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  1. i have a switch and till this date i dont see a single vombalist, the only way i found to spawn them is annoy the eidolon but is not a good way to farm cores for new players and hunting eidolons makes hunting them a chore and takes a long time. very discouraging i remember when plains was introduce the little one will harass you even during fishing, i always felt annoy but now that seems more desirable.
  2. i think they should explain in detail what would happen to blood rush, weeping wounds, so we can have a better idea, also how will life strike work, at least thats my main concern those mods have become the heart of many many builds, for many a weapon that can achive 100% crit is more useful that a heavy single attack, in terms of dps. so give a more indepth explantion might settle doubts and give players a better idea and get a better opinions.
  3. RED DEMON thirst ik is not with friends so just wanted to participate already had my fun with it.
  4. one more day boys and girls XD, so where the winners will be announce, will be nice if the post something for that as the last post.
  5. could be more winners, this time since the grip is an already existing one, i mean the work load compare to the first contest is less since they dont have to create a new stance or animations for it?
  6. https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/max-demon-sword-heavenly/672185 why dont you draw your stuff, or you the original author?
  7. really? maybe im thinking 3 because of the silva and aegis, kronen and mios are the most well know user created. 20 can you tell me which others. im pretty bad at that.
  8. kinda sad we only get 3 to be done pretty gud stuff here.
  9. this gave me an idea too bad i already posted but hey some one else can use it, we have the zenistar have a twist with that a weapon that can create a protective shield like a nullifier and depending on mods used on it can absorb easier the type of dmg thrown at, punture mods and so, think as a budget frost.
  10. its been so long since i played devil may cry 3 beowulf was such good weapon.
  11. mmm lol go to the first page read all the post of Megan, make sure you follow the rules, then post the concept of your weapon and wait till the end of the month. if you dont know how to post a image try to look for a post in here that shows how to upload images to imgur, was made by Khobi. thats it. best luck
  12. i think lol, maybe then again i use the list put in prime time to say that not necessary, as an example a popular post might not fit within the rules or what they are looking, so im incline to say that they actually look into the post and judge by content, but is speculation im guessing.
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