missing for this enemy?
  4. Updated original post. I organized the list. Made an alt account to check which old entries are visible for new players. And added MACHINIST, DEMOLISHER MACHINIST, TOMB PROTECTO EFFIGY, TOMB GUARDIAN and TOMB PROTECTOR
  5. Has been a while so I might be misremembering. But I think I got the ospreys in a +1 hour survival. And the Geminex moa from interception mission.
  6. I always use simaris scanners, worked fine for me.
  7. TYPE: droptables DESCRIPTION: warframe.com/droptables shows incorrect for Level 25 - 30 Cambion Drift Bounty (endless) And completing all bonus objectives also gives no bonus reward in-game VISUAL: Observed rewards: REPRODUCTION: Play the endless bounty. EXPECTED RESULT: Droptables suggest each stage has different reward tables. OBSERVED RESULT: It's a mix of rounds and stages. And there are no stages that can both reward 250 endo as well as 500 endo for example. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if the actualy droptables are only "Stage 4 of 5", but split in 3 like this.
  9. There is clearly a pattern though. I gathered a bit more data, and here's a better table. If you still have some data yourself, maybe you can cross check. But we'll have to wait for DE to know the percentages anyway.
  10. Amber stars is indeed what makes this very hard to inspect. But I still found it odd after my first 50 rewards, so I started taking screenshots of the next +50. And sorted them like this (excluding amber stars) Ps: In this screenshot I'm refering to the pools warframe.com/droptables has. E.g. 250 endo is listed in the first 3 pools, so ABC While 50 might not be an insane sample size. This still seems a bit too much for coïncidence. I've also looked for other peoples there results. Like this person with 20 rounds. And it also fits. https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comment
  11. Yes, I've checked that page multiple times. What I'm telling you is that the wiki is wrong atm The wiki says you can't get 250 endo in stage 3. But I've had it happen many times. I'm telling you that Round 1 stage 1 all the way to Round 2 stage 2, only gives rewards from this "Stage 1" on the wiki. You'll never get 750 endo and those rare mods unless you go at least till Round 3 stage 3. All of this doesn't make any sense. I clearly fail in explaining this properly to make a bugreport. Since all the terms are so confusing. Hence why I'm asking if someone has more info.
  12. I might have mixed multiple meanings of "rotation" here. What I mean is that the rewards I got go like this: R = Round, S = Stage R1S1 : Stage 1 reward R1S2 : Stage 1 reward R1S3 : Stage 1 reward R2S1 : Stage 1 reward R2S2 : Stage 1 reward R2S3 : Stage 2 reward R3S1 : Stage 2 reward R3S2 : Stage 2 reward R3S3 : Stage 3 reward R4S1 : Stage 3 reward R4S2 : Stage 3 reward R4S3 : Stage 1 reward And then it repeats
  13. I'm aware. What I'm refering to is how all other bounties finish the rotation after doing all stages. Literally all other bounties with 3 stages go ABC, and give another C as bonus reward. But in endless you need to go till Round 4, stage 2 to finish the roation, and you never get a bonus. This is specifically about the endless bounty, the others are fine indeed. What I mean is that the pool table labeled "Final Stage" that can give the rare mods and 750 endo etc. Don't actually happen at stage 3/3. Those rewards can only drop at Round 3 - stage 3, Round 4
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