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  1. I just tried entering Frame Fighter in public mode today as well to see if newer frames had been added to the game. Upon entering I was matched immediately which surprised me (a pleasant surprise though as it also meant I could play a game). However, I quickly realized I had forgotten all the controls and just mashed keys until something happened. I handedly had my butt kicked each round. Also, near the end of each round controls became unresponsive. I am not certain as to what caused it since I was mashing keys but I was flipping all over the place through a match until the end when I cou
  2. I have three points for speeding up Orphix Venom gameplay: Decrease cooldown on necramech summons when ours go down. Rent-a-mechs are fine I guess while you wait but seem pretty week in T3 zones. Not sure about the other two since meathook kept my bonewidow alive in those. And if there aren't any rent-a-mechs around you just kinda wait around in operator mode not really doing anything since dps and especially survivability are way down compared to necramechs. Either speed up the rent-a-mech animation when you first enter it or make it cancelable. As is they take way too long and wh
  3. If you mean switching from console to PC or another console, you cannot currently do that.
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