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  1. I've had him spawn plenty of times and he can hang around even after you look away, even before the sacrifice. I've been able to bring my Operator up from the back room after finding him in the cockpit
  2. I had this yesterday Me :"I killed Izaah" Him : "is that how you remember it?" Me : "Yes" Him : "Good"
  3. Currently I running in a Riven famine, two weeks without a single one. Usually I pull 1-2 a week.
  4. I've only ever heard a couple of people use it. I tried so hard to get it to work but nope. I can VC in any application and every other game but Wf gives me the middle finger.
  5. Originally I put max duration for SP spread but even with high strength it's weakass for Corpus now. Magnetising a group on a choke point with strength and a moderate duration works well for DoT on enemies entering the bubble. Leveling my re-built Lanka for PoE was giving me 65-75% damage at Hydron so pretty decent.
  6. I've just come back to using her again after being somewhat salty after the rework (and something of a break too). She was my starter frame, first Prime and always a favourite even though she's not my most used (Trinity has that honour). Mags Orbit is the only full tennogen skin I bought.
  7. Someone tried to give it to me for free Came to his Dojo for a trade as I spawned in I heard the squelch and he zoomed off from standing next to the spawn in point to the trading post. It cost him the trade However there must have been enough lag that it didn't register as I stayed infection free.
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