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  1. Ketec

    This Event is not fun

    There are several frames with knockback immunity of some sort. Also plenty of mods to deal with knockback. You can't use all in one builds for everything - adjust your build to match the mission.
  2. Ketec

    Exploiter orb in the city?

    Your helios is still alive tho. I entered the city, went to Eudico and saw Helios P scan something. Saw the exploiter. And then it started attacking. I instinctively tried to get some distance. It fell through the ground. Thought it left. It climbed back up, continued attacking until helios blew up.
  3. Seems like it followed me or what? and it killed my helios 😕
  4. Ketec

    Return difficulty Level to Fortuna

    There are too many cheese ways to deal with any level enemies, it would be quickly abused.
  5. Ketec

    Disable Leave Squad for hosts.

    So if by random chance i happened to be become a host - i cannot leave the squad of obnoxious people who want to continue or mine or leech?
  6. The number of obnoxious people who ignore the rest of the group and just run around mine/fish while leeching bounties is ridiculous. If you want to mine/fish - do it in a solo our non bounty group.
  7. Ketec

    Fortuna: Mesa Prime - Hotfix 24.2.3

    "Replaced the Profit-Taker Phase 4 Vaulted Relic reward with a Mesa Prime Relic." WHY? we need mesa just once - yet there are dozens of vaulted primes.
  8. Ketec

    Syndicate system needs improvements

    Because people do not trade anymore - it's become to the point of 1p per 1k of rep.
  9. It was fine for a while - but with stuff constantly being added, you often get locked out of the new stuff. And jumping between sides is a very time consuming and wasteful process. I know trade exists - but it can't be the solution for everything. Especially since it's a insane spam channel and everything is about plat these days - not actual trading. And often, unless you offer a ridiculous price, you get no responses. Especially stuff like AW weapon parts (why were the drops for those even removed)? With fortuna bringing new life to AW weapons, perhaps add them back to loot pool. Perhaps also adding mods to alert or invasion pool? Alternatively make it less painful to switch sides once you have unlocked them fully once - not week+ worth of daily maxed rep. Like gaining +bonus rep if you go to the opposing side?
  10. Can't see if they are closed, locked or inactive.
  11. The constant "vaulting" is ridiculous. Yet again i was pretty much locked out of a few primes i never managed to get all the pieces for since i do not have endless amount of free time to grind every single prime instantly after launch. Allow us to trade relics of each rank to one of the previously vaulted ones - so it doesn't pollute the drop tables and still ensures they are available. Things are likely even worse for new players who got dozens of primes to farm.
  12. Ketec

    What Do You Want From Warframe?

    Redesign the crappy relic system. There are a handful of primes i have been completely locked out because they just remove them from drop - and only return in a few years if lucky. ALL primes should always be available - like allow us to convert relics or something. Not everyone has 8h/day and uber luck to constantly grind for new relics - and even worse if you are a new or newish player who needs a lot of them. Some ancient prime junk is still listed while newer stuff get's constantly removed. I was half way farming the damn chroma and they just decided to remove it's relics from drops.
  13. Ketec

    Fortuna: Mesa Prime - Hotfix 24.2.2

    *Well god damn great. Seriously stop with this vaulting crap. So i can no longer finish up another set of prime items. Just redesign this S#&$ty relic system so nothing ever get's valuted. It's ridiculous.
  14. Ketec

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Finally got to play with Revenant and i'm disappointed. A frame i will likely never use after it hits 30. Thralls are a weak, worthless version of shadows or mind control. In any pug they get instantly wiped by countless of AOE-s and even people killing them just because they see a "enemy shaped object". The pillar might aswell not exist. The spread is slow because of how crappy ai is - often they just start walking or trying to hide etc instead of attacking. And their damage is nonexistent for the most part. No taunt - so what are they for? And all of the above adds to the huge energy cost since you really need to spam it. The shield charges vanish so fast you really rarely see it being useful. You can't often even notice the stunned target to slowly cast on them in most game modes. And the crappy version of charge to steal some hp with a extremely long wind up time?
  15. Ketec


    Defeat the Grustrag Three Seriously? I havent seen them for months -_-