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  1. I'd rather they focus on something else entirely. We don't need more. And from what Steve said on stream I feel the only way they will add more is if it makes sense. And with Umbra forma. It just doesn't.
  2. Why would they even make more considering Umbral forma exist? I know they've stated they could do a limited run of Umbra Frames but with Umbral Forma and Helminth. What's the point?
  3. Stalker Syndicate/Lore Knowing the outcome of our decision at the end of War Within with the Kuva. What did it do to us Because we drank it?
  4. I expect Duvri Paradox will be delayed indefinitely, Ontario is back on a "Stay at home" order so I highly highly doubt they have made it back to the office in any real meaningful way to continue development on major updates that require the assets and time needed to complete (mocap work etc) I know it might be hard to hear for most in this community but were going to have to patient due to the pandemic. I think were going to see some fun interesting things come in 2021, but I dont think its going to be the things that most people are expecting due to Covid delays.
  5. They have flipped warframe releases in the past. If they do itll be Gara Prime. I wonder if they will if they think Gara Prime will sell more Prime packs? Thing is I think both Octavia and Gara will do well.
  6. We need a Minigun. The only rotating multi barrel gun is the Cestea/duel Cestras. Seriously hoping with Corpus Lichs were get an arch gun that has multiple spinning barrels. It needs to be that big.
  7. 2020 was a strong year. I liked everything about the updates. Xaku was a little underwhelming but Protea is quite a useful warframe. On xbox so I havent gotten my hands on Larvos yet but I've really enjoyed everyrunf they came up with and as I'm embarking on Steel Path it's really bringing me back to when I was a newer player, and I'm really enjoying that aspect of it. Really hoping Corpus Railjack turns out to be better than what we recieved on its initial release. It does play alot better and I have fun with it but I get why others dont like it. I hope that they are able to have i
  8. Heart of Deimos was a great surprise I really enjoy it. Deadlock Protocol was also great considering it was in the format of older warframe updates that I hope DE serioisly considers doing more of again. With 2020 going the way it did, DE put together a great year of updates even with the fact that they had to indefinitely delay Duvri and New War Quest. They did a great job.
  9. They are doing the reworks in batches. Every warframe will get the treatment eventually.
  10. Reside in the US? Because Canadian Black Friday deals arnt the same. We do get some decent sales but it's not everywhere. It's not a National holiday as we celebrate Thanksgiving in October. We just have some sales and enjoy the NFL. I wait for cyber mondays anyhow. If footballs on I'm not going to the mall. 👍 Early Happy thanksgiving to you all in the US 🇺🇸
  11. They stated that they are doing the reworks in batches which makes alot more sense. Instead of waiting on just 1 frame were getting multiple in one update. I like the changes shown but the one thing that I'm curious about is Chromas passive. He needs a new one with his changes. And I feel that they could have done more with Nekros. The change is good but they need to fix Terrify as well.
  12. We wont hear anything regarding Crossplay/cross save until they have something to come back with. They addressed this a couple of devstream ago. Until then DE wont address it.
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