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  1. Framerate Drops (PS4)

    The PC version now has a dynamic resolution scaling option ( auto, off, on, width ) and some CPU threading optimisations. PS4 current build doesn't have those optimisations yet so performance is pretty bad and getting worse, even solo on some Earth remaster tilesets; not a good first impression for new players. Hopefully the optimisations mentioned will address performance issues.
  2. Lephantis boss fight

    Possible workarounds posted in PC section and other sites such as Reddit: Do not aim down sight, it can trigger an AI response for Lephantis' heads that can force closing of mouth Destroy the Corpus Head first / in single shot Do not equip weapons on sentinel Do not bring a Kavat / Kubrow Do not use any warframe damage abilities until the Corpus Head is destroyed
  3. Failed to connect

    Similar login issues in UK at time of this post.
  4. Framerate Drops (PS4)

    NestroGer, performance issues are present and getting worse - there has however been a response in this thread and another thread from [DE]Dmitri where console framerate issues are acknowledged
  5. Fire rate and Frame rate issue on console!

    Yes, I've noticed this with some weapons - particularly when in a In a full squad the frame rate drops can cause major issues for some weapons and abilities that appear to be tied to frame rate. I've added your link to my previous post's links section.
  6. Earth Remastered FPS Drop.

    In a full squad the frame rate drops in some Earth Remastered tiles can be substantial - it's just getting worse on standard PS4. This is a major issue when some weapons are tied to frame rate. (PS4)Elipthym03, I've added your link to my previous post's links section.
  7. Framerate Drops (PS4)

    Thanks for the update Dmitri, really appreciated.
  8. Framerate Drops (PS4)

    Nearly 4 months since first post highlighting this issue and no response / not even an acknowledgement. What information can we provide to assist in tracking down and resolving this issue on PS4?
  9. Framerate Drops (PS4)

    Still framerate issues in the areas highlighted ( first post, February 28th ) and subsequent posts. Could it be PS4 CPU related? Warframe PC running on a test 'potato' PC with similar specifications to PS4 shows framerate drops in the same areas / same conditions when the PC's CPU is underclocked. Having invested so much time in PS4 version of Warframe I'm reluctant to move to PC, no migration option is available. PS4 Pro may be an option but even then players are stating FPS issues. Can anything be done? Any current or future options under in game settings available to improve PS4 version framerate?
  10. Arsenal segment missing

    Suggest you raise a support ticket with DE at http://support.warframe.com/
  11. Framerate Drops (PS4)

    FPS drops getting worse on PS4, details in first post, links to other reports in third post :-(
  12. Framerate Drops (PS4)

    Related posts
  13. Framerate Drops (PS4)

    After recent updates the frame rate on a standard PS4 can drop dramatically. It's not just warframe ability, enemy, weapon combinations - there are certain rooms / areas in tilesets that cause dramatic or noticeable frame rate drops: - Europa, Baal mobile defence. the Corpus room with multiple 'waterfalls' in the center near a defence terminal - Sedna, Kappa / Grineer Galleon tileset, 6 pillar room where Kuria 3-1 located - Ceres, Kiste / Grineer Shipyard, outside areas with open sky / precipiation effects - Neptune, Salicia Archwing mobile defence has a weird 'frame skip' / 'stutter' framerate issue when moving slowly through titleset and not using speed boost - Uranus or Earth Mariana, Grineer Sealab tileset, rooms with raised circular platform with transparent middle like the ones found when hunting Kuria 5-4 the above are examples, there are other rooms / areas in tilesets with similar issues
  14. PS4: TGG 19.8.0 Status [LIVE NOW!]

    Live in UK, downloading now - thanks DE :-)
  15. PS4: The Glast Gambit (Update 19.5.7) Status [Live now!]

    Live in UK, downloading now