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  1. I tried to put forma on my arch-gun and I see this I can't even see what stats my arch-gun has If I go to mods and come back to arch-gun the mods that were installed on my arch-gun are gone now and I need to put them again. Also I don't see any mods, to fix this I need to leave and click again on upgrade. Even if I put the mods again, the stats won't come back.
  2. 6 Years later, no event with Primed Chamber. Facts. Players that are buying Prime Access want to choose what booster they want to get instead of the fixed ones: Affinity and Credit. And you decided to introduce this new bonus booster that nobody asked for this...you never listen to us. Nobody cares if you put this Mod Drop Booster with Discord Nitro or Twitch Drops, the problem was that you nerfed the loot with Hydroid, Khora and Nekros for no reason and now you want to sell the solution to a problem that never existed because in this game is something called "synergy" between abilities, but I guess Mogumu or Ashisogi Tenno was right, you [DE] don't even play your own game. Players asked you to let us choose what booster we want from Prime Access and what you decided to do? Put a BONUS BOOSTER instead of doing what players want. You forgot to say or I think you didn't even considered to put this booster as of a Daily Reward / Tribute...you know at Daily Tribute we have boosters too. So now you restore them, but what about the exploit / bug? I guess there was no exploit / bug...just a simple nerf so you guys can sell the solution. Thank you, now we need to be ready for tomorrow to see the new bugs introduced with Atlas Prime Access.
  3. What content? Nightwave that is ending or Balor Fomorian? 😂
  4. In future use archive.org to have proof that they censorship users that did nothing wrong. I was not expected to see your post deleted, but now who knows maybe I will archive every page from this forum.
  5. I was writing my comment, I don't refresh the page and wait for any [DE] to explain something after 1 or 2 hours how they usually do instead of explaining what they want to do in the first post. Also she said " A lot of feedback has been 'swap out the boosters', so instead of completely swapping we're just adding a bonus for now " So instead of doing the most simple request we have with PA just swap out the boosters or make it in a way that we select what we want, they are doing something that nobody from this entire galaxy told them to do. Great job [DE], sure a lot of players are going to buy PA now that you put this BONUS... Wow this BONUS may come with Baro, really? This is a good example and I expect a lot of people to know this. Prova Vandal was saw at Baro in 2018 September, do you know when it came out again? July 19 2019, after 10 months, almost 1 year, so what now players need to wait that time to buy those bonuses from PA? With Nightwave [DE] didn't even put Nightwave past rewards to be bought from present Nightwave how they told us at Tennocon that they will do in future, well nobody knows when this Nightwave is ending so instead of those Aura, Skins, Helmets why didn't we had this things to buy Just swap them every week, it's not that hard or maybe it is since we still don't have or saw at least one time Mother and Norg Mask at Nakak.
  6. You know that Hydroid Prime Trailer was postponed since Plains of Eidolon Update, right? They finished Plains of Eidolon and instead of working on Hydroid Prime Trailer or telling us something like this: "We won't release Prime Trailers anymore and the Prime Trailers that we have right now will be erased from YouTube, the lore from Trailers can be read in Codex if you own Prime Warframes, future lore will be added with future Prime Warframes" they preferred to not tell us anything and this Hydroid Prime trailer is now a meme in Warframe community for players and [DE]. Funny how the last Prime Trailer is Mirage instead of Hydroid since he came in U21.6 and Mirage in U22.7
  7. Is this an out of season april fools joke? Is this Mod Drop Chance Booster going to be in the game to buy with platinum? If not then tell us what % has, the usual 50% or more? If this is not going to be in the game then congrats you just made this game a bit P2W because you are telling people: "Yo, you want to get faster Condition Overload mod or any mod with trash rates? Then buy Atlas Prime Access and get now a Mod Drop Chance Booster to double the chances of mod drops". After so many years why we don't have an option to select what booster we want...people are already MR 27 and for them Credits and Affinity are useless, they already have everything maxed out. Do we actually need a big YouTuber to make a video about this to make this change possible? "How are we, the player base, supposed to take you seriously when it comes to criticizing the game if all it takes to get something we want is to get a big name personality to play the game, say something and step away."
  8. Yesterday I 100% completed this act, before the daily reward I saw this act again, but the kills for some reason were erased, I said ok let's do this act again no big deal, while I was doing this act in Void after I reached over 100/150 kills with primary weapon the act erased the kills again and after I looked at the Nightwave another act "Mow Them Down" appeard with more time than the first act. Same acts on navigation Same acts on Nightwave UI Also you cannot screenshot Nightwave Interface if you have the option from Settings>Interface>UI in Screenshoots being off. The UI is platinum, fps, glyph, credits, etc... and Nightwave should appear in a screenshot.
  9. While I was extracting doing relics I wanted to report a player for something, the game extracted us while I had the box to report the player, after the extract and loading screen with the landing craft the UI just disappeared making me with no UI and the box to type the report disappeared too. I'm in my ship and I can't type or anything...my last option being restarting the game How to reproduce this: 1. Do a capture relic mission with one or more players. 2. While you are at extract be sure to have 10 Void Fissure and the rest of players can come to extract. 3. One player needs to type something in chat to have the option for reporting. 4. Press report after you choose your reward from relics, try to type something in the box for report. 5. Wait for extracting and loading screen. 6. Done you don't have any UI anymore and you can't do anything.
  10. You guys should make clear what you are doing instead of telling us "Endo rewards will be reduced to roughly 75%" because now people are guessing 2 things is either you guys are reducing the drop chance for endo or you are reducing the amount of endo from the drop table, so from 1300 endo is 325 endo or from 36.5 drop chance now is 9.12% For real tell us exactly what you want to do and show us some example like this Good that we have Kuva now, but you didn't tell us the price and the amount...will it cost 20 / 30 Vitus ... the amount will be 10k like in Nightwave? nobody knows...
  11. You can try Bandicam, Fraps, Mirillis Action.
  12. Yes, Zylok is not a prime, prisma or wraith weapon to be tradeable.
  13. Adarza Kavat Female - Ball ears and Guppy tail - 120p SOLD Smeeta Kavat Male - Tuffed ears and Mermaid tail - 100p
  14. If you are doing eidolons and the host dies you receive a big red screen, this was not in the past, please fix this.
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