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  1. -JINX-

    Welcome, Ps4 Tenno!

    welcome to all the new PS4 users hope u all love the game like we all supposedly do :D
  2. -JINX-

    Orokin Vaults Screenshot Challenge!

    my nekros suffers from body odor that emits red light .. XDD alias : hafeezo
  3. -JINX-

    Dojo Speed Run Videos: Livestream Fun!

    challenge accepted ooh and reserved
  4. -JINX-

    Update 8: Rise Of The Warlords

    my reaction when i start my launcher and read that update 8 is here ... and
  5. -JINX-

    Fusion Moa Operation - Leaderboards!

    and Benston ... a member in our clan got second position in the solo Ranking so yeah .. we are EPIC :P we'll improve our skills and participate more in the next operation but still ... we are GOOD :D
  6. -JINX-

    Fusion Moa Operation - Leaderboards!

    our clan got 7th WooHoo
  7. -JINX-

    Lotus Intel 2 Received.

    translation : leerman the key works we will profit. orokin salvage is incredible . the weapon fusion was a sucses. the new machines evisserated our captured tenno specimen there are millions prepared . should we launch. the traitorous lotus will not be forever blind to our plan please advise collector apacus
  8. -JINX-

    Update 7.5: Easter And Hotfixes!

    is anyone getting update failed ??
  9. -JINX-

    Mmohut And Warframe Screenshot Contest!

    yup ... and not edited
  10. -JINX-

    Mmohut And Warframe Screenshot Contest!

    a question to the admin ... can i change the screenshoot that i put on the post ??
  11. -JINX-

    Mmohut And Warframe Screenshot Contest!

    well i posted a screenshot but after that i took another one that i think is way more beutiful and i hope that it would bring me the prize :D so if the admin says that the first one is the one that is going to be judged then here it is ( welcome to the circle of fire ) but if i could change it then there is the one that i want to be judged ( here we go ) and thank u DE for presenting us with this opportunity
  12. omg ... its so EPIC
  13. -JINX-

    Mmohut And Warframe Screenshot Contest!

    was that a Hammerfall quote ?????
  14. -JINX-

    Update 7 - "stormbringer"

    dont set your hopes high :S
  15. -JINX-

    Update 7 - "stormbringer"

    havent tried it yet but i like it already :D tried it ... and it is utterly dissapointing after playing for more than 150 hours ... i am now almost equal to any guy who starts playing the game now except that i have 6 warframe 4 of them is lvl 30 which now is only an advantage in the number of abbilities but all of this is a price we have to pay for this game to reach perfection sorry for my previous whining ... but this update is gonna rock ... just fix the fusion prices cuz they are sooooooooo expensive