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  1. Can you slow down Warframe content a little bit? the current frame right now dont have quest, barely have any lore on them, and always come out in really bad shape. I prefer better quality over quantity even it's slow down for few months. If this things keep continue down the hill, this game will lost it's charm.
  2. 1.Arbitration mission like Defense, defection, Infested Salvage are loathsome to every tenno, don't you think these should be solve first? My suggestion is add Challenge like u did in Flucture x4 coolant mobile defense, that task is super fun( if u change radiation to other element that is) not Tedious, boring like what we have right now. Arbitration and Sanctuary should be stand for endgame content which is mean exist to scratch veteran itch and solve their boredom. 2. Kill the fun Drone should be change to various problem maker like "leech air support drone", "super Strong Globe drone", "Mr.Nuller drone (that keep soaring the null aura)", "damage enchanted", "mind control drone (like Alad V M do to us)", "Element hazard drone", "Endgame drone (that keep counting down till exploding = nuke the whole room with huge explosion. I still don't know why we stop at dumb nully link drone. that's boring 3. Please add Boss challenge to the game and keep throwing those assassin, sentient, boss to the match. i'm sure people dying for it.
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