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  1. The range is minuscule - even playing defense in a roughly the same area, half the time people are out of range of someone.
  2. Currently the "active" syndicate relies on the sigil equipped per frame. It is quite annoying to switch it out on every frame if you want to focus on another syndicate - and forgetting one suddenly negating progress by gaining opposite standing. Could we please get some update to the way we set active syndicate we fight for regardless of the frame?
  3. The drop rate and amount or prices need to change. I still have 0 tenet melee and will not likely bother with one for the next year at the rate you acquire the holokeys right now. Ran 20 void in saturn trying to get epitaph barrel (which i didn't -_-) - i got exactly 4 x 4 holokeys. The extra keys from the final showdown is absolutely pointless change at this point. Everyone got the weapons they wanted from them already. Very few bother minmaxing for the max % on them.
  4. The node clear mechanic needs to be removed now that there is one planet per rank. It is ridiculous to be forced to abandon missions over and over again near exit because your Lich did not spawn. And if you finish, you lose access to the node - and get stuck with slow and dangerous endless type missions that are absolutely no good for lich farming and got the risk of failure (rad procs, dead rescue target, blown up defense etc). And if unlucky - you get stuck in Kuva Fortress where there are almost 0 players available on most nodes. So you are now stuck soloing lvl 100+ lich with heavy DR.
  5. Nothing is back, login is still down. You were just randomly lucky to get in.
  6. Did you really not predict and prepare for this? You tell 300k players to relink twitch and login + afk in a relay.
  7. Invigorations suck. You basically get stuck with ones for frames you don't care about for a week.
  8. Likely not too much since i rarely run the normal map nodes to begin with.
  9. It still sucks. Its a mission outside your normal play flow. I have had the same lich for over a year threatening to kill me. I just don't have the desire to do this dull mission with no rewards just for a few murmurs over and over again
  10. I have always disliked the whole skateboard system and when i saw the first unlock i wanted to puke. I can't get myself to play a mode i completely dislike. I still have just the basic free kdrive.
  11. No, no no. PLEASE kill the granum void. In the recent history it is one of the most horrible and disgusting features added into the game. You CANNOT even easily party for it from the map or some console. You need to form premade teams through chat who are willing to go into some mission, find a hand and do the void. This is one of the reasons i still do not own Protea. I simply cannot bring myself to to go through this crap over and over again. It really MUST be made a node you can directly access - from Fortuna at least.
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