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  1. mighta been askd but didnt wana read 10 pages >.< Captura contest results? just currious.
  2. and YaY \o/ morer fun, i cant draw for snizzle but ill try my best with what i got! o7
  3. Hight light and copy and paste into your msg (CTRL+C, CTRL+V). The link that Youtube provides you. Copy - Paste.
  4. My entry for the contest, sorry if i wasnt supose to use music XD PRO TIP: Mute button :3 Just a little wicked, the crown will be mine. :3
  5. Oooh this looks fun! and thank you for the example that realy help'd <3
  6. yay i am not the only one having issues when logging in and color scheem messed up, kinda sucks having to log in and out twice to fix it >.< and readding colors to favs p.s. i love the fact i dont have to log into the forums to use from my account/news feed window xD <3
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