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  1. hypothetically speaking imagine kubrows being able to pick up all the loot , and doing great damage and being able to be revived as many times as you want , what will overpower a sentinel and what will sentinels will be used for besides from their personal abilities? I only recommend one dedicated kubrow to perform a looting task because if all can do it and plus their abilities , you will see more kubrows running around your mission then sentinels.
  2. the chances of that happening is equivalent to zero percent lol , that will completely replace sentinels.
  3. Hopefully DE will consider soon our opinions soon...
  4. I do indeed i agree with you to an extent of the solutions you mentioned. But at the end of the day its all our personal opinions of how we want something to play out. i have to pin out some factors you mentioned that doesn't necessary buffs up or reworks the kubrow. The facts you mentioned were more like tweaks of little performance improvements. Raksa: I agree with you that Raksa howl shouldn't be reduced as a must, but for the people personal plays , im sure we like to see more of that howl ability happening more often. The only real factor that is really a must change in the ability is that , howl should affect more enemies because not every mission has the exact same spawning of enemies. Also like i mentioned before, warframe releases many enemies types as updates comes by so it would be reasonable, if they take consideration on raksa crow control ability. When the kubrow was release and the raksa was being used , it was great using because there were barely a lot of enemies try to take you down, therefore howl worked extremely well. When the release of the new infestation enemies with Operation Mutalist Incursions came out, it of course increased the number of enemies within the mission. Especially when you go long duration mission theres more enemies to deal with , so therefore i have to say that the howl affect should increase. Another example i can say was when i was doing the Pacifism Defect event , i went for a 500 rescues and i took my raksa kubrow which was working phenomenally at the beginning but as time prolonged , the map was crowded with enemies and the ability effect became weaker as some enemies got affected others didn't. Take also in consideration that the range in certain maps such as Cerberus in Pluto interception , when doing the mission it would be great if the kubrow would keep a good crowd control in far away towers. So if they increase slightly the range that would be also great for the kubrow raksa. Chesa: I have to say that chesa would be better if his neutralise ability was caused by range disarm. Which means that just like the raksa howl ability . it terrifies enemies away so the neutralise ability should do the same but, disarm an amount of enemies nearby instead. i know you sort of buyest towards your raksa bu,t you know another kubrows would be just as good if their ability were more functional and practically in missions. Retrieve: the retrieve ability would be better to have an absorbing item , so that all the loot that the kubrow walks near would be extracted towards him, which leads to be mroe efficient receiving more loot then single loot. I took my ember to a defense mission in hydron sedna, i stood still in the middle and my kubrow was looking at me like a statue as enemies got killed. He from time to time in a blue moon decided to either get me credits or a single energy orb. But the chances of that happening were so low. So my concept of having some item that surrounds the chesa kurbrow, that automatically obtains the loot within his radius. So when you have encounter him you will gain all the loot , that his being picking up automatically. So this will also solve the solution of interfering his neutralise ability. So the Chesa would have good compatibility within his abilities. Sunika: i agree to within your options or ideas for that kubrow , a giving a buff to allies for combact would be a very interesting thing to watch.
  5. Yeap, i must agree they not honestly not aware of any hazards within their paths lol. Perhaps maybe immunity of hazards or just better scripting in movement to completely avoid it.
  6. Thats a really smart idea, i certainly wouldnt of thought about mixing sentinel with kubrows. But that would require DE to completely change the companion slot, which the chances of that happening is low. But i can assume only that if it did happen , the companions will honestly be overpowered, according to DE they pretty much like balancing the game. To further add to your idea , can imagine if you equip the sentinel and kubrow , using the medi-ray mod on the sentinel , it will make an infinite amount of health both the kubrow and the frame. Now take a inaros with and your kubrow pretty much will never die unless it allows itself to get killed lol.
  7. Imagine kubrow prime. he will look so good if we are able to breed a omega lotus version lol
  8. Yeah helminth does indeed need a review of his game performances. i went to test him out and your facts are pretty much accurate. The attack speed is way to slow specially when you always surrounded by enemies.
  9. yeap , the retrieve ability really plays awfully
  10. Thank you Drew
  11. alright thanks bro
  12. thats it ? isnt there a different bundle with a riven mod included ?
  13. what does the bundle come with of octavia?
  14. Same dude my sunika does some really unbelievable tactics to get itself killed. I thought for a second he was bewitched to die lol. But according to his information his more of the attacking kubrow, but his attack should at least be strategic lol.
  15. That would be kinda cool , but you have to remember that you will lose focus on giving so many commands on the actual kubrow then actually doing the mission. I also think commands often cause new glitches to happen.