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  1. Recently got into saryn and currently using a build that uses the umbra mods and not caring about duration much. Wondering if there's a better build that not only spreads the spores far but makes it easier to keep them going?
  2. As title suggests. Wondering if you just do it automatically or is there a button for it stil? I play on ps4 if that helps
  3. As title suggests. Wondering if that works. Especially farming for wisps is a royal pain
  4. As title suggests. I want his awesome hammer lol anyone know what missions he's likely to appear on? Any help would be appreciated
  5. As title suggests. I saw it and just thought "I want that" . Just wondering if its as good of a weapon as it looks. Anyone have it and like it? Only asking because there's alot of grinding you have to do for it
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