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  1. I'm usually described as quiet or reserved. While that is true, that doesn't make me timid or shy, just stoic. I can actually talk to/meet new people easily. I tinker with computers a lot, building and fixing specifically, and I'm always happy to help with computer issues. I rock climb a lot so my hands aren't amazing for gaming, but I try my best. I enjoy a good challenge anyways :P.
  2. 1. My ingame alias is skinny720 2. Of course I follow Shy on YouTube/Twitch, and of course I'd like to join the hive mind help her out however I can. My previous clan was also nice, but the players were mostly inactive. They got on to complete research and do new content, but otherwise there was no communication in chat or anything, which used to be fine, but as I come closer to completing all the actual content, I'd like to have an active clan to help out. 3. I play Rainbow regularly aswell, and I play some VR games. As far as interests outside of games, I do the art thing (Though not as good, flattery is my specialty) and I'd like to get into cosplay as well. I'm currently in college for animation. 4. It's TyrinTS on steam, but I'm probably going to change that soon so if you ever need it, just message me
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