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    PS4/XB1 Controller Responsiveness Changes Issues (Fixed!)

    So, DE, are you planing to do something about this bug ? Before next update I mean; waiting for an update in March for this 'simple fix' is not acceptable. Yes it's a pain releasing update on consoles; but yes it's a pain for US, consoles players, to play with this bug.
  2. How about they tell us about it where we can know it; because no I wasn't aware of it; and the ps+ 'Auto download update' doesn't work so I figured out there was an uptade very late in the day. And no; that's not how it works : where I live I could pay 234567890876543214567890euros; I would still have a slow connection. And no; I don't complain on digitals games because I'm not 'loosing' something while it's downloading; not like during this update. And concerning the "That takes not even 1 minute" sure I'm gonna connect to my ps4 through the 100km that are between me and my ps4 during the week.
  3. Thank you DE; I'll be missing 2 logging bonus and 2 sorties because of this 25gb random update. Hope you'll do something about that; already a PAIN to reach 700 logging day while you can play only during the week-end.
  4. Am I the only one having to download a 36gb warframe update, while being able to launch and play warframe in the same time ?
  5. (PS4)Meninwhit

    PS4 Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.18.8

    Yep, efficiency scaling definitely needs some fix. I mean cleaning zone 8 is really hard, even as a full public squad, while hitting rot C on every other game mod is actually easy even in solo. I mean, why should Elite Sanctuary Onslaught be different from every other game mod, since the rewards are basically the same ? Alright we are able to farm radiant relics and Lato/Braton vandal part; but players shouldn't have to play only nuke build in order to get those rewards. And yet, I tried several nuking build and never achieved heaven zone 8.