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  1. As that's set to scroll wheel it would explain why nothing I tried works
  2. Not sure if this should be in bugs exactly or feedback but as it prevents me from performing an action I'll put it under bugs. I am unable to fully equip my melee weapon in able to block. My Melee keybind is F (always has been since Mass Effect 3) I've used this key in every single game I played for the last eight years including six years of Warframe. However pressing and holding F does nothing and I cannot see an option to remap Equip Melee in the Keybind options.
  3. I was client and two missions running this happened to me. The sequence was enter turret and fight, use slingshot to enter a crew ship then teleport directly back, re-enter the turret then trying exit the turret to repel boarders this would happen. I couldn't see anything inside the ship except if I placed myself just right I could sometimes see the circle of the exit ship point. Once outside I could see normal again but re-entering the Railjack was still the same as the above screenies. The missions afterwards I exited the crew ships via the airlock and this didn't happen.
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