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  1. Good thing they noticed the "early game problem" that has been here since years now, hope it will be fixed by 2021.
  2. A part of Warframe's core flaws in the fact that the community is a bunch of yes-men that gobble-up what DE says and that are satisfied with whatever they get. Considering OP's points, he's right on many things: -Dedicated servers or P2P, it changes nothing to the fact that the current system is and has always been unreliable,buggy and a big source of frustration, and nothing has really been made to improve it. -Beyond the "Trade Chat" and the extremely pointless Maroo Relay, nothing supports player markets. Same thing for party finders. - New players having to massively count on other players to start and understand the game may look like a good thing, but not when it has been going on for years with DE doing nothing to help them. Basically, all these issues has been existing for years and nothing has been done to fix them. The game has so many issues that are either up to the players to fix (Warframe.market for example), or that DE ignores, probably hoping that people just cope with them.
  3. Nightwave doesn't benefit anyone. It's punishing for casuals as you say, and it's also a boring and pointless grindwall for vets that have to go back doing outdated content. You think it's fun or challenging for the veterans to stay 60 mins in survival? To gild a weapon for the sole purpose of getting standing and to instantly sell it as soon as it is made? Veterans have complained about the lack of endgame for years. They never asked for this. From what I have seen the majority of the community agrees that Nightwave is garbage (or at least that it needs heavy changes) and an ever bigger chunk agrees that removing the Alerts was an extremely bad idea. Something that DE persists on not giving back. "We want to reduce the grind™".
  4. While I agree with the Nitain part, why the F do you blame vets for this? Vets never asked for Nitain to become a dumb grindfest. You're having the same behavior as Kid A who got angry at Kid B because the Teacher punished Kid A because of something Kid B did and that Kid A had nothing to do with. Warframe is turning into a massive pile of grind, you have only DE to blame for that.
  5. Anything that doesn't go in your sense is "bad", right?
  6. Did a good chunk of this thread get deleted without any reason?
  7. I did say "hides previous rewards that you could get in 5-10 minutes behind a tremendous grindwall" though, I was talking about this. 🤷‍♂️
  8. I could say "You could get 4 nitains per day, and although I am not sure, I would say you could get an aura/ a helmet at least once per day. Not to mention that Ether reaper can be bought from the market". But frankly, when I give fairly objective points that are answered with "I can't hear you I did this stop being irrational", I can't really take you seriously.
  9. Why can't people understand this? Basically Nightwave: -hides previous rewards that you could get in 5-10 minutes behind a tremendous grindwall. -is suffocatingly timewalled. -excludes people who did not grind Fortuna prior to the discovery of a challenge. -based on milestones, either you were already going to do the tasks or you have already done them, at which point it feels like a chore. How can people be fine with this? Where are the challenges? There is not a single "Challenge" in this, Nightwave is nothing more than a chore list for rewards that we used to get in a single, swiftly-done mission.
  10. Given how easy the game is and how it is easy to get geared (Althought very time-consuming), I don't think it can even be viewed as a sign of prestige, and people who view themselves as "Hardcore Elite completionist gamers" for doing the " ((((((Elite))))) Challenges" must have very low standards. Edit : Frankly, the Nightwave system would have been okay-ish if alerts were still here. Without? It's a pretty garbage system.
  11. 1. What? How do they encourage players to learn mechanics of the game? And players start upgrading their equipment the second they see they can do it. I don't think anyone needs a reason to start upgrading their gear when they can,other than "be stronger". Also, you can instantly test your "limits" in Sorties or Arbitrations. 2. That is subjective. I don't see where the fun is when you keep doing the same thing over and over again for 1 hour for no reward except for the mediocre 5000 reputation you get. And by "the same thing over and over again", I mean within the same tile, with the same Warframe, with the same weapons, against the same enemies. 3. I wouldn't call 5000 reputation toward Grindwave a reward frankly (This is not really targeted against you). 4. That is also subjective. Edit : I also don't understand why you would support a system that forces you to grind content that you would otherwise avoid because it is boring, for the sake of getting rewards that you used to get very quickly in a mission, plus a few new interesting rewards that you would get if you didn't drop your grinding spree below a certain level.
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