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  1. Ivara Zipline Fishing

    i dont think its a bug. i m sure they will keep it
  2. Disconnected and lost all my items when i reconnected

    oh thats rough. submit a ticket at warframe support , they will fix the problem for you.
  3. vay hek not dropping pigment

    mmm perhaps you need to activate the color at dojo so that it drops , because pigments only drop if you going for one specific color.
  4. LOR drinking game

    i will be sad if i take this challenge with my raids crew. no one ever messes up.... no drinking for me unless we all go as one particular frame like all zephyrs or novas etc
  5. Dear DE, after 17 months it's almost time to get the Furax Wraith back in the wild

    i look at my profile and i be wishing since some pc players has exclusive excalibur prime, why cant we console members get an exclusive frame too....
  6. Trash Arcanes Rework

    my only wish is unlimited raids per day. At least that will keep me personally occupied.
  7. Serious boss talk: invincibility frames VS bullet sponge

    Tyl regor is boring. take full strength ice chroma with a strong tigris prime. Absorb enough damage from him and when his vulnerable be close and aim properly at his weak spot and his dead. no phases , and 2min boss fight. Do it all the time in sorties.
  8. Bird mounts in Warframe (a funny bug)

    theres to many bugs like that. take titania and you can explore all the bugs in warframe of the outside world. #warframepart2
  9. Multiple polarity mod slots

    Well heres a solution to the problem. I had that problem for a long time and i used to be frustrated when i was unable to build things the way i wanted before. It use to mismatch the polarities in different configurations. But since DE has database problems what you can do right now is build double weapons and double frames. Although not all frames are not re-farmable unless buying with plat. But that is the only way i figured out a loop to my builds by having multiples same frames or same weapons. Although it takes a lot of formas, but what else can you do other then ask for something DE is struggling to provide?
  10. So let's talk about the upcoming glass frame.

    nitain , argon, cryotics , and rubedo.
  11. Guides of the Lotus, How do I apply

    DE recruits only when they feel like they need more players in the program. Its random of when its going to be , just be active on the forums and look out on twitter etc. They will announce eventually just we never know when. Also take in consideration that they are busy with multiple events and being travelling around to Pax etc. So whenever it goes live keep your eyes open on the application dear tenno ( i can only assume they are busy setting up the application questions for it at the moment ). All the best of luck
  12. Server issues on Ps4?

    All good on my side. Did multiple short survivals and farming and unveils of rivens.
  13. PS4 Chains of Harrow Status [LIVE!!]

    The salt on that phrase though . boii you need to go to uranus and cool off on those holy archwing waters....
  14. PS4 Chains of Harrow Status [LIVE!!]

    How about everyone inhale some fresh air and take a huge chill tennos? As much as i love watching everyone getting hyped and predicting the update coming on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays , Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.... It will come whenever your PSN notifications says you have a new update . We dont possess psychic powers on when the updates comes , but if we did... it will be some impressive lucky guess. Heres my prediction of the update , there release date for the update is...... Someday this Month
  15. PS4 Chains of Harrow Status [LIVE!!]

    But the looks of it , seems like it going to be this weekend. It takes normally 1 week on cert depending how busy sony is.