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  1. You know that off days are a thing ? Right ? And "for a game"... One uses these to attend rare events linked to their hobbies. Be it a music group playing live, a convention, etc... If games are a hobby for one, then it as normal as taking a day off for something else.
  2. Yes that is what I meant. Thank you, I was not sure of the term to use.
  3. I did not, but what I'm saying is that it is a one time event. Does one who skip work to attend a one time event has issues ? No. It happens everytime.
  4. And still some did, because they wanted the rewards. Which DE did not give, not to everyone. And with no eligible reason, because if Twitch is messing up, it end up being on their fault since they insist using the broken Twitch Drops mechanics. And that's the whole point of this thread.
  5. Imo, they should put those rewards behind missions like "Gift of the Lotus" or something. More people would get those, but at least it will work. Because twitch drops does not. I remember the 'watch x times to get a loot", despite the loot table being way to diluted with 7k5 credits, 4 drops out of 5 never actually dropped...
  6. And what happens if, after the script, one has not received his Nekros P ?
  7. Still no Nekros P here. Watched the stream, watched the VOD when I learned it was a thing. Account is linked since I got the ephemare right after 30 minutes of watching.
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