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  1. The comms from the Merch Store has always been very poor I bought the Mag Statue when it released and when it eventually arrived it was broken which apparently was very common. I got no acknowledgement for my enquiries and nothing happened until I eventually contacted DE directly. Even then they just reprinted the shipping label which gave the whole cost of my order which meant I was charged import duties for a free item and items that weren't in it. And that was broken too. I gave up and eventually I was able to repair it somewhat I's not perfect but I'm not a fussy collector and it is okayish
  2. Fastest way is in a group that way you can grab them as soon as they arrive at the different stations and move them on. At least that way you can have multiple groups on the go. Originally I used Trinity but now I tend to use use Limbo.
  3. Sorry not been around. If they can start research then they can stop pigments too
  4. Silence only stuns them for a short time once that passes they only take normal damage. So get in finish them or back off and come back in to re-stun them.
  5. Given the Op has a post count of 1 I'm going to assume that they are very new so maybe we can cut them a little slack here. The Zealots hit hard and if you are reliant on shields more than health their Toxin weapon is going to go right through that shield in a heartbeat. You need to either take cover and avoid being hit or bypass them. If your weapons are low rank you need to be very careful they're are not as easy as the normal enemies you've encountered up to now. Increasing the rank of your Vitality will help but even so care is needed. But as Loza says you need to take down two before the third one can be damaged.
  6. I don't see why not, they would have to stop the current project and then slot the new one.
  7. I think you can only get a max of two recoveries at a time, if you clear those you should then get others again.
  8. The shield Pillage works like Nova/Mag so the longer it goes on the further out and more units it can leech armour and shields from. Originally I went for low duration to get it back sooner but found that a long duration is working far better for me plus it makes 3 & 4 more efficient too.
  9. Og Stalker knows how to troll older players by not turning up when they are around. A friend didn't bother with scans back in the day so missed out getting StalkiBoi and has this G A P in her codex which just grates. We've had a couple of friends start and he never shows up before they get to T2D. Last time we had a cunning plan Baro arrived with Beacons ............................ but he came to Orca and our junior Tenno couldn't visit. The time after that Baro still had the Beacons and was at Mercury but he'd already done T2D and it was too late. So I made a new account however I couldn't get to MR2 to be able to trade for Ducat Fodder before he left. 😒 And here I am now MR12 70 days in on Jnr only two encounters with Senpai neither of which my friend was there 🤪 I'm stuck at Uranus or below without a taxi and starting to run out of Frames I can build that aren't Primes. It is pretty fun after years of having everything already.
  10. You can get Volt only 3 ways 1: Pick him as a starting frame. 2: Join a Clan and purchase the parts from the Tenno Lab 3: Buy him with Platinum there is an alternative which is to get Volt Prime but hes vaulted but probably still cheaper Platinum wise than buying Volt
  11. I'm afraid that I'm skipping the accessories this time around. Which is a shame as I'd love more operator gear in general but these are more like Primed Ducats. Edit : I forgot Key Fob Prime ................... that's very much a nope too.
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