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  1. In short - ignore all melee mods on voidrig. Survival and energy. HP, Shield, shield regen, armor. Because the only thing you do is spam shield and battle mode to kill venoms. The canister and mines are just trash.
  2. Kind of yes and no. I used when I needed extra hexenon. But they are just too tedious to deal with and often bring crap I don't care about. They need some unified single UI to manage them.
  3. This was after 18 wave endurance. I died 2/3rd of the way into the mission. Everything was maxed at 30. It also feels like affinity booster stopped working after I died and i only got standard affinity.
  4. Yes, I maxed out after forma. Full endurance run. Affinity booster. And I end up with lvl 3 voidrig and lvl 5 gun. Because i died near the end to toxin.
  5. In my case i don't have the same equipped. It worked one run, then didn't work on the next run.
  6. I would assume they have enough talent there to handle this. I could go into full details how i would approach this code wise and not require costly datacenters - but that would be waste of time in the forum. But in the end - there are thousands of different hardware and software configurations and selected in game settings. There will be bugs, edge cases, random failures that cause these failures. I would assume there are thousands of cases every month. It's not the only p2p game out there so this problem is not unique.
  7. Hoped some fixes for the mobility of mechs in the ship tiles. It's horrible. Charge gets you stuck everywhere and has long recovery. Engine fails too fast.
  8. It should ALWAYS prefer your own mech in range instead of a broken one but often chooses the one on the ground instead.
  9. There are many ways to improve this on the software side, which is why losing the progress like that annoys me - knowing this can be improved but hasn't been for years.
  10. The log actually has no info about the loot. In this case you knew what you looted specifically so they opted to restore this 1 item.
  11. You mean the one I accepted 6 years ago? But the loot saving doesn't have to mean saving it for the player as a reward. Rather a way to have a backup of the data in case of failures/game crashes. There is nothing stopping the code from still verifying the results before it is actually awarded to the player. In many cases the failures/loss happens at the end of the mission. If you lose connection and the mission is still in progress - many times it prompts you to rejoin. But that is not possible if the mission is over or you were the host / solo. For example I was the host i
  12. If solo - it could restart from the last objective (rerun wave 5 for example). Ig party play - it should still offer you up to the rewards up until last completed step (wave 5 exit or stay for example). Other game modes got similar step. And current event - you don't lose anything on "failure" - you can still exit just fine.
  13. It doesn't have to give it to the player as a reward - but persist it so it is not permanently lost on code failures. This is 101 of data persistence - you don't rely on it being somewhere in memory for hours and then hope it actually saves in the end and nothing happens. You need to regularly backup/store your data or sync it to ensure you have a way to recover it.
  14. It's not a beta anymore. Neither a small niche game. Support is useless when at the end of a long grind gamer just crashes. They don't restore anything. Why is loot still not saved until the proper end of the mission? Shouldn't it save every time you have some progress - like end of a wave, round or killing some target at least? Yet again, at the end of a long endurance run, game closed. No rewards, no score, no loot. Ruining your mood and desire to play for days.
  15. Why does it have 0.5 disposition vs 1.3 on non prisma? It's barely any different.
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