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  1. Second here, just had it happen. Sent a support ticket with - #2299616 and my ee.log and some screenshots. My steps were: 1. Get into the toxin phase of the vault bounty (tier 1). Summon Necramech. 2. Go from Umbra, to operator, to mech. 3. Transference from mech to umbra bugged up. I could look, crouch, shoot (but only where umbra was looking), equip/drop some gear items, swap between weapons, but umbra showing only primary. EDIT: Just repeated the bug and found out that if you get damaged enough or misplaced while stuck in umbra, you get your cont
  2. Hello DE, First of all, thank you for all of your work, really appreciate everything you've done so far. With the new mechanics, new bugs emerge. This post is about Limbo and his rift plane being bugged after going in/out of your Voidrig Necramech. It turns out, the bug persists even after you visit Necralisk to start a new bounty. The steps I took were: 1. Started the endless bounty (2 stars) from Mother 2. Went into Cambion Drift, started the first round of the bounty 3. Completed the first round with no problems (with all gears, all abilities workin
  3. That's the beauty of it. You will be the deciding factor of which ability is worth sacrificing, for another ability that might suit your play style better or the mission better. In turn, that will allow for better squad customization or better solo preparation for some tough missions.
  4. They have said that you will not be able to get the signature or the ultimate abilities (like Nekros Desecrate and stuff like that). On the other hand, it is giving the veteran players that have huge amounts of nano spores finally some mouth to feed :) It is just letting players a new way to customize the entire game for themselves by themselves, which I think is positive, not negative. If it does backfire, they will patch it out to balance it a bit and that is it.
  5. Hello fellow Tenno and DE, First of all, thank you DE (all of the staff) that worked hard from home, staying safe, staying home in this troubling times and working on something this big and delivering it perfectly. Now, here come some of my personal impressions of all of it. One thing I noticed, the viewers on the live stream and the players in the relays and the region chat have been spamming all day about the drops. Be patient, they will be there, if you haven't figured it out, DE always delivers, it just takes a bit of time. I got all my prizes as soon as I left the relay. I
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