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  1. Suggestions for Rewards in the Orb Vallys fight: 1. A reactor/catalyst to give Augments a their own separate slots. I think for balance purposes the capacity should be affected and should be formable. 2. Another reactor/catalyst to cut in half or reduce the negative stats in corrupted mods. For balance purposes the cost of these mods should be increase by 2 for each use.
  2. I just wanted to throw my two cents in here.The riven Transmutation option has potential, however it is not worth it. You can sell a trash riven for about 20 - 45 platinum and buy a veiled riven of your choice for about 30-50 platinum. So why would you sacrifice 4 rivens to get a random one. Not to mention this drops from the most difficult content. Love Warframe! Live long and Prosper!!
  3. Just a couple of suggestions. 1. It would be nice to use the Warframes as decorations in the Orbiter and place them in different positions like, kneeling down or even Stances like Titania's. 2. A nightmare version for Sorties. Also making sorties repeatable. Doesn't have to an unlimited amount, maybe up to 3x a day. 3. Adding the ABC rotation to Sorties. 4. Improving the AI of enemies overall. 5. Suggestion for Magnetic damage: Magnetic damage could jam the weapons of enemies. 6. Suggestion for Cold damage: Cold damage can freeze enemies. Once frozen enemies can be shattered. Lastly, I love the game, great job. Thank you for all your hard work.
  4. My first comment is just an observation, am not asking for a rework or any sort of action to be taken. I know we have previously discussed Raids, but I feel there is a point that no one has brought up. The rewards available from Raids only appeal to a certain minority of players, plus the amount of time involved and game Mechanics don't fill most players with joy and excitement. Additionally Developers aren't interested because only a minority of players would be affected. Hence we got ourselves in a nice circle. Now to my question, Are there any plans to rework the movement mechanics for Operators. While I believe we are on the right track when it comes to operator powers and Synergies between Warframes. The movement of Operators takes away from the fun we are having, especially when Warframe is supposed to be a game about fast paced, jumping around action. Thank you Guys, love the game.
  5. This could be a nice additional to the Sorties system.
  6. The current endless missions need to be reworked. 1. If you want to run radiant relics, you have to make them radiant before entering the mission, because the option to make them Radiant while in the mission is not available. ' 2. Also the limit on void traces means, you can only run a couple of endless waves before having to extract. To then go back to your ship and make one or two relics radiant. The amount of void traces you can get is so low. Its more of a pain trying to farm them rather then fun. This whole circle ruins endless missions. Frames like Ember, Hydroid, Oberon need a rework asap. Good thing you have Limbo on the pipeline already.
  7. Please don't break Vacuum into 3 mods... that is just a bad idea. Also be great if Kavats and Kubrows get their own vacuum, I would love to get my Kubrow out of the house, but guess what? vacuum is too much of a convenience to pass it up. Also the stats/abilities of some sentinels need to be looked at, like Shade's Ghost its quite buggy.
  8. 1. Double bladed Katana Sword, a Warframe modeled after Bruce Lee. 2. It would be nice to change the Navigation Scheme. So instead of having your Tenno Character Kneel, he could sit in a "Command Chair". Like in the Movie Prometheus or Star Trek. This way we can see the character Selecting Planets and such. I know this may be a challenge because there are so many obstacles, but one can still dream. 3. it would be helpful to view to preview the Scope on Sniper Riffles before purchasing them. In addition being to change the aiming Design or at least the color of the current one. 4. It would also be awesome if Diriga & Deathcube get their own Primed Design. 5. Also perhaps another Mod slot for Utilities could be added. This would help players diversified their style and add another Forma to Weapons and Warframes.
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