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  1. Ok, so now they just move my topic and merge it into someone else's to stop me editing it.... Seriously...
  2. Didn't DE say they were releasing everything they showed in TennoLive immediately? DElayed again smh..
  3. Ok, so for some reason my Title for the Thread was changed from "Did I win? Tenno Trivia" (something like that). To what it is now "No popup for email".
  4. I don't see your number duplicated, but ok. This isn't a I didn't get a pop-up thread. I didn't get one either, but yeah.
  5. Yeah, my depression kicked into gear as soon as I realised the program duplicated numbers.
  6. Ok, so I did the Trivia and I was Contestant #3254 and I screamed when I heard 3254 beat 3251, but when i checked again my score was different to the score the 1st place #3254 got. I ended up being so amazed that I won to being duped and disappointed. 😞 There seems to be duplication in contestant numbers.
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