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  1. Bug: Syndicate medal can be marked, but not interacted with to pickup. Happened 3 times to me so far. And only similarity that I can think of is that they all where at spots your warframe spawns in the mission. I'm not 100% sure, but the host can't seem to pick it up either. Screenshot: And below a screenshot where you can see the same medal already in the intro cutscene. With the medal clipping in the other player.
  2. It's still bugged for me though. Only shows correctly after you equip the bow. But if you revisit the arsenal, or are in a mission it's still bugged: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1094905-the-jovian-concord-update-25-bug-report-megathread/?do=findComment&comment=10796740
  3. Hotfix 25.0.8 Fixed the Lenz jets still appearing when you apply the Dryad Bow Skin. Still bugged for me. Skin is indeed normal when you initially equip it: But once you leave the arsenal, and open it again. It's bugged until you unequip the weapon: also looks bugged in missions:
  4. Jupiter Spy Vault C These big lasers under the vault that turn off and on. Will always appear active when you're a client. I could still go through without getting hit or triggering the alarm. But it's much harder cause you have to listen for the sound. And guess the timing that way. Screenshot:
  5. Bug: Bounty tracking got stuck and doesn't reward you ostron standing after capturing all 3 eidolons. My daily standing went from 28k to 18k, even though that was the 3rd hunt I did today. So should have gotten 5k more. Arcanes were rewarded normally. I don't know what caused it, but another player in the squad said it was also stuck at stage 2. Screenshot: Objective is to "Lure out the Eidolon Gantulyst", but we've already captured Gantulyst and fighting the hydrolyst. It stayed at this stage for the rest of the mission.
  6. Secret lab mods bugged? mods: Kavat's Grace, Gale Kick, Anti-Grav Array or Odomedic. Personally I killed like 70 of these enemies inside the labs (not counting the assistants). Mostly with an ivara and hydroid in the team. But got 0 of these mods. Could still be really bad RNG, but I haven't seen anyone else say they got it either.
  7. They drop from the enemies inside the secret rooms on jupiter. But only 2% chance to drop one of 4 mods according to the official loottables. So far I opened like 5 rooms for ~15 total enemies. And haven't gotten any mod yet.
  8. The other person was linking Mantis Engines. I had to ask what he means cause he speaks another language. And I assume my client couldn't recognize some characters of that language. These item links are most important especially when two players don't speak the same language. Edit: My computer is set to Dutch, and Warframe as English. I never asked the language of the other players, but the 3 times it happend I also had +300 ms ping. So probably not from Europe. But rather from Asia or something.
  9. Looks like the AI doesn't know what to sometimes. Like the rooms aren't connected properly. Another video that shows the enemy chasing me. But stops the moment I enter this little room on the end. Once I go back, the enemy goes after me again. My kavat also stopped following, and could only enter the room when it teleports.
  10. Bug: Sometimes in excavation missions new battery carriers stop spawning. Which seems to be caused by a bunch of enemies getting stuck somewhere. Even when I went close to the room in the screenshot below, they just stood still, and only moved a litte after attacking. After all enemies where killed, the next that spawned got stuck again in the same room. Screenshot: Corpus Ice planet tileset (but I also noticed battery carrier spawns reducing in other maps like Corpus outpost and Grineer forest) Video: Recorded a couple minutes after I killed all enemies in the screenshot above.
  11. Bug When out of ammo, weapon will still swap after you try firing again. Even though the option is disabled (Options > Controls > Auto Swap on Empty) How to reproduce Have the option disabled I use Lenz (low ammo pool) Join public group as client Shoot till ammo is empty On the next mouse click it still swaps to my secondary This doesn't happen, as far as I can tell, when I'm the host. Screenshot
  12. The Arcane menu in the foundry shows the correct amount. But in the upgrade menus it counts the option to select "No arcane" as an actual arcane. This happens in each upgrade menu for arcanes (operator, amps, warframe, kitguns and zaws). Screenshot as example for the kitgun arcanes. UI shows COLLECTED 4/5 UPGRADED 2/5 But there are only 4 kitgun arcanes. Which I have 3 from, with 2 upgraded. (Should be COLLECTED 3/4 UPGRADED 2/4)
  13. It would be much easier if (almost) all items are listed in your profile by default. Or at least be more concistent. Most likely cause certain weapons were a reward from a past event, but they now have a new way to obtain. These items are NOT shown like the Sepfahn and Wolf Sledge in this screenshot. And only appear once you actually obtain them: Normal weapons: Not shown: Rakta dark Dagger (obtained from red veil) Snipetron (obtained from plague star) Sheev (obtained from invasions) Prisma (all obtained from Baro) Not shown: Prisma Burst Laser Prisma Gorgon Prisma Shade Prisma Veritux Shown: All 8 other prisma weapons Vandal/Wraith/Mara weapons Not shown Braton Vandal (Sanctuary Onslaught) Dera Vandal (Sorties) Gorgon Wraith (Razorback) Karak Wraith (invasions) Lato Vandal (Sanctuary Onslaught) Latron Wraith (invasions) Machete Wraith (Baro ki'teer) Mara Detron (baro ki'teer) Opticor Vandal (Operation: Buried Debts) Quanta Vandal (Baro ki'teer) Snipetron Vandal (invasions) Strun Wraith (invasions) Twin Vipers Wraith (invasions) Viper Wraith (Baro Ki'teer) Shown Furax Wraith (Bounty) Imperator Vandal (Fomorian sabotage) Ignis Wraith (Baro Ki'teer) Prova Vandal (baro ki'teer) Supra Vandal (baro ki'teer) Vulkar Wraith (Baro ki'teer) The other weapons that are not shown make sense to be hidden though. Like anniversary, and quest rewards.: Mk-1 weapons Dex weapons (although dex furis shows regardless) Founder items Excalibur Umbra and Skiajati Paracesis
  14. Bug: The skin has extra bits and pieces which looks glitchy and ugly, when worn on the Lenz. In arsenal: A (Purple) energy exhaust, that is normally on the lenz, is now floating in the air (to the right of Khora's shoulder in screenshot below). Two thin sticks, looking like x and y axis, attached to the arrow (next to khora's hip) In a mission: The two axis are always showing The purple energy appears when you're charging your arrow. Also the circles around the arrow. Personally I don't mind those staying, but I'd still prefer to get rid of this whole glitchy mess if it can't be seperated
  15. Bug still happens consitently for me. Added another video to first post.
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