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  1. To me, light maps looked way flatter and simpler. Didn't even have to look hard. And the introduction of more compression is going backwards in tech. Now that consoles and new GPU-s are switching to direct SSD texture streaming. Can't this be optional or limited to medium quality settings?
  2. Why not just delete Marked for Death - I really see no use for this at this point anymore. It's just underwhelmingly weak at any endgame content.
  3. The only way is to leech affinity in a party - playing supportive role and let others kill.
  4. Mods. Still a huge issue. I burned out and stopped with vaults and got vitality, continuity and a few useless melee mods. Even necros won't help when 2/3 of the runs net 0 Necramech mods.
  5. Biggest problem in the feed system is the bile - it has very little and mostly only rare resources even veterans don't have huge amounts of. I pretty much did my last feeding of bile since i no longer have anything left to feed - or have too few of important recource there left.
  6. Pherliac Pods Blueprint drop... why? Who even uses these? They serve no purpose.
  7. Mechs are the easy part - the annoying part of these vaults is the gather bait, wait 2 minutes, walk in, 2 minute survival. So ~5+ minutes to just idle before every tier. And you have to time it when worms switch so it won't reset half way.
  8. This is beyond rare. 3x full runs, 18 mechs + necros so 36x chances to drop. A total of 0 necramech mods. 0 scintillant on top of that. That's something like 1+ hour of grind due to those wait timers in stages.
  9. So instead of correcting the out of balance feeding you introduced $plat$ rush. Great priorities you have there.
  10. The whole tranq rifle ui is useless. You got some pointless distance number, blinking arrows that show nothing, no control over zoom. The beeping is constantly strong and only "stops" when you go out of range - on/off.
  11. slash proc melee does get through most of them, but those balloons are barely killable in the last bounty and immortal in steel path. Everything else i have found mostly useless vs those ultra armored enemies.
  12. Extra annoying one is having the tranq out, hearing beeping and there is nothing nowhere in the visible range - or getting highlighted. Reduce the beep range, intensity or add some direction markers in the ui.
  13. A resource dump and skill swap are rather static orbiter features. Could we also get something that integrates it to our generic gameplay? Like calling down a helminth spore that devours corpses and spits out orbs. Or a helminth pet - not a infested kubrow/kavat. An extension of it - a centipede with big mouth or something. Transmissions/requests - like helminth noticing some particularly tasty grineer to capture. Random comments/transmissions in missions in certain places or actions or when getting hungry.
  14. Haven't gotten it - and it's been ike what -6h since the panels started? Will have to go to support if it's still not there tomorrow.
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