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  1. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1073097-cc-didnt-just-die-it-was-murdered/ It is no longer a new topic, but the only thing we can do is improvise. Best solution is Inaros, but when DE find out we abuse him, we all know what will happen next.
  2. http://warframe-builder.com/Warframes/Builder/Saryn_Prime/t_30_0302040430_2-7-10-4-4-5-5-0-5-6-2-5-34-8-5-46-5-5-411-3-10-481-1-10-613-9-5-859-6-5_5-9-481-7-6-11-411-8-4-9-46-6-859-7-2-6-34-14-613-9_0/en/1-0-44/0 This is my build with 200k kills. Switch out Primed Flow for Fleeting Expertise if you are not running with an ev.
  3. Entry lv cpu are atleast 4 cores, also the clock speed is too low, I bet it is constantly running over 90%. Ram is barely enough, but I have played warframe with 8gb before and didnt notice a delay. Geforce 940mx 2gb again is pretty outdated, VRAM is enough but the gpu is too slow to process. Make sure u run everything on low, and turn off every programe.
  4. Imagine what could have been if we can update the game through steam instead of launcher.
  5. what are your specs? It could be a cpu problem. Lower threads tends to have unstable frame rate.
  6. I got my first War BP, at my ~850 hour mark, and my first Broken War BP at ~1400 hour mark, that show rare they are.
  7. Not true on what, how did you know what I was thinking? I know the importance of completing the mastery with the zaw parts, but keep crying doesn't help with anything. Also, DE promised tennos a lot of things and asked us for a lot of feedbacks which they have ignored, why still talk about the promise they said. How hard is it to take a break and check the website everyday to see whether the event has arrive or not.
  8. I never said it shouldn't come now, what I meant is patience.
  9. Now I have a challenge for you, catch up with me within 700 hours. 😉
  10. it took me ~800 hours to reach MR23, then ~1500 hours to reach MR27. It really depends on how much you pay for (affinity booster, credit booster), and how efficient your farming method is.
  11. Sounds like you didn't do enough law of retribution.
  12. 1500 hours here, got my first broken war bp in 1400 hours, and the second one few more hours later.
  13. I played 1500 hours and the most painful frame to grind is Ivara, other warframes no matter what, when you finish the missions, you are guarantee to get one part, but for Ivara, you can just pray for RNG. If you are missing 4 parts I strongly suggest buying it, if you only need one more I suggest you keep grinding.
  14. mostly player use dash and V, other 2 polarities are kind of useless.
  15. Tenno post this question everyday, but the answer is no and wait.
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