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  1. If something makes it to the twitch drops, it's most likely something no one is bothering with in game :D
  2. Not sure what game you are playing, xbox? 99% of the missions you jump into in corpus proxima = Rush to derelict, wait one to exit RJ, jump to capitol ship, break security nodes and blow up a crewship. Go inside the crewship.
  3. Still no fix for the derelict rewards not rotating? It is ridiculously time-consuming to exit to dry dock after every mission just to get the reward to change. I'm spending more time in all the long loading screens than actually farming.
  4. For example: Aura + Naramon Exilus + Zenurik Right now the only way is to select the polarity and use text filter on top of that.
  5. Looking into wiki it says 1 point per 1000 affinity. But really you gain 1/10th of the affinity as intrinsic score. Why this weird hidden conversion logic to confuse and make intrinsic look easier to get than they really are? Instead of just having 1:1 and showing 10000 per 1 point.
  6. The simplest and biggest improvement would be removing the instanced ship missions. 99% of the time 1 person runs trough Exterminate while others either just run behind, doing nothing and then spend equal time running to the exit - and almost always there is 1-2 who are slow and are way behind. Defense is only ran once to unlock the node - 5 waves max. Volatile is just a odd defense mission where you have to hope people actually don't do anything so you can time the venting. Orphix missions - no one is going to sit in a nested mission mode for 12(15?) kills (with invuln
  7. Just saw it - it's just a trash version of Primed pistol gambit. Same bonus with a noticeable negative. What's the point of this mod?
  8. My biggest issue gameplay wise is the instanced ship mission. It should remain open - some go into the ship, others to derelicts or just stay in RJ and finish off Crewsips etc.
  9. Just remove the forced instance (and likely get rid of defense that causes issues with this). It gives people freedom to choose how to play.
  10. It's both now - a content island taxi. All people do is rush to the main ship entrance and force everyone else to teleport. You use them to get to some defense mission at a slow pace. And the missions are worse than the starchart ones.
  11. Even more so with the forced instanced ship missions. Everyone is forcefully teleported in and it's a completely separate mission now. You can't send some people to deal with the ship, others killing stuff in space and going after other objectives.
  12. Hyldrin uses shields (with somewhat insane scaling with very slow recovery) After 3-4 uses of swarm the cost was 6000 shields and took minutes to drop to reasonable levels. Lavos is cooldown based. Every other frame is useless - we don't have the sources of recovery you usually have - No trinity, no orbs, pies, zenurik, life to energy, arcane triggers and no efficiency.
  13. Tried hyldrin with the new energy system - the cost scaling is insane. Using swarm at similar interval as i am used to - the cost quickly went up to 6000 shields. And it took AGES for it to slowly tick down (and was even stuck at 6k for 10+ seconds).
  14. I pretty much hate the switch to mods and mod cards. I now need to funnel tens of thousands of endo and millions of credits and endless forma grinding in Railjack just to get the ship up to a decent state again. Even tho I had already maxed out everything previously. That miniscule "refund" on resources is absolutely nothing in comparison how much you need to funnel into it now. And RJ not having separate own energy is horrible. It means you now have to choose frames with highest energy pool whenever you choose to go into Railjack. 30k endo is no joke. With the average play time I
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