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  1. My dojo is about 6 years old now and back then dojos were mostly hallways and small rooms, so the core of my 3d dojo space- about 50+ rooms- is just a crazy jumble of hallways., however they are all required since rooms are attached to them all. I would love a way to.. circumvent the room clipping restrictions. Either the ability to re-arrange built dojo rooms without destroying or resetting them or simply the ability to 'go elsewhere' in the dojo 3d space and start far away from other rooms so it's easier to place big rooms without wasting 5 hallways just to get to a free spot. I feel sad abo
  2. I think this is really a bug, I am at moon tier, and cannot reduce to shadow tier without a mountain clan barracks, I currently have 0 barracks of any kind as I destroyed them all in quick succession without knowing that one must reduce clan tier each time a barracks is destroyed. I literally cannot reduce clan tier- the pop up says 'must have mountain barracks to reduce to this tier' I do not even have a shadow barracks, which says it will cost tens of thousands of resources and 25 forma just for the shadow barracks... this means the mountain barracks will cost me hundreds of forma and m
  3. I built my dojo for the last 5 years, I've put THOUSANDS of hours into it, MILLIONS of resources. I went up to moon tier recently, because I thought it would be nice to offer all my hard work to new players without a limit on how many players could be included (but of course only a few players ever care enough to join so I wanted to go back to ghost), only to discover that when reducing clan tier, one must reduce clan tier EACH TIME a barracks is destroyed. I DID NOT KNOW THIS and the game does NOTHING to warn players (I obviously saw the pop up when destroying a room, but it says nothing abou
  4. For your consideration- Twinstar Centauri Moon PC Founding Warlord A little backstory, the dojo is 5 years old, max rooms, rank 10, accepting new members /w alltracer (PC). Some of the more interesting rooms are pictured below. https://photos.app.goo.gl/eQuQFmafFj8iFwPU9
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