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  1. I asked this question last year at Tennocon to the panel and to DESteve, and honestly Im going to ask them again this year and see of the response changes. Id like to hear other players thoughts on this. Id personally like to see a second round of weapons added to the Syndicates and to retire the first round, like Prime Weapons. Id also like to see weapons that the community regard as MR fodder get this treatment. Thoughts? What weapons would you like to see be in a potential round 2?
  2. I just want to move on from Digimom. If she dies, she dies (hopefully because my operator killed her) but I just want to take that next step and get rid of the Ordis Lotus.
  3. Just a heads up: Hotel Prices skyrocketed. I booked mine in Feb and your literally paying double then the weekend before or after Tennocon.The hotels have caught onto the convention. When on the phone they literally told me that they increased prices due to it. I live only a few hours away in Canada, so I couldnt imagine booking a flight ontop of the cost. I did manage to get a good deal on my room right around the corner from the event and lucked out, but Im still paying more then I did the year before. My suggestion is to save whatever you can now and book as soon as you get your tickets.
  4. Hydron works for me. Decent XP/Relic farm. Nough said. I just bring my Frost Prime and can generally go 15-20 waves. People always join. Is it the best way for just XP farm? No, but I can get multiple weapons done in 1 or 2 runs and get relics at the same time.
  5. I think now that Umbra Forma exists, I dont think every warframe will receive the Umbra treatment because ANY warframe or weapon can now have access to the Umbra Polarity. Youd be wasting it on a none prime, but still anything now can become "Umbral" I still think well get more Umbra frames. I just think its going to be the frames that first shipped with the game and possibly in the same release order as the Primes (Frost being #2). To me this makes the most sense, as those frames deserve to recieve that treatment. But because of the Forma.....any Warframe can be an "Umbra" Im leading with that because I dont see DE giving us a "Custom Warframe" per say. But what they can do is tie the Umbra Formas and the Infested room together. Place an Umbral forma into X warframe, and take it to the chair. The chair is basically a mod table where you can change X stat on a warframe: Health, Armor, Energy etc. Each Warframe is now customizable to how you want it, this will have to be balanced, but its something that would be very interesting to have as each frames playstyle will change. Thoughts?
  6. -Stalker helm. I want this for Excal and so I can make Acolytes. -A minigun skin so I can put it on my Supra Vandle. - The Dark Sector Weapon skins that DE teased that would be event based a while ago. These would make me happy.
  7. Well Conisdering on the last primetime the Glaxion Vandle was alluded to on the alert screen. So the Ohma is behind.
  8. Rework all the Assassins to be on par with The Wolf. Add a "boss" round to defences and survivals for added rewarde (endo, kuva etc) to help break up the waves. Maybe end every 10 rounds with a boss at the end (random high level enemies, assassins or new characters)
  9. My friends and I fought him as our operators......it was wicked fun. Also if you have a good ArcGun......thats also a good time. Thats how Ive fought him and its just really fun when he shows up. I seriously hope DE buffs the other assassins to be on par with The Wolf, The Stalker needs a serious upgrade now that The Wolf is the new Big baddie.
  10. Im kinda hoping that they would continue his story arch. But what Id really like to see, is The Stalker get buffed up to be on Par with The Wolf and well have multiple assassins/bosses that are of a higher level. Stalker hasnt seen an update the The Second Dream, lets see him get an upgrade too.
  11. The Glast Gambit could be a great way to have an explanation as to why theirs a different "primed" varient for Nidus vs the other frames. It would be great to see them go a different route in that sense, every warframe dosent really need to shine like some Orokin treasure.
  12. Ive had him spawn 9 times. Got the hammer. I cant sign in consistantly and got to lvl 22. Got until at least May 15th to get to the finish line. Event so far has been really fun. I just like signing in and seeing a constant progression.
  13. I really hope Nidus Prime isnt defined as a "prime" "Mutalist Nidus" has a much better ring to it. And I have a feeling that the only frames that are getting the Umbra treatment are going to be the launch frames. Maybe Frost as he was also the first prime available to everyone. I remember Exal Umbra being referenced as "Subject 9" so you can argue subjects 1-8 are the launch frames.
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