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  1. Also the two ideas I'm loving the thought of from what I've seen here are the removal of the daily standing cap from syndicates, and Forma no longer resetting the rank of anything it's applied to. Those are 10/10 ideas.
  2. I'm right there with you, my friend. I don't think I can honestly continue after MR 30. Seven years of grinding has been enough. I've put in my time and effort.
  3. Yeah, I think keeping expectations tempered is the right call ultimately. I've just known countless people who have been following along with the Mastery cap for years now. Heck, when I started I believe the highest MR you could reach was 16. There's certainly a large community of players that have progressed through Mastery over the course of years, instead of starting Warframe recently and then just skyrocketing through Mastery (although there are plenty of players in that boat as well, I don't want to disregard that). I just think that some sort of unique reward is very justifiable, instead
  4. A very important milestone is about to be reached in Warframe. For many dedicated players, including myself, Mastery Rank 30 is much more than a number. It represents the summit of a high mountain, or the finish line of an incredible marathon. Many of the high mastery players who are still actively playing Warframe began their involvement with the game years ago, even stretching as far back as end-of-2012/early-2013 with the Founders and beta players and early adopters. We've collected all the resources we were asked to collect over the years, fought every adversary we were asked to confront,
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