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  1. If so, Condition Overload is that much deadlier on it. Edit: So far, I love it, it really does pair nicely with Tempo Royal and slam attacks.
  2. You are the edgy Excalibur Prime. Just because you have the latin word for "shadow" in your name doesn't mean anything.
  3. Xaku did come out- what? Two or three months ago on console at least. I'd expect Wraith around March at the earliest. Edit: I am sort of surprised by Wraith's 4 concept though, you'd expect a scythe instead of claws. I hope he comes out with a scythe at least and maybe a new stance mod.
  4. Appearances aside, Wraith is more of a reaper themed frame.
  5. I've been told it's stats will be similar to the Gram Prime, it'll probably be a top tier weapon if it is.
  6. They will in some way eventually. Syndicates, Dex, Wraith, Vandal, Prisma, Prime, a good portion of the armory has a tier above the original. In some cases like the Boltor, the Prime is great for a status build, but **** for a crit build unless you have a good riven while the Telos is the opposite with 50% more ammo. I've been told they're working on Corpus Liches too, so we can expect maybe a Granum Dera or a Granum Lanka. Give it time, no point in upgrading existing weapons when making new/ upgraded versions is more profitable in the long run.
  7. I don't really see a problem with the Gram Prime's stats. It may swing slower than the Galatine Prime and have a shorter range, but it's status, crit chance/ multiplier, and overall damage is higher. If the Vitrica's stats are similar to what is one of the best melee weapons in the game, then it stands to reason it will be a top tier weapon.
  8. I really want to try out that greatsword, I wasn't too impressed with the Pathocyst, but I'm not really a fan of glaives either. As for Gara, I was looking forward to her because glass is almost always either OP, annoying, or weak. Maybe I'm just playing her wrong or she doesn't suit any playstyle I like, but I don't think I've played her since I leveled her to 30. I remember hoping for something like this when I heard a glass themed frame was in development: Passive: Reflects damage to enemies in close proximity. 1. Fires a glass shard at the enemy that explodes on imp
  9. I feel the same way for several other characters. Some definitely got better changes like Liu Bei getting dual swords or Cao Cao's new sword in DW8, but characters like Gan Ning (the pirate on Wu's side) were butchered with their new weapons, though it could be that after playing a character a certain way since DW3 that I'm just too used to it. Doesn't help they really messed up on DW9 to the point that they can't even consider making an Empires or Xtreme Legends.
  10. Zhang He, that's who used claws, though he never served Liu Bei, but Yuan Shao, then Cao Cao. I can't think of any blue guys in Liu Bei's army.
  11. Could have sworn Zhou Yu was with Wu, a close friend of Sun Ce. I know who you're talking about, can't remember his name.
  12. If you're joining a match, you could always leave. I'm leveling limbo prime the day I got him and 2 minutes in a defense mission while also working on a riven, two guys join MY match (forgot to select solo play) and start throwing a fit with me for using limbo. Nothing was stopping them from leaving and finding another defense mission, but they CHOSE to stay and give me a hard time.
  13. Am I the only one who thinks the Pangolin Prime looks a lot like how some of Zhou Yu's swords looked in Dynasty Warriors before it was replaced with a staff?
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