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  1. Thanks, that is all we needed to know. A concise timeline, instead of having to piece together random conflitant informations via "Latest Staff Replies". Nerfing an interaction -that was harmless and almost no one complained about and, dare I say, the only use of those arcanes- on the fly, without notice, because after several years a bug made you suddenly aware about it, just leaves a bad taste.
  2. Yes, by making changes without telling, then saying it was unintentional, theen saying it was too strong, theeen saying it was intentional from the beginning.
  3. She can't use dash when flying, making the custom animation pointless and wonky. Her 2 not working together with her 4 is also unintuitive, since pillage is vital to the kit, everything about the rather long landing, pressing 2 and waiting for 2 secs so I can maybe fly again is just bad. It isn't like aegis storm is doing much, since slowly killing things doesn't breaks the already broken power scale and the ability will be mostly used for its CC. 2 does not work against infested, I thought the lesson was learned with mag's polarize about skills that become immediately useless against a faction, even more one as vital as shield pillage. 4 is not fun, the damage it too low and being locked out of all weapons that aren't her 1 makes it press and forget to cc, since balefire is a raw weapon aka=not usable at all when it matters. And yeah, balefire is a raw weapon with low fire rate, feels like a nerfed sonicor. On a frame that drops from the "endgame" boss.
  4. Just tie them to the weapon mastery rank already, aka internal ranking of power level, or were the primary and secondary changes of last year purely random?
  5. Thanks for making Titania's only good ability better.
  6. Warframe fortuna's squads are made after the cutscenes, what you are talking about was never an issue. And if the person was already on a squad before, they at least know each other or played one time before.
  7. This just made clipping worse and changed some hood details to the suit category, both which are paid. Way to go.
  8. So, they will not spawn when it starts to be useful? Thanks, DE.
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