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  1. Secura Lecta has credit multiplyer, if it is not end game content I prefer secura lecta over atterax.
  2. I went to a bow only sortie, 3 Lenz 1 Dread (I was using Lenz), dread is not that popular now. We got better bows to choose from, you cant say it is overrated.
  3. You sound like a monster hunter player, but then monsther hunter's weapons are not balanced at all.
  4. DE how about you buff Ore Gaze, and Pilfering Strangledome so that we don't have to rely on the hydroid and nekros combo?
  5. Sell prime stuff, then buy axi relic from market is easiest, or trade syndicate standing for relic pack. I am lazy.
  6. In the old days it was like 3 mins or more, yesterday I played some fissure missions it was 1.5 min. It is a lot better now.
  7. I got my War bp, in Hieracon, doing solo, it took me ~850 hours to get it.
  8. I just bought 3 for 80p tuffed ear, peacock tail from warframe market. I never said 50p for both imprints, 50p for each imprint, I wasn't clear.
  9. WTB Smeeta Kavat Tuffed Ears / Balled Ears with Leaf Tail / Peacock Tail. PM your price with image of your kavat. Will Pay 30-50p each imprint, depends on combinations and color.
  10. I think this week is pretty easy compare to previous weeks. they might be listening.
  11. I have skipped the first week, and I feel like the earlier I have complete this the better.
  12. Do I want to open 3 caches in a sabotage mission? No. Do I want to do the lua challeng? No. Do I want to do 1 hour kuva survival? no. If you put these missions in nightwave, I am just gonna complete the one I want or easy, but there are about 10 of those. more than half of the challenges are something people won't usually do, or don't want to do. Also, my point was saying if you have the pay to skip content option then DE would understand the mindset of the community. Like they are collecting data of most used and least used warframe for their feedback.
  13. I can envision if K- Drive goes ridiculously fast, players are gonna hit walls or not be able to control it.
  14. I would love to see the pay to rank up option, 10-20p per rank seems reasonable for me. If players actually pay the plat to skip the content, then DE can realize no one wants to participate in the nightwave content, instead, they just want the items. Since the game has so much content now, I feel like huge part of the community would like to do other things (e.g. grind focus, open relics, index, lvl up weapons.) instead of playing nightwave.
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