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  1. Deimos is the easiest of the three open world's. It's by far the least grind. If this was about Fortuna then I'd agree with you. But Deimos is by far the easiest Open World to progress through.
  2. I highly doubt that. Her mouth dosent move. Probably a bug from a hot fix. They do like to preload things. If it was really any of that, it would likely have unique dialogue to highlight that.
  3. Considering they are all the same pods used to keep the Tenno housed within them as Margulis designed them to "heal there pain" And the Lotus pod also found to reside with them. I'd make a safe bet to think it's full of other Tenno.
  4. I think this image right here should say the number of active Tenno. We just don't know the overall state of this room. But The New War gameplay clearly had a downed/dead Rhino in it. So there's definitely other active Tenno operating in the Origin System.
  5. And that's fine, but I'd rather avoid seeing it....because I'd want to play it 🤣
  6. I think that was said on the last devstream, that basically anything else that they show will contain spoilers. We've been getting concept art through the Fight for Cancer milestones but I've tried to avoid it as I don't want see anything else until I'm playing the quest myself. The decision to cut devstreams to 1 a month is the right move to make. And honestly I wouldn't be surprised if the devstream next week is canceled. They could say we're not doing it because we want to get The New War out.
  7. Oh I get that completely, I was in the crowd at Tennocon for all those things 🤣 But when you come to the website it's the first thing you see, so I think they will stick to that. They could've been working on this for a long time where they delayed further work until they felt confident they could resume work after shifting development from home. Like PoD was a 100% home developed update, it required less moving parts compared to The New War quest. I'm confident we'll be talking about the game post New War before Christmas
  8. Well they've figured out how to change that weakness to the void. That was Alad Vs purpose with his Amalgam program, which sounds like it was a success. And in the Alad V/Corpus portion of The New War gameplay reveal....the Corpus you fight are Amalgams. Plus you have the Orb Mothers on Fortuna. They are also some form of Amalgam technology. Which is likely why The Sentients appear to be harvesting people, to create there own Amalgam Army. So even with Stalker getting his Sentient upgrades long before that point you can find a way lorewise to make that upgrade work. I think Ballas is behind it and who's ultimately behind The Stalker and Acolytes. And I think the reason why they are distinctly different is more what Ballas wanted for his Warframes. It's just another part of his plan. It makes sense to me that he would have his own warframes. Maybe even have them rigged to decieve the Operators of them, so when they interacted with these warframes they'd come under his direct control, or even placed in a transferrence loop. Something that gave him direct control. And the helmets they have, it screams "Devil" to me. So it could possibly be a form of insult where the "Tenno Devils" are literally behind "Devil Warframes" There abilities can be explained to being modified with the Helminth system. Ballas could theoretically have mastered it, allowing him to craft a warframe with its own abilities. It's his process so he'd be able alter warframes this way. I think we'll get some of these answers in The New War. And I think Umbra as a character will have his own part to play. I think it's an interesting way to tie it all together. Maybe we finally defeat The Stalker and find these answers. But I don't think DE would want to create other Umbra warframes when we can basically create our own. What they could do is just make it a Helminth option for Primed Warframes where you can upgrade Primes to an "Umbra varient"
  9. I mean the opening page of Warframes website says "coming 2021" So with that I believe they will stick to this, it won't be 2022.
  10. 100% Confident. They said at Tennocon 2020 moving forward they will "Ship what we show" They said 2021 at Tennocon this year. So I expect that they will keep to that schedule. They've gone silent because anything they show will very likely be spoilers so expect them to stay silent until they launch it. I predict late November early December. What they could be working on: The warframe, they only showed one drawing of it at Tennocon so they could likely be working on that while polising the quest.
  11. I mean in the Erra cutscene you see a massive chamber full of pods. So there's alot of possibilities. Hell who's to say it was the only Zariman accident? They could have had multiple "accidents" Who's to say really
  12. That whole sequence of Umbra laying in the bed with Ballas happens because he uncovered Ballas plot and communications with Hunhow, that's why he's punished for it and basically being turned into Umbra Excalibur. Ballas explains that to him through that Transferrance Bolt. So the timeline has to be after Margulis death and likely when Ballas is likely preparing for Natah to be placed with the Tenno. Because they destroyed Umbra together. He had to be removed from the situation for that part of the plan to being. Ballas has by now a very good understanding on how to create warframes. Umbras actions at the end are Ballas commands through the Transferrance Bolt. It might not be the "newer" warframes but simply a new strain developed by Ballas to either administer the punishment to Umbra and create The Stalker/Acolytes.I don't think they are older "failures" but newer frames doing exactly what they were designed to do. Because ultimately: The Stalker and Acolytes are still a creation of Ballas. And due to there unique nature , they are something completely different from anything developed before. They could all ultimately be under his control, or the control of other Tenno he's secretly hiding that Ballas high jacked for his own schemes. I believe he's behind them either directly or by manipulating Tenno "Devils" to do his bidding, his Devils. The Stalker joining Hunhow could be by design, just another part of Ballas plan, maybe even his "insurance" I mean would you put it past him to maybe turn Umbras children into your own personal Warframes? That's salt on the wound to an already horrible punishment. Which is why I don't rule out The Stalker and the Acolytes being Umbras children or others of his bloodline. Ballas said what he was going to do.
  13. I understand what your saying but here's where it can get screwy and it's something I've thought about in regards to that too: The beginning of The Sacrifice. You see Umbra get destroyed by Ballas and Natah. So when in the timeline does this take place exactly? It can't be after The Lotus leaves with Ballas in the Apostacy Prologue, right? So it has to be before Natah becomes The Lotus. To protect her mission, to infiltrate Orokin Leadership (because she leads the Tenno in the Old War) and take out the Orokin Leadership, which ultimately happens. Natah is basically a Sentient Trogan Horse. From the sounds of it: This hasn't happened yet. Umbra goes through everything because he figured out Ballas plan to betray the Orokin when he went to Hunhow. So with that in mind: Where are we at The Old War? They talk about Umbras actions at a Sentient Battle at Hall. It appears to me that the Old War is still ongoing during Umbras transformation. Because Ballas then asks his son if he will follow is Father's path, after he says "Ofocourse" Ballas talks through Transferrance to Umbra and says: "He will, and his Children will. You see, these are the stakes in this little game. Each stone I capture will be another and another culled from your subversive Bloodline. You think you can out-play me?" "I've had lifetimes to plan my defection, you spied on me and intercepted my communication, but I saw your move long before you took it. And so we come to the consequences. Ballas is responsible for the warframe program so he did have a hand in The Stalker and the Acolytes creation. So they could be both: Early Warframes culled from Umbras Bloodline who Ballas attaches to the Orokin for protection. Who are comprised of Umbras children who could potentially be all "low guardian" ranks within the Dax. And placed in the right place to kill The Tenno after they completed the assassinations of the Orokin Emperrors. Where they failed to not only protect, but to kill the Tenno. Which is why they hunt us. Hell Ballas could even have his own "Tenno" who's he's manipulated to do this, who don't remember what they really are (TSD). Which would also explain how The Stalker and Umbra are extremely similar. They could be the other "Subjects" that are referred to in early Sacrifice teases which reference this. This would make The Stalker and Acolytes all "Umbra" warframes The whole thing is a red herring and part of Ballas plan.
  14. Back to this topic but after being removed from it for a while and replaying the quests, a few things popped back into my mind: Umbra is a character not a class of warframe though, The Sacrifice highlights that point. He's the only warframe in our inventory that cannot be deleted. The only way that more can exist is if it's directly from his bloodline. The game of komi does implicate that he has multiple children but how many? So it does leave it open for more to be added but: Umbral Forma exists and with that any Warframe can "become" an Umbra frame. Add in the Hemlinth system. So are more Umbral Warframes even necessary anymore? But the other thing that I keep thinking about is his son Eza: What if The Stalker and the Acolytes are Umbras children? Ballas could have turned them all into warframes. As much as most want to deny this claim due to the codex, I feel it still fits. What's is his son's rank? Is he a "low guardian"? The timeline of the lore is kinda scattered all over the place. So I still don't discount the theory that Stalker is indeed Umbras son. The Acolytes are comprised of Male and Female frames. And during The Sacrifice Quest,Ballas indicates to you that Umbra has sons and daughters. Stalker is virtually identical. You remove the Scarf, change the helmet and change the loincloth they are virtually the same warframe. Stalker hates warframes, what if his only memory is of his Father attacking him. It goes to black implying that Umbra kills his son, but the very same transformation could have taken place to all of his children. How was the Stalker lead to Hunhow? Considering we now know Ballas went to Hunhow by the Virturvian it's very possible Ballas pointed him in that direction. That's what I think, that the Stalker faction is the children of Umbra, who've all been turned to Warframes who now hunt there own kind and just like Umbra(before he met us) have no Operator at the controls
  15. That would definitely work lore wise but they should just make it a bounty accessible at all times. It's not hard to implement. I have a feeling The New War could be a reset for the star chart as a whole. It could very well change everything. I also have a feeling the Third Orb Mothers going to play a role. Since the Orb Mothers are also Sentient based technology it could very well be what attacks Fortuna and what we have to fight to save it. Honestly it be a great move on DEs part 👍 An Eidolon fight and a Orb Mother fight in the same quest would be EPIC
  16. They should just outright remove it at this point🤷‍♂️
  17. I'd say Nekros and Loki. Those two have some higher value right now. Personally I have all the Primes frames just trying to get the Strun and Magnus so I'm up to date on everything. But those two could come out of the vault for sure
  18. I'm kinda in the same position but my personal favorite weapon.....is the Dread. Bows are honestly my favorite weapon type (I'm not including the Bramma as a "Bow" because it's not single target, although it's a hilarious time) I've literally got questions on why I still use it in public...."Dude I just like it ok?" Lol It can be a struggle sometimes but I'll either go to my own area or just adapt. But this also has me curious as hell now about the new Sentient bow shown at Tennocon this year.....Because although it might not be the meta.....I hope it's a single target bow 🤞
  19. Id also ask that they make all the quests repayable. Or allow access to the audio from older events. There's some awesome lore in Orohix Venom for example which most players overlooked.
  20. I think this is probably the most accurate answer. Considering Ballas exposes the Tennos weakness in the Virtruvian to Hunhow and how Operators/Warframes fight I think the secrets out and has been for a while now. Considering that The Tenno rely on void magic to strip Sentient weaknesses that alone could be enough to draw the conclusion from everyone else considering The Old War and how the Tennos abilities basically turned the tide.
  21. I think this quest will ultimately be about how our choices impact The Operator moving forward. The very beginning of the reveal had me thinking this right away. Ballas: "We are seasons, all of us. Growing in the light, fading in the dark. At once the same, yet ever changed." In that sequence you see Ballas and The Lotus/Natah in both forms. You see the old embrace the new. The only one you don't see do this: The Operator. By the end of this Quest, we'll likely see what exactly changes us and embrace it for better or worse. Some decisions might even come to bite us from The War Within (Killing/Letting the Queen live and what we did with the Kuva) Plus the Corpus gameplay component, your fighting Alad Vs Amalgamations, who he instructs Veso to break fire control from the fleet. Veso asks why and Alad V basically says were about to "come under new management anyway" So Alad V is either escaping or defecting to the Sentient side as he sees this as his best chance for survival (Not all that surprising, either choice really). Either decision could lead to a civil war between The Corpus, right in the middle of a Sentient invasion. We could very well see this happen across the board, exactly what the Sentients want But the outcome you've outlined could very well be one of the decisions we make. But I think either decision we make might not change the outcome, I think this quest either way will end badly for everyone.
  22. Let's hope Dataminers don't spoil it. I'm really looking forward to The New War.
  23. Came across this topic very late but after reading your post I have to post this concept. So when we acquire Umbra in The Sacrifice our Operator must physically touch Umbra to complete the connection: you tame him where he accepts it right? I'd take this a step further. That boss fight described goes down in a similar fashion but at the end: Both Stalker and Umbra are found to be in a weakened state and we, the Operator must make a choice: Choose Umbra to save The Lotus or: Choose the Stalker and Kill Natah I think with The New War there's some major implications going forward with it. Now we also know that players do want the Stalkers Cosmetics but really the differences between Umbra and Stalker are relatively minor. Plus that makes a very compelling decision to make considering how popular Umbra is as well. That's a hard decision to make for everyone and you can throw some additional rewards with the quests conclusion that we generally always get. Could even have two different cutscenes when you re enter the frames. Kinda like The Sacrifice when you see Umbras memory of killing Issiah, it goes dark before you see anything. You see what happens to him either from a first hand account, or a flashback triggered showing you what happens to him from another perspective. I think that decision and the potential for story telling is very compelling
  24. ^^This^^ Which is exactly why dedicated servers likely will never happen. Just a waste of money that would better allocated elsewhere when the vast majority of players just try to finish missions as quickly as possible vs doing any real form of an endurance run.
  25. Well there's an Operator mask in Cetus soooo your operator can roleplay 👍
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