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  1. Console: Xbox One Clan Name: Children of Asgard Clan Tier: Storm Gamertag: COA Blitzkrieg Clan Role: C.O.A Admin (Warlord) We are “Children of Asgard”, founded on November 14th, 2016. We are a clan that specializes in high/end-game content such as tactical alerts, events, eidolon hunting, and, formerly, the trials. We used to focus our efforts on “Law of Retribution”, “Law of Retribution (Nightmare)”, and “Jordas Verdict” and our dedication enabled our members to dominate the leaderboards for speed running. We pride ourselves on the fact that our clan members hold the first-place speed runs in all three trials on Xbox One. While we miss the trials dearly, our efforts are now directed towards placing on the leaderboards of any console wide event that gets released. Since COA’s inception, our clan has held the first-place slot for its tier in a number of events including Operation: Pacifism Defect and Operation: Ambulas Reborn. Our scores ranked high enough to even compete with Mountain and Moon clans. Children of Asgard Cinematic Tour - 6:31 Children of Asgard Full Length Tour - 45:15 Keeping with the theme of our clan’s name, our dojo is a blend of Norse mythological, Orokin and Tenno themes. For our full length tour, upon entering the dojo, you will be greeted with a grand hall of orokin-esque technology that presents a spectacle fit for Odin himself. Our dojo is equipped with a grandiose trading hall-cum-lounge that you can rest in and socialize with your fellow Tenno. Our research laboratories, hallways and elevators have been constructed in such a way as to maintain the immersion established by the trading hall as you venture deeper into the dojo. We have spared no expense in designing the war room, taking advantage of the futuristic technology inherent to Warframe to outfit our forces with war-mechs and a variety of advanced armaments in preparation for Ragnarok. Our Ascension room doubles as a common room for Tenno to kick back and relax after a long day battling the forces of the Grineer, Corpus, and Infested. Next, comes the Cargo Bay, fully stocked and outfitted with a crane for maneuvering the heavier containers. Two ornate thrones reside in the Throne Room, reserved for COA StoneFox and COA Blitzkrieg. The Observatory overlooks the Hangar, where you can find our latest prototype fighter jet. Our tour does not end here however. Follow the seemingly inconspicuous set of stairs on the left side of the hangar and you will discover “Odin’s Hammer”, a stationary cannon affixed to the outside of the dojo, along with our Orbital Defence Control Station. Any would-be miscreants should think twice (and maybe even thrice) before attempting to lay siege to the COA dojo. On the third floor, you will find COA StoneFox’s living quarters. The room is decked out with a personal kitchen, workbench, bedroom and bathroom. There is also a concealed dueling room for training during down time. Deeper in the third floor are eight sets of barracks for the weary Tenno in need (due to time constraints, only two barracks are featured in our video). There are also two mead halls, where any worthy warrior may share in a feast with the warriors of Asgard. Next on our journey is the Lair of Nidhogg. His namesake, the formidable Norse dragon who gnaws at the roots of Yggdrasil has nothing on our beast. He rests near a serene waterfall that conceals a path to our clan tree. In the next room, we keep the Asgardian round table. There is a seat at the table for every leader in COA. Our final stop brings us to the Asgardian vault where we keep our most prized possessions. The godly artifacts contained within are being utilized to power the reactors of our dojo. Some of the most famous artifacts in all of Norse mythology reside within the vault, such as the Eternal Flame, Gungnir (Odin’s spear), Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer), Gram (Sigurd’s sword), Ridill (owned by Regis the dwarf), and Surtr’s flaming sword. Significant thought has been put into the design of our home and every detail holds value to our clan and its members. I hope you’ve enjoyed our video and what you’ve read thus far. I’d like to thank the members of COA for helping make our home turn out the way it has. Below are the members of COA featured in our video (in no particular order). Lead Architect: Calvina (without whom, none of this would have been possible) COA Stonefox COA NYTRO COA Squazmire COA Paradox COA Altair RarestStream058 COA Saperling COA BAD BOY KIN COA Cliffy294 COA DookixMax COA Hallski COA Nightseer COA Drake COA SpoonBender COA Vonbak COA Watermelon COA silentspam COA Cloud COA iraqy COA Inferno COA Rico COA Silverback0 COA silkywinner COA Bunny COA Unjustjet OshaWiLL
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