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  1. For me, the reason why I use Icy Avalanche with Frost is the minor detail you left out; the negation of Status effects and immunity to knockdown while Icy Armour is active is extremely useful, especially when using weapons such as the Bramma, Ogris, etc. Not sure what you are talking about when you said the augment "doesn't gives DMG Reduction like shields do" as any damage received will be first absorbed by the Icy Armour before shields or health are effected which is invaluable with squishy frames on your squad. Not sure if it really needs a buff as I have seen upwards of 3500+ Icy Armou
  2. Ash might be quicker at killing the enemies but that doesn't mean its easier or less of a chore. In your OPINION you might prefer to use Ash over Hydroid but that doesn't make it better if I have to mash buttons to get the job done verses Activate my puddle of doom and go make some microwave popcorn. Like I keep saying its all a matter of Play-style that makes people choose one Warframe over another. So go be one of 3 people that choose to use Ash in an Interception, and I'll use what I think, is a excellent Warframe choice for Interception missions and we can both be Happy Warframe players
  3. I ALWAYS use Hydroid for Interceptions, so thanks for supporting Hydroid as some people apparently want him gutted of this amazing, unique and powerful tool!
  4. You are NOT alone my good man, as I am too a "closet" Undertow lover! Nothing is more satisfying than pulling enemies into my puddle of doom! I can't agree more with you, as its his signature ability and as such should not be removed or altered! ( unless DE wants to add more range!) I find the puddle a nice change of pace in a game that has become a battle of who can kill the most and the fastest! For the folks that keep whining about his Tentacles make it hard to get headshots, blah blah blah... Wow people still use a gun in a game where Melee is the Beastmaster?? I will admit that Hydroid
  5. There should be a message in your Inbox or you can try going to Communications ->Clan-> Accept Clan invitation Don't forget to make your Clan Key which will be in your Foundry after you accept the invitation If you don't see an invite, then there is the possibility you never were actually invited.
  6. I agree with chaotea in that just because YOU don't like Hydroid's abilities doesn't mean he's boring or trash. I for one embrace his funky talents and cannot think of a better frame suited for interception missions. I bet you are an Aim-bot Mesa fan or Saryn user on Hydron because nothing is more fun and whimsical than pulling a lvl 100 Bombard into my puddle to drown his sorrows. His powers aren't perfect and yes could be made better, but DO NOT touch my Precious Puddle! The water balloon first power probably is my least favorite, but most Warframes have something that could be improved up
  7. It would use the Lich's Name in the mission name, assuming you even had a Lich, as you would need to have one in the first place! Things are in a bit of a mess lately with Warframe, I had to stop doing anything on Fortuna because it would constantly crash. This is recent like 3-4 days ago. I think the developers are under pressure to release the Heart of Deimos on all platforms simultaneously, so even if you disclosed the bug officially in the BUG Forum and not here, its doubtful they would even see it, let alone fix it! Have you tried clearing your Warframe Cache File, sometimes things get
  8. Was it by chance a mission node that had multiple missions on the same node? Sometimes there will be a nightmare mission, invasion, syndicate, etc all on the same node. If that wasn't the case then possibly was it a Kuva Lich controlled territory?
  9. Although I am in agreement as to the devaluation of our hard work in Arcane acquisition, I don't feel its in the same category as a cosmetic bauble and a cheesy emote that you earned from doing missions that are not required of you nor do the results of the completion of said missions provide any real tangible usefulness like Arcanes. Further more, other players will still have to earn the prizes you mention just maybe not the same difficulty or requirements that you endured. I feel your pain yes, but I don't think its worthy of making demands of DE to make you feel even more special for earn
  10. Oh for God's sake, stop whining and demanding that they give you something to make you feel special! How about all the effort and work that was required to craft ( yes I did say CRAFT) the Arcanes in Cetus back in the day! None of us that dealt with the massive headache of grind and wait then more grind and wait for every single Arcane used got any refund or compensation for our hard work. So please stop acting like DE owes you something special just because you CHOSE to do the Steel Path nodes. It's NOT a requirement and they were nice enough to give you a prize anyway, which they didn't ha
  11. Yes I am fully aware of my options regarding public matchmaking but that is not in question here. The issue is that apparently I can't and/or shouldn't assume players have enough common sense to realize when it is appropriate to use Saryn and her far reaching, board wiping capabilities. I have NEVER been toxic nor do I advocate being Toxic for any reason in game or outside in the real world. I have ,on occasion, mentioned to public randoms using Saryn in a mission not worthy of her capabilities, that it was not very respectful to fellow squad-mates. For the record, your analogy of Atlas in
  12. I agree with you and in no way did I or am I advocating Toxicity for any reason. I have gotten many toxic messages over the years ( for reasons other than Saryn use) and don't promote that type of behavior anywhere rather it be gaming or life in general. Unfortunately some people want to force their opinions right or wrong on other people and only spread hatred and anger instead of positive messages to affect change. It's not a minor inconvenience to disrupt the gameplay of the entire squad because of one player has chosen to abuse the power of Saryn on a Exterminate on Venus. It's als
  13. The problem with having the Power of Sayrn is that it not used responsibly. There is a time and place that it is appropriate and ideal to use such power. But unfortunately the thrill of having such power, is used too often in missions where its overkill and obnoxious. There is no need for people to bring Saryn to Hydron under the guise of "i'm doing everyone a favor by killing everything for you" unless of course one is Leveling up Saryn. Like I said previously, If everyone were to play Saryn in missions since she is competent at killing, how fun would it be for all participating? Yes th
  14. This and the fact that its simply boring in a mission with a Saryn unless the mission requires killing quickly to complete said mission. (i.e. ESO) I find it amusing that there is a thread devoted to the psychoanalysis of why the hatred towards players who use Saryn. It's simple and requires no thesis paper for an explanation. Here's a scenario that might make it more apparent for those still searching for answers: You start a mission and realize all 4 squad members have chosen Saryn to be their savior from the tyranny of Vor! What is the first thing that comes to mind: a) Wow this
  15. Wow now its MY fault for the game crashing?
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