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  1. It isn't the tileset per se but the level design that just accentuates the super frustrating collision checks on solid objects, with the narrow paths and abundance of obstacles. I'm all for realism but there is also such a thing as too much realism. I am a space ninja for crying out loud. Why the heck is a small protruding ledge blocking my flight when there is clearly enough space to squeeze past? Or that small little rock halting my roll-dodge like it's a freaking boulder? I get it, I really do. Clipping isn't cool by today's standards. But sweet Jesus, I would prefer more than a little
  2. Make the pilot interface behave like the turrets (without the 360 view of course).
  3. I'm fine with how syndicates work. In fact I would prefer it if we could buy stuff from "enemy" syndicates at inflated prices like the mercs, that would be great.
  4. Do we forsee the word "Dren" becoming a thing. Like, what the dren are they doing?
  5. Other than the existing Grineer missions, 3 out of 4 new RJ missions bugged out for me.
  6. The final part of the mission where crew members are teleported into the objective ship isn't working. The teleport audio plays but no one gets teleported in. As a result the doors won't open and crew members are stuck outside, in AW, without the "Enter" button. Also the Orphix mission does not spawn any fallen Necromech. So those that haven't build one is stuck with Operator only. Plus, the Orphix no longer being a solid object where you can stand on, makes this worse. There are various bugs that result in players stuck in some kind of "limbo". Sometimes you're in AW mode or just wa
  7. Well I like it. It makes the squishier frames more viable for me. I do not run with a Dragon key.
  8. Uhh I don't know man. I've never seen a mechanic getting immunity from getting hit by a car.
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