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  1. Sabreracer

    How to build an Eidolon-killer (as a newbie)?

    It's also more forgiving of a missed shot than PapaLanka so ideal for when you're learning.
  2. Sabreracer

    Save the Sarge!

    Actually all they did was change his name. Along with Phorid, the two are the only ones left from the early days and at some point "When there's time" TM they'll get a rework.
  3. Sabreracer

    Not able to handshake with clanmate

    I have the same issue, from memory it happened around the time that they supposedly fixed operators being unable to handshake. My friend and I are in the same clan but have no Syndicates in common. We used to do it all the time, then suddenly nope and it's been like that for very very long time, every now and then we just check again but 😒
  4. Sabreracer

    To all WF Vet pls help... noob here MR7

    My first piece of advice would be to ignore any claims that Warframe X is now useless because DE nerfed it. Balance changes happen because things can be too powerful or promote AFK play to some people. It just means that it now requires either a little thought when playing or a different style of play. Evolving how you play keeps things fresh it doesn't mean the end of the world. As to what you should look at....... so.. so many Valkyr, Nova, Frost, Gara, Nezha, Saryn to start off with : Edit : Ember too, she may not be as good for level 100 plus anymore but starting out she's extremely effective. Mods you should get and rank as high as possible, Streamline, Flow, Continuity, Vitality, Redirection, Stretch, Intensify cover the essentials for frames. Elemental mods 90% ones plus start to work towards the 60/60 Dual status mods, Serration, Hornet Strike, Pressure Point, Point Blank, Split Chamber, Barrel Diffusion, Lethal Torrent, Hells Chamber are the basics 😃 Weapons to be honest change depending on what you like find one of each type you like put some forma and a Catalyst in them and have at least one of those you like at all times leaving you free to try and rank/discard the one you don't. Crit based ones will suck unless Catted and formaed several times unless it has 2x V polarities already. My set of Telos AkBoltos (5 Forma) with that Heal/Gas Proc carried me through all content and so many crappy weapons for years because I liked them and enjoyed using them but many don't like the semi auto aspect. So personal taste is important when considering weapons.
  5. Sabreracer

    How the Bloody Hell Do I Get Toroids???

    The enemy spawns in the various bases that drop Toriods seem to be broken for anything less than a full squad of four and a are generally very poor.
  6. Sabreracer

    Valkyr: Armor or health?

    Use Eternal War Augment to boost the length of War Cry with its boost to Armour and attack speed. other than that try posting your build so we can see how it is.
  7. The figures approximate my experience. I managed to get the cycle to around 3 minutes in general. I approximate that I spent around seven to eight hours over three days to get twelve Repeller Systems. By the end I had 155 Gravamag and 38 Atmos
  8. I used Exergis modded for Gas and Magnetic though it also has Radiation and Slash natively didn't have any real trouble.
  9. Sabreracer

    Make a new Amp or continue farming QUill standing

    Get the new Amp ASAP the sooner you do the faster you can take down Terralysts. Which means, the more Cores you'll get and the faster you'll be able to rank up with the Quills afterwards.
  10. Locking the rank up materials behind a low % random drop is annoying especially after the drop rate was buffed by 700% and is still bulls**t. I have Bounty 2 streamlined about as much as is possible and it still took 2-3 hour one day to get Atmos systems and another 3 hours plus to get enough Repeller systems to do the final rank up a couple of days later.
  11. Sabreracer

    Few words about Repeller farm.

    Yeah the farm for VS rankup mats is fairly soul destroying. Thank God bounty 2 is quick to do with the right setup but otherwise I'd be ready to slap someone. I think I'm on about 5 hours of doing that solo with a little extra with a friend and still don't have enough for Shadow. IB4: Shelden buff Mats to 10% but you have to run the bounties in strict order 1-4
  12. Watching trade chat last night out of curiosity as I usually wait for a couple of weeks and fill in any part that I'm missing. The lowest price I saw advertised was 300 with others ranging from 320 to 450 (I'm going to ignore the fool asking 1200) So no you're not asking for the world. (this was on PC)
  13. The issue could be because you're using the Grattler. It looks cool but fires marshmallows. Sounds like the Velocitous I sank 4 forma into during Eyes of Blight is coming back into use again.
  14. Sabreracer

    Mesa Prime Access is Live!

    I'm afraid that I'm skipping the accessories this time around. Which is a shame as I'd love more operator gear in general but these are more like Primed Ducats. Edit : I forgot Key Fob Prime ................... that's very much a nope too.
  15. The Sentient scouts appear for a limited time after spawning on both Uranus and Lua if you haven't found or been seen in time then they will disappear.