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  1. Noticed 'dark' issue on other titlesets, sometimes Jupiter, almost like there is a missing lightmap - added links to previous post.
  2. Overly dark lighting for some missions on Earth when in Night cycle, very dark - no screenshots, but related threads follow:
  3. FPS drops getting worse on PS4, details in first post, links to other reports in third post :-(
  4. Related posts
  5. Agreed, thanks for highlighting this issue. Related post
  6. Similar issue here, warframe skin textures randomly have corrupted textures like 'bullet holes' - used to happen rarely but becoming more common. Related posts
  7. Unsure if it's the same on PC as PS4 but also seeing framerate issues with Ceres and other tiles after recent updates areas in tilesets listed include Ceres - Kiste / Grineer Shipyard, outside areas with open sky / precipiation effects
  8. AkLex Prime relics not on PS4 yet, should be available from Baro next visit (March 10th)
  9. Most likely the router / cable modem's firewall your PS4 is connected to. https://warframe.com/en/firewall https://www.warframe.com/en/strictnat
  10. After recent updates the frame rate on a standard PS4 can drop dramatically. It's not just warframe ability, enemy, weapon combinations - there are certain rooms / areas in tilesets that cause dramatic or noticeable frame rate drops: - Europa, Baal mobile defence. the Corpus room with multiple 'waterfalls' in the center near a defence terminal - Sedna, Kappa / Grineer Galleon tileset, 6 pillar room where Kuria 3-1 located - Ceres, Kiste / Grineer Shipyard, outside areas with open sky / precipiation effects - Neptune, Salicia Archwing mobile defence has a weird 'frame skip' / 'stutter' framerate issue when moving slowly through titleset and not using speed boost - Uranus or Earth Mariana, Grineer Sealab tileset, rooms with raised circular platform with transparent middle like the ones found when hunting Kuria 5-4 the above are examples, there are other rooms / areas in tilesets with similar issues
  11. Live in UK, downloading now - thanks DE :-)
  12. Daily cap from non syndicate missions is your (mastery level + 1) * 1000, eg at mastery 6 it would be ((6 + 1) * 1000) = 7000 daily cap
  13. You may have reached the daily cap for reputation, check under the syndicate console in orbiter or options > profile > my profile > syndicates
  14. Could be related to
  15. Unsure exactly where you are in quest but try one of the workarounds, play the last message's transmission again under 'options > communication > inbox'