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  1. I wonder when's the next update because I'm waiting for tenora prime's disposition to increase...and pandero.
  2. Is the Revenant skin inspired by drauger in Skyrim? It looks awful lot like it. I mean, in a good way. And finally another Inaros skin! Though this one doesn't suit my taste...
  3. I posted a similar bug not so long ago... For me, it seemed like it's a glitch all glaives are suffering. Stacking the combo counter with throwing 100 percent resulted in glitching out Blood Rush for me. Perhaps you can test this see if this is the same issue.
  4. While playing around with glaives, I've noticed a glitch with Bloodrush. I've recorded a video for this but before watching the video below, I'd like to explain the mod setup because the language is set to Korean in the video. I don't know what tag I should select with this kinda glitch.... it seems like non of it fits this one. AI? UI? Performance? Anyway, For Xoris, I've installed Condition Overload, Blood Rush, Power Throw, Amalgam Organ Shatter, Volatile Quick Return, Primed Fever Strike, Whirlwind, and Shocking Touch. For Deconstructor Prime, I've installed three Gladiator
  5. Well the title is pretty much the whole question. I've been criticized by a player (Equinox) that basically I'm doing nothing. But I've been pulling enemies towards me with Pull so that equinox could potentially have more enemies at range to kill and was constantly providing energy to the squad. On the other hand, Equinox has been doing something with his or her weapon, bullet jumping around, but did NOT use the ability even once while I was constantly providing energy, killing enemies with ranged weapon. Can't I do my thing as a Trinity while standing still in ESO? S
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