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  1. Curious, I would have sworn that the community has been asking for an endgame since at least 5 years, not for short-lived content that you'll never go back to once finished 🤔
  2. 1) I'm talking about removing the vacuum mods entirely and having it inherent, yes, in such a fast-paced, it seriously breaks the pace to stop in order to run away and gather the drops 4) and 6) Nightwave is basically a "work more to gain as much as you used to get" system while going through outdated and irrelevant content. Yes, alerts were flawed, but I'd rather do a 5-10 minutes mission to get 1 nitain than grind hours to get 5. And nitain alerts were available 4 times a day. Overall, Alerts vs NW issues can be very easily solved if we have both, as mentioned by many players, but DE will probably not do it. 7) Talking about the fact that Host Migration is pretty bugged and can halt and ruin a mission. 😎 Talking about abusive moderators, an issue that has been going on for years, that eventually exploded will Rahetalius' video exposing it and the fact that DE answered the matter in a very poor way. 9) Autoban for stuff like "Nezha is a trap", random words like "ball" being censored while there is litteraly Ballas in the game... Isn't this a Pegi 16 or 18 game? 11) I understand that Ember can be frustrating to other, although I do not play max-range builds, but rendering a Warframe useless is not the way to balance things. Plus that only worked in low-level missions. For Zephyr, they replaced her indeed-outdated abilities by basically flying/hovering abilities...in a game where most of the maps are very closed. Basically she has 2 mobility-abilities that are useless. Granted, she can be freely used in PoE or in Fortuna, but Archwing already does that job better because it has no energy cost. By the way, this can also be viewed as a disconnect between DE and their game, as in "How can you give a Warframe super flying-around mobility when most of the game are corridors and closed spaces". 13) Thanks for the notice and my bad on this one. 14) You get the Archwing pretty early in the game. And even if disregarding that, what is the point of having a whole reputation based on K-Drive when everything you gain from it is made completely useless by getting an Archwing?
  3. For real? How so, I've never heard/read about it 🤔
  4. These are called bullet sponges that one-shot you and I do not understand where the difficulty is in that. By this definition, new players are more into the endgame than older players because they are fighting enemies that are pretty difficult for them and which are exactly the same enemies that older players fight except for their stats.
  5. No universal Vacuum Hema costs No endgame DE saying they will reduce the grind in 2014 and releasing Nightwave years later Wasted content (Lunaro, Conclave, raids...) Removing the Alerts which were flawed but still better than Grindwave Host issues because of player hosting Chat moderation issues Censorship issues New players being completely lost Warframe reworks being complete misses (Mainly thinking about Ember and Zephyr) Fortuna being PoE 2 for a huge part (Grinding the same tasks over and over again then never come back again except for specific activity such as Eidolons or Profit taker) And I'm probably missing some stuff Edit : Oh yeah, and the Archwing system that got completely ruined imo. At the beginning, the Archwing was pretty fun to use, although missions were pretty tedious. Then DE decided to implement their 360 system, making it feel like you're playing a rocket-rock and having you bump everywhere. They could have at least reverted it. Edit 2 : I also feel that DE are disconnected from their own game. For example, even without playing the game, you cannot release K-Drive and think that it is a good system. As a mean of transport, it is very obviously inferior to the Archwing in all ways, and as a mean of fun, you have a few tricks that you can do to grind a reputation.
  6. We're pretty much the same, and I overall agree with what you are saying. The single point where I disagree is that dedication through time expenditure cannot be disregarded. Runescape and WoW (The old extensions/Classic in this case) are pretty good examples of it. Really, we're on the same page, I just think that this is once again a case of "vets vs new players" / "vets vs other players" because people fail to see the broader picture, and that needs to stop.
  7. That's what I understood 🤔 I disagree with calling the vets that complain "entitled", they just don't want to see the value of their (wasted) time go down. I agree that the ridiculous grind should be reduced, but having commitment's value being reduced is not a pleasant thing. DE takes a bad decision => Players (vets included) complain about it => DE doesn't change course => People commit to it => DE backpedals years later => Vets complain for their wasted time and contest the backpedaling => Players bash the vets My point is, you can't just call vets entitled because everyone's POV is narrowed down to the last 3 points. Again, yes, these changes have to be made, yes even Veterans should agree with these changes, but no one is entitled in this mess.
  8. Although I don't clearly understand you're definition about what an "entitled vet" is in that part, I'll try to summarize : -You're calling people that went through the grinding and are mad that their time is basically wasted because DE finally understands that grind is fun for no one : "Entitled", while -You're saying that they're a vocal minority while pretty much 100% of the vets have been LOUDLY asking for an endgame since years Edit : It still amazes me how players keep blaming players for DE's very poor decision-making. We still don't have universal vacuum, chat moderation is very poorly designed despite its exposure, Nightwave is just a massive boring grindwall, Archwing sucks, K-Drive is useless,80% of the content is doable 1 time before becoming irrelevant, we still have don't have an endgame... The list is still long, and most the flaws are obvious yet somehow they are released. None of this is the players' fault, no matter their level or playtime.
  9. This "New Players vs Vets" war needs to stop. How the F are Vets entitled where is litteraly no content for them? Vets can speedrun all the game's content without breaking a sweat. That's entitlement? Nightwave forcing vets to go through outdated and boring content, that's entitlement? About 95% of the content is just short-lived content for players that got into the game and are still facing challenges to advance. New players are utterly lost without any guidance and veterans have nothing to do. "Boohoo vets are entitled", mate, veterans have been asking for a real endgame since 2014. Do we have an endgame in 2019?
  10. This is an opinion, not positive feedback. If someone said "F* you DE this design is garbage", he would probably be instantly deleted, although it's the same subject than this topic. I don't see how this be considered feedback.
  11. Last time I checked, DE can release skins and cosmetics without going through Nightwave. Also, this isn't feedback.
  12. Hmm, I would say the Sacrifice is an exception though, it was a disappointment on both sides. Gameplay speaking, it brought Excalibur 1.3 and a random mundane sword, and lore speaking, we waited 2 years after a cliffhanger quest to finally have a 1 hour and a half quest than ends on another cliffhanger and that answered almost nothing.
  13. I thought that we were talking about Leverian, my bad on this one. But in any case, that doesn't change anything in post. First, the irony is rich : You're complaining that I make you say something you didn't... to do the exact same thing to me. I never said DE shouldn't even put out cinematic quests because that time would be better spent on things that will entertain players in the "long term" and my logic doesn't go that way. My logic says that simply slapping some random text for the sole reason of creating some lore without any meaningful purpose is a waste of time. That includes your sentence about the Archwing. DE can write any dramatically corny sentence, slap it somewhere, release something and say it's somehow related to that sentence, so that people like you can cry in joy about how deep the lore is. Except it isn't. Sorry if I sound like an a-hole here, but you really sound easily impressionable to me. Also don't say non-sense based on your tastes . Yes, lore can get people invested in games, except that we are talking about a grinding game, gameplay matters much more than lore. It's great to have a feeling of assimilation to the Warframes through operators, but that feeling doesn't last long, compared to the amount of time you spend playing.
  14. I highly doubt this is "exactly what Warframe needs" for reasons OP has mentioned. It's not interesting to know that Bob the firefighter was the son Albert the blacksmith and Julia the nurse if we are going to hear about him for just that moment we spend in the Museum. The "scattered lore" can be interesting when properly used, as in Dark Souls, except that DE is constantly creating new points of lore without trying to attach them together. And even if somehow DE suddenly change their way and deliver interesting and compact lore, it is quite obvious that the majority of players is not interested by knowing the lore just by reading it. As OP mentioned, this is not content in anyway, and simply spending ressources and time on it is not going to interest anyone on the long term.
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