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  1. Oh forgot they even exist. They need to autogather and redeploy, to begin with. Or have a single interface to collect and redeploy. And improved drop rates for resources + random surprises like 30-minute boosters or lower ayatans/stars etc.
  2. I often use steel charge even if i don't use melee - just for the extra capacity.
  3. Itzal is the only AW i use - if it gets nerfed AW is dead. The rest are completely useless in the open world - horrible range, low damage and utility etc. K-Drives also got the issue of getting stuck everywhere, you can't attack, easy to fall off. It needs autopilot that can automatically take care of small bumps and holes. It also completely lacks visibility/area awareness - unlike AW.Insert image from URL It is also behind a very dull grind for the kiddyrep with no alternatives.
  4. The standard workweek is 40 hours -> 5 days of 8h. Your math is broken.
  5. I doubt i want to grind again in the next season. It requires too much time every day and you pretty much can't skip or you are screwed. It burns you out. Time-limited daily grind stuff is horrible. And only useful rewards are at the end - emblems etc are worthless.
  6. Because they look good and interesting for people?
  7. It would just ruin the lives of newer players who need resources more or people with less time. OR even when you play less when you burn out but return at a later date.
  8. If only "playing normally" would work - the number of lenses you can make is very time-consuming and costly - considering the amount of gear you have available - and i often switch for variety. There should be just a "lens" not separate for each school. And points go to the school you have active. Also, every frame should have a default conversion rate of 1% even without a lens. And a lens would "improve" it. If you do not do some purpose planned specific build grind for it - it is ultra slow - almost near zero.
  9. There are and have been thousands of those - hasn't changed anything this far.
  10. Why people didn't buy nitain? Because DE also removed potato alerts - so your limited creds were the only source for them.
  11. Lately seeing a lot of "mods" around that provide path tracing (minecraft, crysis for example) for lighting/reflections (not the hardcore raytracing). What are the chances of warframe getting toggle support for it? It is way more performance friendly than full raytracing but adds a lot to visuals.
  12. I wish wolf would spawn for me...
  13. I noticed a while ago a riven selling for 15k.
  14. I barely ever see him - last time he showed up while i was doing the nightmare capture for nightwave solo. He showed up in a narrow corridor, jumped and one hit my nova. I didn't even get to see where he spawned.
  15. Left twitch running at work PC over RDP since the stream was 2AM. Seem like it didn't pause and got the gravimag - these things are annoying to build since the bounty drop tables are screwed up.
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