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  1. Boar CC is low 10% with Prime at 15%. It's certainly viable but not some Godly Riven worth thousands of Plat.
  2. When she casts Link don't attack her wait for it to end. Other than that use your Shield to protect you and boost your damage.
  3. Join the Terralyst bounty and PUG it most of the time you'll find at least one who has good gear and knows how it do it. Once you have a few runs you'll have the standing needed to craft a better amp.
  4. She has a very large energy pool so Quick Thinking is a decent safetynet. If you can keep the buffs up then generally you don't "need" either but in a fast moving mission you might struggle without something else. In a more static mission like a defense/mobile defense or survival then there's plenty of opportunity to refresh the motes but in say the Sortie 3 Keyla assassination where everyone jets off at Mach 5 if you don't want to get left behind then you're rather more vulnerable.
  5. While I don't regret using my Umbra Forma on Valkyr, right now I would be very tempted to use it on Wisp. She's caught my attention and held it far more than any other recent frame. The only reason I used Nyx on Sunday was because I was short on time before the Sortie finished and she wasn't at 30.
  6. They could if they wished do like EA etc have done in countries that have already banned Loot Boxes and simply not allow them to be bought in those countries leaving the rest of the world to continue as before. However knowing how DE prefer to be seen as the ethical MTX side of gaming things would probably change.
  7. Just RNG being RNG You can all hate me now......................😎 four runs and done
  8. I've never bought standard frames, I prefer to play to gain them as intended. I have bought full PA three times mostly because my 75% off coupon drop rate is so low it's laughable ( three years before my 1st one) so if I'm paying for plat I may as well have toys with it. I bought Sibear but refused to buy Hema on principle and bought Itzal because AW was an arse to farm without it at first.
  9. The event was over two years ago now, that's a long enough time for the exclusivity period. DE has been ending all event exclusives for a good few years now so it's hardly a shock. When the event was on, there were only two of us active in our shadow clan so it was a boring slog to get it and I don't mind that new players have access.
  10. Telos AkBoltos were my shadow from their introduction until AkBolto Prime came out. I'd hardly call them inadequate unless you only want to use them beyond Sortie 3 levels but power creep has moved them down the ladder. No Slash worth talking about but Puncture does additional damage to armour the Gas proc is very strong and gaining heath is never a bad thing (especially in the old days when our options were limited) My original build was straight damage as status was trash and they had no crit worth speaking of but these days they're in an even better place. Hornet Strike, Barrel Diffusion, Lethal Torrent, Pistol Gambit and Target Cracker two Dual Stat Mods depending on your enemy and the last mod for your choice. Hydraulic Crosshairs for example You will need a couple of Forma and a Catalyst for this build (mine has 4 but uses the Primed mods and a Riven)
  11. I'm afraid that I'm skipping the accessories this time around. Which is a shame as I'd love more operator gear in general but these are more like Primed Ducats. Edit : I forgot Key Fob Prime ................... that's very much a nope too.
  12. No twitch drop from Devstream but the one from Primetime did work. (I was logged in)
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