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  1. Question: Could you add Relic Packs to Little Duck's Exotic Goods Store? I've purchased everything currently in it a while ago so I'm just sitting on unused Anomaly Shards. And I'm sure that I'm not the only one with this problem. :)
  2. Will this one be a limit of 5 like the other Grab Bags Drops?
  3. You guys should implement some sort of Duplicate Protection Plan for Drops like you did for Nightwave... Example: If you already own the Cadenza Helmet you would get a Reactor or something like that instead. I'm not sure it this would be possible but I think that I would be something that you guys should look into.😁
  4. Yeah... if that is the case then MAYBE they should've said so in this announcement. That is a pretty important detail to lmk leave out... just saying.
  5. So you added an extra step? Thanks... I guess just getting the drops automatically was too easy. What is the point of this really?
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