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  1. Itzal is the only AW i use - if it gets nerfed AW is dead. The rest are completely useless in the open world - horrible range, low damage and utility etc. K-Drives also got the issue of getting stuck everywhere, you can't attack, easy to fall off. It needs autopilot that can automatically take care of small bumps and holes. It also completely lacks visibility/area awareness - unlike AW.Insert image from URL It is also behind a very dull grind for the kiddyrep with no alternatives.
  2. The standard workweek is 40 hours -> 5 days of 8h. Your math is broken.
  3. I doubt i want to grind again in the next season. It requires too much time every day and you pretty much can't skip or you are screwed. It burns you out. Time-limited daily grind stuff is horrible. And only useful rewards are at the end - emblems etc are worthless.
  4. I wish wolf would spawn for me...
  5. Left twitch running at work PC over RDP since the stream was 2AM. Seem like it didn't pause and got the gravimag - these things are annoying to build since the bounty drop tables are screwed up.
  6. Why does it have to be so late 😕 It's past midnight for the whole EU. The gravimag looks nice but i can't just stay up until 2 am + watch time before another workday. Why can't they be 24h ingame alerts so people outside America have a chance? Or get partner streamers for similar shows in EU.
  7. Serious offers only.
  8. On top of the complexity of a k-drive - they are stuck behind a ridiculous pipe grinding. I have yet to progress in the rep and only have the vanilla drive. K-drives get stuck, you can fall off, got unnecessary combo complexity, low speed, lack of bullet jump etc. Nerfing something to fix a problem is not a solution. It's like fighting starvation by starving yourself.
  9. At 75 it has an effective health of 1.47 million and 87% damage reduction...
  10. Anything on the grass render distance and the plastic shiny dirt at plains? 😕
  11. This means Baits are no longer craft-ception with other fish parts and can now just be bought outright for Standing Oh great - so now i have to use the already time-limited, grindy resource for piles of short duration lures. Instead of using a large number of resources i have available and can fish for.
  12. Most likely everyone who cared/bothered to scan did it already and progress was slowing down too much.
  13. Quick melee please without switching over to melee from my weapon 😕
  14. 60-minute survivals are an issue because of the conditions. It is very easy to get trolled when someone uses the LS, wasting your time. I often also play mostly at the weekend - and finding "friends" which i don't have or people willing to do them will be way harder - many already finished. Rethink the LS requirement and perhaps split it into 2x 30-minute survivals instead. Easier to fit into schedules and fewer risks with crashes, host migrations, trolling etc. Also PLEASE add clan and ALLIANCE into the "friend" requirements. I almost exclusively use alliance chat and play with people there. Because people keep clans smallish due to the research requirements. 5x ayatan was also a problem - even if spread across the week. It's a rather unreliable "resource" to obtain. And you now have to hoard them instead of using when you need some endo. Perfect pet captures - does it have to be perfect? Considering it's not an "elite challenge". Why don't you offer extra quests for each tier (elite, med, easy) but you can only complete fixed number - so you have some options to choose from. And allow people to continue with episodes until finished and start a new one from the codex like a quest when available.
  15. "Replaced the Profit-Taker Phase 4 Vaulted Relic reward with a Mesa Prime Relic." WHY? we need mesa just once - yet there are dozens of vaulted primes.
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