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  1. You can also hijack a crewship, fly to the next one - blow it up and jump into the next, repeat. Meanwhile you can pull aggro away from RJ/AW-s.
  2. But AW affinity is nonexistent.. i made the mistake of formaing Amesha. 4 rounds in the last area and... 3 levels.
  3. And in general zerki also has highest base damage. So a vidar with lower damage + bonus but same fire rate is more or less worse. These tiny crit/status differences mean nothing. And crafting costs are equally astronomical. So that doesn't play a role either.
  4. The "refining" problem comes from the 200 cap - and not properly shared resources. I'm not sure if the resources over cap are wasted or go to the inventories. But refining mid mission is fine if ordnance is full - or not really used at all.
  5. So you fixed Hijack missing gfx - mode noone plays, but nothing on invisible railjack/black boxes etc in Railjack?
  6. The biggest flaw is still having the thrall spawn separate from the rest of the game flow. Else it would just slowly gather, unlock while you play. And PLEASE disable the murmur sound. It get's annoying fast.
  7. This system is getting worse over time - i didn't have much time and skipped the lich grinding after launch. Got and started 2nd one. So wanted to continue and it's just pointless to try. NOONE plays those special lich nodes. So your only option is to solo grind murmurs for hours in missions that reward nothing useful. The system is too separate from the rest of the game. I can't go and farm rifts or do nightmare or syndicate missions. This needs major overhaul and integration into normal gameplay AND make sure people actually bother killing liches.
  8. Argon is the worst. II used up all my free time for today and got 4 after an hour. And by tomorrow it's already decaying.
  9. So blink got a huge nerf, other AW got a boost. Itzal lost it's only unique and useful skill, and is just squishy now with no real world use. How many times has someone though "oh i wish i could pull that mob towards me".
  10. Catchmoon is dead. It's ugly af and it's only saving grace were the stats. Another tier of relics to grind and consumable mods? This game is no longer viable for anyone who has a job.
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