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  1. May your courage and determination serve as a beacon of light in these dark times. Thank you for your inspirational story and making me appreciate the little things most of us take for granted. I hope can find a solution to your MR30 test woes and will soon be able to join us at the Big Boys table upon passing it. You are a gentleman and a scholar and will be sending Good Vibes your way! Hugs!
  2. Magus Vigor doesn't regenerate health it only gives your Operator additional health when in Operator form. Magus Vigor is an Arcane Enhancement for the Operator that grants them increased maximum health.
  3. Since you don't have Rhino, your Nezha will work if you are able to keep the warding halo on before you encounter the target, that will prevent the take damage portion of the riven, then use ground slams around the target, to give you time to scan the target. I would also recommend throwing out a specter of some sorts to take the focus off you if there happens to be any enemies around. Ivara will work good too, as long as you are in Prowl before you encounter the target it will not count against you as using a power. In addition the target won't run away if your are invisible, making it eas
  4. While I believe you are sincere in your High Score of 31K, there remains a few individuals on the XBOX that have a score of 50K and apparently did it solo as no one else has that same score which means they had to have finished the run alone. There is NO WAY anyone could solo the Orphix for a score over 50K without some type of trickery, on consoles at least. From what I have been reading there was an exploit that involved teammates quitting at strategic times that would cause the Score to keep increasing even when all Orphixes had been destroyed. It would only benefit the last player stand
  5. I must say it does appear that you have earned your place at the top. It seems that you figured out the spawn points of the Sentients and strategically were positioning yourselves to fire upon them when they did. I haven't gone thru every second of the video footage so I can't 100% say you didn't do something underhanded, but I feel better about your place at the top as it seems you did earn it. Kudos! I can only imagine how many runs you had to do to get to such a place. Its more work than most of us have the time or patience to deal with so my hats off to you!
  6. I had a Non-existent exit occur on a Steel Path Survival mission. I spent 30 minutes looking after 3 acolytes killed I had to abort because I kept getting killed looking for the stupid exit that didn't exist apparently. Very frustrating indeed. I get anxious now with every update as more things get broke than seem to be fixed. Does DE even have a quality control team? I mean Orb Vallis has been broke now for almost a year. I encounter a fatal error just riding up the elevator I'd say 50% of the time now. I just avoid Fortuna unless I have too. The list just gets longer after new content
  7. Not sure if you have the OPEN SPACE Room installed in your Dojo but if you have a companion such as a Kavat with you, stand close to the edge where you are able to jump to oblivion, the pet will continually fall and respawn in a loop that looks ridiculous and goofy.
  8. I have encountered the same thing on several occasions. One time the specter was placed by another squad member, who during the mission got disconnected from the game and the specter continued to be present and upon returning to the Dry Dock persisted to remain and follow me around the Dojo as well. I don't know if its a bug or intentional coding to ensure that it effective and persistent until a new mission is started, but yes I too found it a bit strange but not necessarily bad or game breaking more amusing than anything.
  9. Not to discount your frustration in any way as this is a difficult test, but before DE should redo the test based on your results, wouldn't it be prudent to maybe try a different Warframe to accomplish your goal? If you have read anything in this thread then you should have realized that Mesa is NOT required to pass the test. I used Saryn and it took me 2 weeks of testing different weapons and developing a strategy to optimize my game-play to eventually pass the test. Most of the players here have given useful advice on various Warframes and weapons that worked for them so before you order
  10. I know it's a struggle for you to say positive niceties and I commend you for your efforts, as it will make you a better person, hopefully.
  11. Likewise for not making condescending comments to fellow Tenno asking for Help that is free of judgment and ridicule because some players find the test "easy". You are a gentleman and a scholar! Hugs!
  12. I couldn't find any music clips readily available but still found this to be an acceptable substitution: Some humor will help us all through these trying times of Covid, Bug fixes long over due, and a challenging MR30 test to say the least! It is comforting to see such effort everyone is putting forth to help a fellow Tenno overcome his personal struggles to pass the MR30 with (almost) no disparaging remarks or judgment of his character. A good way to begin the New Year indeed! Cheers!
  13. I feel your pain as I have lost dozens of toroids and Affinity twice in the past few days when just getting in the elevator to return to Fortuna, Fortuna has gotten progressively worse I'd guess at least 2 major updates ago but its hard to say as I've only recently started visiting it again to level my Necromechs. It's definitely an issue as there are pages and pages of disgruntled players who have experienced crash after crash and primarily in Orb Vallis, usually Profit Taker mission, but lately its been crashing for me just out and about, doesn't seem to matter if I am the host or not. I w
  14. It took me 2 weeks of practicing to finally pass the test and for me it was NOT Easy but do feel it was appropriate for the most part. Its not necessary to prove ones worthiness in Warframe by having random holes to a bottomless abyss. I used a High range Saryn with an Ignis Wraith and just Spam the S%#T out of Her 1 and 4 and Spray away the enemies, everything dies eventually leaving you with a decent amount of air in the process. What REALLY helped me was popping out a Warframe Specter and having it be the bullet sponge for you in addition to killing things for you! Win/Win!! I used a Hi
  15. ^This. If most of your difficulty is getting to the pylons than this is a great option for you. I ended up NOT using my operator to get to the Pylons as I would overshoot as well. EVERY Pylon can be reached without the operator dash if you use bullet jump and aim glide. I didn't realize there was a little island to the left of (I think it was) the 3rd pylon that you can bullet jump to than bullet jump again to the pylon, never once needing the operator dash. Don't give up as it took me 2 weeks of practicing until I found what worked best for me. Good Luck and Happy New Year!
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