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  1. Should stay as is. Its needs to be a rare item. They have also stated that they do want to add more Umbra Warframes to the game. If they do that then Umbral Forma should have a reduced release then it is now. If everything can be "Umbra" then it would take away from it being a worthwhile reward for players. I think after the next intermission the Umbral forma should be removed from the next season of Nightwave. Honestly hope it's a limited release for it.
  2. Restrictions are still in place here in Canada. And with cases on the rise a second wave is expected to happen in the fall. Everything that's being done is to basically soften the blow to ensure hospitals and other healthcare facilities arnt overrun with it. It's not scare tactics it's just how the Provincial and Federal governments are handling it. Canada's been doing quite well but the damage economically is only getting worse. I honestly hope players can be patient with DE because we have no idea how long this will last. It might get worse before its gets better (Not by the illn
  3. Pretty much. It's just skins I dont see the big deal. And to be honest theres better skins for less.
  4. This is again evidence that a rework needs to happen. They need to buff his Shadows and either buff or replace soul punch and Terify. Dont touch desecrate. But his kit shows that it's just out of date with the current state of the game.
  5. Easy: Petrify. You can replace either Soul punch or Terify. Personally I hope Nekros receives a rework. His 1 and 2 are outdated abilities.
  6. Not to mention the diminishing return on the recasting of Terify. This is just another reason on the growing list to see Nekros get a rework to Soul Punch and Terify.
  7. So leave Desecrate and Shadows alone (or Buff Shadows) and just rework Soul Punch and Terify. That avoids ALL of that. The reworks being discussed have nothing to do with his looting aspects. His 1 and 2 is where hes really showing his age and require changing.
  8. Some warframes can use the Exilus slot. Might as well make so they all can on all frames. Simple fix.
  9. They still have to release episode 5. Probably something went wrong on there end. They always tell us when it ends.
  10. BINGO This is why Terify is a terrible ability. I was getting this point but you beat me to it. I'm coming to the forum when work gets slow. I had to look it up to ensure that I was correct when making this point. Thank you for pointing this out.
  11. But that's exactly my point: Both Terify or Soul Punch are replaceable. The choice is easier to make on Nekros. Theres other frames that have this same issue. Which is why a rework is needed. That's all I'm saying. Make Terify better and either change how Soul Punch works or replace it entirely. I personally love the context of how Soul Punch works (using the targets Soul as a projectile) but other then pairing it with the Augment for niche situations.....its a garbage ability.
  12. Oh I've used Nekros since I first started playing warframe. But you can give up either Terify or Soul Punch for better abilities now. Plus I dont see Terify really being useful on any other warframe. It's not a compelling ability for the Helminth system. They still need to be better.
  13. That's also been in the discussion. His 1 with the augment is niche (although I have used it effectively and has some merit) and his 2 even though had the ability to strip armor is still a bad ability. They are both bad abilities. And with the new Helmith system it really shows that warframes do require reworks as the system as a whole will be more compelling. It should be a difficult choice to complete a swap. And there's a list of warframes where it's the polar opposite (as I've used Nekros in this discussion is a prime example because he has two abilities that you can give up with zer
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