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  1. It doesn't start automatically. Usually they activate it when there's not another event already going on. Maybe it will have something to do with the future update deadlock protocol. But I doubt it. Anyway, this isn't a bug.
  2. You can see yourself + 3 clones in your screenshot (4th is behind the camera) There are 4 clones, but only 2 shoot for better performance (all 4 do melee attacks). The only exception is if you haven't ranked up your warframe fully yet. The clones also don't rotate with you. So if you rotate your camera a little to the left or right. You'll see the 2 clones fire more clearly. I recommend the wiki if you wanna know more: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Hall_of_Mirrors
  3. The clone in front of you also fired. The arrows/explosion overlap, but if you look closely you can see 3 in your screenshot. Try shooting in a different direction and it will be more obvious. The 2 clones that are the most in front of you will shoot.
  4. Will give that another try, thanks. Not sure what you mean with the second part. I know certain enemies only spawn in a specific quest, like arcane boiler. Are is that not what you mean?
  5. I've never saw any kosma elite, besides outrider. Tried last missions a bunch specifically. I hear someone say the kosma elite cutter can rarely spawn though. But would still be better to let them spawn in a level or two lower. Raptor can indeed be scanned with helios, or teleporting in with nova during the cutscene. But I haven't been able to do this with hyena anymore. Anyway, even if you can in some weird way, still better to remove these redundant scans imo. Some others like the raid Jordas and misery have not come back in a really long time, and don't seem to come back at all.
  6. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Melee mods are applied multiple times. So in the mission I had insane damage, range etc. VISUAL: https://streamable.com/zcy5r?t=3 REPRODUCTION: Enter Murex after doing melee attacks in archwing mode. But it doesn't always happen. EXPECTED RESULT: Mods should be applied once. OBSERVED RESULT: Mods can be applied multiple times every time I enter a new Murex. (doesn't matter if I'm the host or Client) REPRODUCTION RATE: Less than half the time.
  7. Bug: Pennant's Passive, which gives a speed boost on heavy kill, does not work as Client. The buff icon does not appear, neither does the weapon attack faster. Only if you're the host you get the passive. Video proof: Client Host (buff icon shows up, and attack speed is actually faster with the same build as above)
  8. Doesn't seem right for the staticor alt to have 90% damage falloff. And at the same time have this rediculous stagger range. Recorded after update 27.2.2
  9. Same for me, just got this new reactor: The other Vidar bonus shows up fine (also a new drop):
  10. A list of issues I found after trying to fill my codex in the last year. Missing enemies There's a Shield-Helion Dargyn as corpus enemy. Either a placeholder for a future enemy, or a wrong copy I'd assume: Cause of the low level in Earth proxima missions. You still can't seem to find any elite kosma Cutter/Flak/Taktis Outdated Scans: THE RAPTOR & THE HYENA PACK: these bosses have multiple versions, and each has their own scan now. So these 2 scans itself can be removed from the codex (you can't get them anymore either). Misery J3 Jordas Golem (from the old raid) And the Infested Tumor (object scan), from the same raid The following I'm not 100% sure. But when I searched on the internet, I only found threads of players that could no longer find them either. Tusk Ogma I think these where removed cause players found them too hard? Vapos Condor (Elite) Dropship Both normal and elite seem to be unscannable since a couple updates ago, and rarely spawn in the first place. (E.g no dropships in 40 minutes of IO defense) Suggestion: Vapos Pod Crewman eximus. Vapos pod Crewman can only spawn at level 15 or lower. But the only Jupiter missions that have a level range of 15-20 are IO (defense), Elara (Survival) and Callisto (interception). So the level goes above 15 after the first 1-2 minutes. And it's really rare for an eximus unit to spawn that early. I suggest increasing the max level to 18 ror 20, so they can spawn in a few more missions.
  11. The scrap menu when you reach the limit is very nice. But there are 2 bugs that make it near useles: 1. You can't see the stats of any component in this inventory, there's no TAB option (it does work for armaments however) 2. Some items are supposedly being repaired (and can't be scrapped) while they're not. I think this happens when you clicked the repair button before to check the cost, but didn't actually contribute anything. Afaik you can scrap it from inside the dojo. And two suggestions: 1. Add the option to sort everything 2. Allow more items to be scrapped then needed.
  12. Veil Proxima - Anomaly: The hidden doors you have to shoot with amp bug out if the first hit (from any player) is too high. Current workaround is to either bring an amp that doesn't do much damage per hit, or first use void blast (default E). Then I can use my amp normally to open the door.
  13. What about Kosma elite fighters on Earth? And Lavan/Vidar components can only drop from mission objective, with a very small chance. I found less than 5 parts of these from the Lavan/Vidar house, and I nearly finished grinding Gunner to Rank 10. In that time I probably got 100 or so zekti parts. Same for the guns, but at least Elite outriders can drop both zekti components and armaments.
  14. Update 27.0.6 broke archgun reloading. It stutters every couple bullets, and takes forever to reload now. I tested in two different missions with different hosts. With the Imperator vandal Edit: seems to be the case for any recharge weapon. Like fulmin and kitguns with pax charge
  15. Archwing melee attacks no longer snaps to enemies. Making it really hard to hit. I tried both in a railjack mission, and on Neptune - Salacia. edit: This might have been since the melee update though.
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