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  1. I'm aware that i'm in the minority for dual wielding, but can we change how heavy attacks work when dual wielding? Heavy attacks don't work when dual wielding, isolating heavy attacks only when fully equipping glaives. Before the update, dual wielding with orvius is simple and easy to use, (charge throw > shoot). I don't know what happened in the process of implementing heavy attacks to orvius, but now i have to (fully equip melee > build up combo > heavy attack > change back to gun > shoot), why? As of the making of this post, the heavy attack doesn't even hang enemies. To top it all off, even if the heavy attack does work, i don't see the point of using it if i'm getting self damage from being in melee range, having to get a distance just to safely throw the orvius is a huge hindrance to gameplay flow. All of this doesn't include the tracking of orvius detonating automatically on corpses and lock on the target behind the player. It's safe to say glaives aren't meant to be treated like the other melee type, please bring back the charge throw from dual wielding without having the need to build up combo counter.
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