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  1. Lol float math w/ distances too small strikes again.
  2. I have had this happen a few times. AFAIK it has something to do with void dashing /movement of some kind as Operator. Also only had it occur as a client, never as host.
  3. ++1 to this change. It would be cool if it were better able to be controlled in some way, but the angle of the velocity seems to not match up properly, making it only detrimental.
  4. Was about to post this myself, also did two different runs of that course. I can't say if the host got completion. I can confirm that Cunning and Power Drift challenges completed fine. Also, the music challenge does not count.
  5. I'm not super familiar with either Link or Quick Thinking. I do remember that quite a while ago Quick Thinking was seriously nerfed by changing it so that every time it triggers (your HP drops), your WF gets staggered. In the video it looks like every time you take a hit at low HP, QT activates and a stagger occurs. That last rocket that killed you seems like it did too much dmg for your energy pool to cover. It does seem like Link's damage reduction is not working correctly. . Checking the wiki, there's this line in the abilities description: The stagger from QT may be considered self-inflicted in this instance.
  6. Lol, Thanks for taking the hit yourself and testing that for everyone else.
  7. I am familiar with what's going on. While Hildryn is in her 4, she is counted as airborne, so mods like Aviator work. Currently, you can pop out of a Warframe once before the Warframe has to touch the ground and reset that limit. Normally, the WF just falls to the ground while you are as Operator, but with Hildryn's 4 the WF remains airborne. You can get the limit to reset w/o ending the 4 if you hold only crouch to get her to lower to the ground, but it is rather finicky and 9/10 it's going to be a better idea to hop out of 4 for a moment (and pop a 2 for the recharge). So yeah, no bug is present, just an edge case that is revealed by that ability.
  8. Not really a solution, but the main way I know of that helps with killing thumpers are slow status effects. Namely, Nova's slow and the Zenurik focus tree's time slow on void blast thing.
  9. Yeah, and just when I was trying to make use of Exodia Brave as well. Even if that bug were fixed, autoblocking makes channeling just so, so painful to use. Opps, there goes all my energy, ect.
  10. While playing the Exploiter Orb solo (unknown what happens in squad) As the fight transitions outside, leave your Warframe behind in the loading area while going outside w/ operator. Get all the way outside, get KOed back to Warframe. You are now stuck on the wrong side of a loading door which will never open. This is super easy to do, since you can bring a second canister with you between phases by making use of your operator.
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