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  1. I've got only one thing before my eyes: When will be added those things into the railjack missions what was promissed? Video what we don't still have: Why i am so cynical about Railjack
  2. Looks interesting... Normal mod drop in a Railjack mission from a Exo Outrider Just wondering why am i getting this? Also the material drops are still not marked. Btw...
  3. Oi. Just seriously, when you guys will check on [Gokstad Officer] variants? Not possible to get of the armor with [Shattered Impact] or [Mag's Polarize] or [Corrosive Damage].
  4. Already in December still only 1/3 of the promised update arrived (Railjack). 30 days still to give out of update... I've got that feeling they will fail to carry out what they promised.
  5. Ack & Brunt related issue. If this is the only weapon you have in loadout. Not able to block with right mouse button i had a [Guardian Derision] in the build. I suggest to bring back the good old weapon chosing way. Select weapon method instead of what we have now... Switch weapon is only changing between Primary and Secondary. Switch Gun is also changing between Primary and Secondary. Ridiculous... I am only able to select or pick out my melee from magic pocket with Melee Attack button. Old times was easier.. Switch weapon then using it until switch back... There was a quick melee button in that time also... Why do we need to make things super complicated? Edit: Also [Guardian Derision] is not working properly ( +30% Combo Count chance while blocking)
  6. Hello! Your idea would give me more better way then DE reworkish thing " you'll lose all your energy at once... " We'ra talking about a 638 energy with maxed Primed Flow which is flushing down on a toilet in an instant if you screw up the timing of activate ability... Interesting Passive... 10 meters😂 They should also consider to change Frosts passive aswell... Don't leave out her old pal from the screw up party. Best Regards
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