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  1. Bug: When mirage's clones dissapear, certain weapons can damage allies. Weapons I know that does this are Lenz, Zarr and Phantasma. How to reproduce: 1. Chance of happening is larger when you're NOT the host. Still happens when you're the host (see videos at bottom), but time window is smaller 2. Equip Mirage, and weapon with delayed explosives. Best results are with Phantasma. 3. Start a mission, cast Hall of Mirrors and shoot when mirage's clones are about to dissapear. It seems that the timing has to be so that the projectile is still in the air when the clones are there. But gone when they hit the ground. (this works both by the ability running out or jumping in a pit) Interesting notes: The rogue explosions become detached from the player. They turn into default colors, and looks like the damage also becomes unmodded. The phantasma has base radiation damage though, so this allows to rad proc yourself and allies. Host is mostly unaffected. But can still be affected indirectly by radproccing yourself. Video: 0:06 cast Hall of mirrors 0:09 shoot phantasma (purple energy color) 0:10 Clones Dissapear 0:12 Phantasma homing missels are the default teal color (this indicates that they are no longer connected to the player/clones). They target the nearby enemy. And radproc myself cause I stand close to it. 0:15 RIP cxll Previous bugreport: The only difference now is that these weapons no longer seem to damage constructions like excavators. And hosts only rarely get damaged. But you can still affect them indirectly cause of phantasma radiation. Edit: Two more examples as Host. Video's seem to blur at certain parts. Idk if I uploaded wrongly. But I'll keep the original file, so I can send those if needed.
  2. MaiNeym

    Firestorm on Simulor serie

    I have the same issue (for Synoid Simulor) Terminal Velocity shows up as option, but no firestorm.
  3. MaiNeym

    Warframe Drop Rates Data

    Spoiled strike is listed twice under the derelict vault. So does each mod actually have a 1/24 chance? (and spoiled strike 2/24). Cause there are only 23 corrupted mods.
  4. MaiNeym

    Recurring Nightmares: Hotfix 1+1.1

    what about applying focus passives after host migration too then?
  5. MaiNeym

    PC Double Credit Bonus Weekend is Live!

    then why doesn't it work for index itself?
  6. Warframe (Saryn): Operator Loadout (FashionFrame)
  7. MaiNeym

    Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 9

    "9 hotfixes, and itzal still costs 9000 oxium" ~ CommunismforDummies
  8. MaiNeym

    Blending Right In - Screenshot Contest!

    Queen of the infested, ruler of Salad V (I increased the ingame saturation, picture is not edited)
  9. MaiNeym

    Blending Right In - Screenshot Contest!

    This should be allowed. As long as you crop it to the full size of the warframe window. There's no reason that others have to see which other programs you are running.
  10. MaiNeym

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #112!

    7:04 ... look at rebecca's kubrow!!? nvm. Looks like it's a new 'feature' ;p
  11. MaiNeym

    Hotfix 18.7.1

    "oberon's feet on alads v's body with atlas head"
  12. MaiNeym

    Hotfix 18.5.6

  13. MaiNeym

    Hotfix 18.4.5

    I understand some platinum items can be added to the game in another way later on. But the main problem is now with the sortie reward system. So you wasted doing 3 hard missions on yet another item you already payed for. For example, they could already check the box in the reward pool for those who already bought it. Since there is literally no use in getting a duplicate syandana. Other rewards can still be traded etc.
  14. MaiNeym

    Hotfix 18.4.5

    Why is pyra syandana added to the Sortie reward pool? So people that bought it with platinum now realise you can get it for free. And on top of that. If you finish a sortie, and get that as a reward. You wasted a sortie reward.
  15. MaiNeym

    Hotfix 18.4.4 +

    A game that relies on joining and aborting missions constantly, is a broken game.